What Types Of Toilet Seat Fittings Are There? Choose The Right One!

While building a new home for yourself, there’s a myriad of things that need to be installed. The most important rooms in a functioning home are the bathroom and kitchen. Getting a toilet seat installed is the first and foremost step to take. Don’t just stick to a standard size when it comes to buying a new seat. There are different kinds of toilet bowls to match your necessities and bathroom aesthetics. It includes wood toilet seats, plastic toilet seats, soft close toilet seats, and steel toilet seats.

Different colours of toilet seats

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a new toilet seat and hiring professionals for your new toilet seat fittings. These factors include durability, widest point, radiators, toilet seat hinges, and the cost of the toilet seat fixings. Read on to find a complete guide to the perfect toilet seat for your new home.

Toilet seats: Different shapes

There are several kinds of bowls that come with a variety of seat shapes. Here are the main types you can find in any toilet showroom:

  1. Oval: An oval lavatory seat is the most commonly used shape around the world. You probably must have seen one in public restrooms and your own bathroom. They are also known as the elongated toilet seats measuring an average of 47cm lengthwise. 
  2. Round: A round-shaped toilet seat is mostly found in traditional houses. These seats are ideal for smaller washrooms to save some space. It has a diameter of 41cm – 42cm, which makes it suitable for children. It is also the perfect option for an elderly household.
  3. D-Shape: A D-shaped seat is more of a contemporary style. The shape of this toilet seat looks more like an elongated D, straight from the back and curved from the front. This kind of toilet pan is usually attached to the wall that saves space and gives your bathroom a chic appearance. 
  4. Square/ Rectangular: A square-shaped seat is also one of the newer styles that can be seen in modern toilets. Instead of being a perfect square, these seats are a bit elongated, which means they are rectangular. Most of the square or rectangular seats are wall-mounted and come without a visible cistern. The only drawback about rectangular seats is their high price tag.
  5. U-shaped: A U-shaped loo seat is most commonly found in public restrooms. It is easier to cover with disposable toilet shields while using. This seat has a front opening which ensures nothing touches the front of the seat. 

Ceramic toilet seat

Toilet seats: Different materials

Toilet seats are made up of various materials. Here are the top 5 that you need to know about:

  1. Plastic: Plastic toilet seats are lightweight and durable. They are commonly used throughout the world because of their easy availability and low cost. Even though they are made up of sturdy plastic, they can get slight cracks and scratches over time. Plastic seats are available in any colour under the spectrum. Because of this reason, it is preferred by people who like a pop of colour in their bathroom. 
  2. Wooden: A wooden toilet seat is a classy option to go for, especially for traditional themed houses. Wooden loo seats come with an enamel coating that prevents them from rotting. These seats are strong and can contain heavyweights for a longer time. However, most people avoid using wooden seats as it’s pretty difficult to keep wood sanitary in a damp area.
  3. Resin: Currently, epoxy resin is the new craze. You can find everything made up of resin. Once the resin is cured, it turns into a hardcore material that can withstand scratches, weight, and water. Although, if you are allergic to epoxy resin, you might want to avoid such a toilet seat
  4. Stainless steel: If you have ever travelled on a train or an aeroplane, you might be familiar with stainless steel toilet seats. These lavatory seats can be a nightmare to use on a cold night, but they are quite sturdy and durable. They stay rust-free and hygienic without much care. They are one of the easiest materials to clean in the washroom, making them ideal for public bathrooms. 
  5. Duroplast: Duroplast is a polymer that is blended with wool or cotton fibres for durability. It was made in Germany to manufacture a specific kind of vehicle but is now widely used for making toilet seats. These seats are one of the toughest and longest-lasting lavatory seat materials in the current market. 

White toilet seat on elegant wall

Toilet seats: Different styles

Now that you know everything about the shape and material let’s move on to the styles. Here are the five seat styles that you can check out to further customize your toilet: 

  1. Cushioned: If you like to spend hours in the bathroom, scrolling through social media, then a cushioned toilet seat is just for you! These types of seats are padded with a soft cushion, protected with a waterproof cover. You can also DIY a lavatory seat cushion by cutting out a piece of foam in the desired shape and covering it with a waterproof fabric. Attach it to your seat, and there you have it, A cushioned toilet seat!
  2. Soft close: A toilet seat that comes down with a loud BAM is the most embarrassing thing to exist. The soft close seat gently comes down on the bowl without making any noise. This is one of the most preferred seats, especially among people who live with bigger families. 
  3. Bidet seats: If toilet paper isn’t enough for your satisfaction, a bidet seat is what you need to have. A bidet uses a steady stream of water to provide you with a deeply cleaned feel. 
  4. Contemporary slim: Slim toilet seats are mostly used in modern ones to match the chic, futuristic aesthetic. They save space and give the whole room a minimalist appearance. They have soft close hinges (toilet seat hinges) that make them ideal for a sophisticated, modern home. They are fragile though. Such toilet seat hinges are not ideal when it comes to bearing heavyweight.
  5. Raised: A raised seat is commonly used by the elderly or people with specific medical conditions. These are toilet seat attachments that you add to an existing toilet seat. Most raised seats come with handles on the sides to help with the balance and mobility of the user. 

White bidet toilet seat

Some special toilet seat features

  1. Quick removing: Some commode seats come with a quick removing feature. This option is great for people who like to fix their bathrooms on their own. You can easily open the clasps of the quick release seat and attach the replacement toilet seat without a hassle. Remember to handle the quick release and replacement toilet seat with extra care throughout the process.
  2. Night light: Modern toilet seats come with sensor LED lights. It turns on as soon as a person enters the bathroom. This seat is ideal for bathrooms that have control over the lighting fixture inside their bathroom. 
  3. Self deodorizing: A self deodorizing toilet seat comes with an activated carbon deodorizer that helps minimize unpleasant odours. Some models even have space for aromatherapy scents that they release to freshen up the space. 
  4. Smart heating: For colder seasons, a self-heating toilet seat is a lifesaver. These seats work with the help of a battery or direct electricity to keep the seat warmer than the room temperature. It provides a cosy experience in the bathroom, especially during winters. 

Toilet seat with luminous light


Does one toilet seat fit all toilet bowls

No, one size can not fit all. There are various toilet seat shapes and sizes available, which makes it impossible to have a standard size for all types. Each style of toilet pan requires a seat that is designed for that specific model. 

Why does my toilet seat slide sideways?

If your lavatory seat is sliding sideways, its screws are probably loose. You can easily tighten the toilet seat hinges holding the seat to the bowl with the help of a screwdriver or toilet fixing kit. You can also add a rubber washer if the toilet seat hinges have become loose. Most of the screws are not fixed tightly to avoid forming cracks in the toilet bowl. Chances are, the size of the seat is bigger than the size of the bowl, which makes it slide here and there when used. 

What is the best material for a toilet seat?

These days, duroplast is one of the most used materials. It is not only durable but can withstand heavyweights for a long time. Even though this material is not sustainable, it is widely used because of its long lifespan and scratch-proof surface. It also works well with different cleaning products without any reactions. 

What are top fixing and bottom fixing in lavatory seats? 

A top fixing seat uses two nut bolts placed in the toilet bowl‘s attachment holes. Next, these bolts are tightened from the top to fix the seat in place. On the other hand, in a bottom fixing seat, you place the screws in the given holes of the pan and tighten the wing nuts from underneath the porcelain. 

Man choosing toilet seat

Finding the perfect toilet seat for your new home is essential in ensuring a comfortable living experience. You can consider many different types of toilet seats while replacing your old toilet seat or designing a new bathroom. Follow our toilet seat guide to have a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical

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