Where To Put TV In The Bedroom? Find The Perfect Spot

In the old days, every homeowner used only one TV, mainly in the living room. In fact, it was more than just an appliance. It was the focal point of the house. But, as the days went by, TVs are getting cheaper and more technologically advanced. They have become flatter, more elegant, and they fit perfectly in every single room.

bedroom with blue and white walls and tv

Whether you place a flat screen on a TV cabinet, a bookshelf or a bookcase, on a TV mount or stand, interior designers have plenty of ideas to make a TV look more than just a device.   And mostly they can help you find the perfect place to put the TV in the living room and your bedroom. For many years now, televisions have a place in the master bedrooms as well. But finding a place in the bedroom to put the television without compromising your furniture arrangement and décor can be a challenge. Plus, you can incorporate TV in your bedroom’s decoration. Do you know what the perfect spot to place it is? We’re just about to show you everything! Just keep reading!

Is it a good idea to have a TV in your bedroom?

TV is an integral part of the interior design of the house. Having two televisions in the house, one in the living room and one in the master bedroom would help in the harmonious coexistence of family members. No need to fight over the remote control anymore! But why a bedroom TV is a good idea?

  • It’s more comfortable watching TV lying in bed than sitting on the couch. Don’t you agree? It’s much more enjoyable watching TV wrapped with your warm blankets rather than sitting on the couch feeling cold.
  • You avoid arguments with your partner. Having two TVs at home, you get away with your partner’s arguments as no one will have to watch something they do not like and miss their favourite show.
  • It helps you relax after a tiring and stressful day. Many find it more relaxing, watching a TV show when lying in bed rather than having a hot shower.
  • It helps you catch up with the early news while getting ready for work. 

girl eating pizza on bed while watching tv

What’s the right size and height?

Before purchasing a TV for your master suite, you should consider some factors as the size and the height of your flat-screen TV for example. Not all TVs are suitable for every room. You can’t have a large flat screen for a small space or vice versa. The wrong TV size will harm your viewing and damage the overall appearance of the room.

To determine the TV’s right size and height, you should make a plan and have some aspects in mind.

It all starts with the spot

Before deciding the right size for your bedroom, you have to decide where you’re going to place it. If you want to hang it on a wall mount, you’ll have to think about how high you should place it and how much distance it will have from the ceiling and other furniture. If you place it on a stand, you might be limited by size.

Think about the stand width

If you are placing your TV on a console table, you’ll have to be sure about the TV stand size. Usually, stand legs are wider than the screen. If you have a skinny TV stand, the legs won’t fit on the console table.

Find out the viewing distance

When it comes to determining the viewing distance, the general rule of thumb is to measure the distance between the seating and your TV’s planned location. Or you can just multiply the seating distance (in inches) by 0.625. Hence, if the seating area is 2.5m away from the planned spot, you should get a 60-inch TV.

tv on wall, chair on the left, plant on the right

Determine the right height

Besides the size of your TV, you should also have to think about the right height. If you’re planning to hang it, you’ll have to mount the TV a little higher than your eye level.

Finding the perfect spot

Once you have decided the size and the height of your TV, the next question that seeks an answer is, Where should I install it?” You should probably want it to blend with the rest of your bedroom.

Here are some of the best bedroom design ideas to help you find the perfect spot for your TV.

Place your TV in front of your foot of the bed

It’s probably the most convenient solution. When TV is straight across from your bed, you have a better view. Therefore, you can mount your TV on top or place it on top of a small piece of furniture. It’s the perfect solution for small bedrooms and an unobstructed view of the TV.

Place your TV vertically on the bed

If you don’t have enough space to install the TV straight across from your bed, you can place it vertically on your bed.  It’s a very convenient solution for those who want to listen to something while they’re sleeping. As a plus, this position won’t make the TV the focal point of the room, which is something that some people don’t really want.

Place your TV in the nook

If you have an empty corner which you don’t know what to do with it, then… why don’t you put your TV there? This way, you can have your room neat and tidy as everything is hidden in a wall inlet. It’s a great option for small bedrooms.

tv in bedroom above a fireplace

Hide your TV in a cabinet

A good option to hide your TV is in an armoire or a TV cabinet. If you have a rather big room, you can pair the cabinet with a seating area. You’ll create a reading a book/watching TV area.

Hide your TV in a wall cabinet

Or you can even hide your TV in a wall cabinet and open it every time you want to watch TV. Having a wall cabinet helps you have no wires and cables around and you can keep your room tidy easily.

Combine your TV with a mixed media gallery wall

If you have enough space in your bedroom, you can create a mixed media gallery. Hang the TV along with an art print and a mirror. Underneath the gallery wall, you can have a cabinet or a dresser.

mixed art tv and paintings

Hang your TV above a desk

In case you have fit a home office into your bedroom, you can hang your TV on top of your desk. This way, you can turn your TV into a large monitor for your laptop as well.

Hang your TV above your dresser

If you have a dresser in your bedroom, you can incorporate your TV in this area. Just make sure when hanging your TV on top of the dresser to place it high enough so that the decorative items won’t keep you from watching. You could even mount it on top of a Freesat box for more stability and a few cm of added height.

Some extra tips for the best experience

Beyond the right size, height and the perfect spot for your TV, there are a few more factors you should think of before deciding which TV to get and where to place it in your bedroom.

man and woman putting a tv on wall

The right angle

The angle of your TV has an important role when it comes to watching comfortably. Thus, you shouldn’t place it in a small cabinet or the corner of the room. Therefore, you can place it on a tall piece of furniture at the foot of the bed or hang it on the ceiling with special TV hanging brackets.

In case these choices won’t work, you can follow one of the below tips:

  1. Angled glasses: It’s about mirrored technology.  You can lie down and watch TV with special glasses.
  2. Adjustable bed: It’s a bit unaffordable, however, if you want to change your bed, you can give this type a try. It rises and falls with a remote, and it can follow your body’s position.
  3. Support pillow: It’s quite different from the usual pillow as it is stiffer and more flexible. It can bend and support the right position on your neck and back when you lie down.
  4. Prop chair: A prop chair looks like a recliner but without a seat. You can sit, lean back, or support your upper body. You can find it even with armrests and cup holders.
  5. Built-in TV: This is a pop-up TV set that rises out of the bed’s foot and hides when it’s not in use. You can also find lifts that fold, slide and store the TV underneath the bed just by touching a button.


One of the main problems with TVs is sound. Due to the distance between you and the TV, you have to raise the sound to hear. That means that you’ll probably have problems with your significant other who wants to sleep. To avoid these problems, you have two options:

  • Surround sound: Installing surround sound will make things much better. You can have a speaker next to your side of the bed and speakers all around the room so that both partners can have control of the sound.
  • Wireless headphones: Another good option is to buy wireless headphones to put on. The person you’re sharing the bed with will sleep like a baby, and you’ll enjoy your favourite movies/TV shows at the audio level you like.

man watching tv while wife sleeps


While watching TV in the bedroom, you might like the room to be dark. However, this might cause eye strain and affect your sleep. How? When there’s darkness in the bedroom, your body automatically gets ready for sleep. But the TV’s lights force you to stay awake. And when you turn off the TV, you’ll probably feel “very awake”. That’s why you should have some kind of light while watching.

  • You can have a lamp on the bedside cabinet to have a bit of light in the room.
  • You can fix a reading lamp on the headboard to create slight lighting to avoid eye strain.
  • Finally, you can install a dimmer. This way, you can control the level of the light.

woman sleeping with tv on

Having a TV in your bedroom can be ideal for some and a disturbance to others. If you’re one of those people that want to have their favourite TV show playing while getting ready to visit dreamland, then you need to do everything you can for an optimal experience. Finding the right spot for your TV in the bedroom is not so hard after all. All you have to do is keep some things in mind and then plan everything. Follow our tips and you won’t regret it!

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