What Colour Fence Paint Makes Your Garden Look Bigger?

Not all homeowners are lucky enough to own a big garden.  But, that shouldn’t be a problem! There are several ways and hacks to help you make your garden look bigger. From placing garden mirrors and large planters to making vertical gardens and dividing your garden into zones. However, there is a top tip, which also applies to small rooms: To paint the fence the right colour.

A white wooden fence in a garden

Having a small garden shouldn’t trouble you at all.  You can make it look bigger just by painting the fence the right colour. The right fence colour can work wonders in small outdoor spaces and give a sense of extra space.  There are many shades that will be able to blend into the rest of your garden and your house. So! If you want to get spacious you need to check this out!

Things to consider before finding the perfect colour

Choosing the right fence colour shouldn’t be a spur of the moment. You need to do some research first and consider various factors before ending up with a colour.

Think of your house’s style

Your home’s style will interfere with the garden and your fence’s colour. These two must match to have a complete and harmonious result. If, for example, you have a traditional cottage, you should go for natural/white bright colours as these suit better to that style. But, if you own a farmhouse, then darker paints are the best option. Don’t forget that you can always ask a garden designer for extra tips!

Consider the surroundings and plants

If you don’t belong to those who prefer having nothing in their garden apart from a fence, then when it comes to deciding the colour that perfectly matches your landscaping and house, you have to think of everything you have in your yard. From pots up to garden furniture and other decorative items like a swing chair should match with the colour of your fence. You should consider even the colour of your plants and flowers. Wooden fences blend into the greenery and foliage, while bright colours match with any flower and plant. And don’t worry: if you are not a big fan of the colour of one of your outdoor furniture, re-paint it!

A white garden fence with some flowers

Check for any regulations and policies in your neighbourhood

Many neighbourhoods have regulations and policies about the fencing and even the house colour. They might want all homes and fences to have the same colour so that the neighbourhood looks even. Thus, check it before starting your painting project.

Which is the best colour to make your small garden look bigger?

Of course, how someone paints their fence depends purely on their taste. But before you make a decision, you should know that not all colours will help you make yours look a little bigger.

Generally speaking, cool colours can make a space, indoors and outdoors, look bigger. You can opt for stark white, which gives you the impression of extra space when blended into natural bright light. Or you can choose between eggshell/satin finish, light taupe or blush/peachy pink. All of these light colours can add space light. You can also choose a colour scheme of pink shades, which will brighten your garden.

Shades that could also work magically are neutral tones, like beige, sand, and ivory. If you want to make your place look more elegant, you can play with cool grey hues as an alternative option to white.

And last but not least, we have the colour for those who prefer something more classic and timeless: light or baby blue. It is the colour that will satisfy even the most demanding, as it will create a feeling of depth.

A beautiful white fence in a garden

Colours you should avoid

It’s well known that dark and warm colours make a room look smaller. The same applies to the outdoors. When choosing a fence colour, you should stay away from black, mauve, brown, dark grey, purple, or navy paints. These paint colours will make yours look even smaller.

What’s the right way to paint your garden fence?

Since you have decided on your fence’s colour, it’s time to get to work. You should take into account some things before starting painting the fence:

  1. If the fence is painted another colour, you should scrape the existing colour first.
  2. The fence, whether it’s wooden or out of other material, should be cleaned of any debris and dirt. Thus, wash it and let it dry before you paint it.
  3. Be careful with the wood paint. It’s tougher and more durable than other paints as it’s designed for resisting outdoor conditions.
  4. You should decide if you’re going to use a primer or undercoat on your panels. It isn’t necessary, but it’ll help the fence paint last longer.
  5. Be sure that you’re getting paints that are suitable for exterior use.
  6. And finally, make sure the paint will be enough to cover the whole fence and for extra coats if it’s needed.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can start painting the fence. Wait for a couple of days to dry before hanging your plants, and then you’re ready to enjoy your new garden.

A picket fence that needs repainting

Other ways to you make a small garden look bigger?

Having a small one is better than not having one at all. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas to make your small space look bigger and more attractive.

Don’t over clutter your garden.

Having a small one means avoid cluttering it. By placing too many ornamental flower pots, benches, children toys, or even having a garden shed, you’ll only achieve having a suffocating cramped garden.

Avoid large objects

A large water feature, large furniture and any other large objects will only clutter your outdoor space and make your garden feel tiny and messy. You better opt for compact furniture and go for more minimal items.

Grow big plants

However, instead of placing a large water feature, you can grow large plants. Plant wild irises, Verbascum, foxgloves, Verbena Bonariensis. Or you can have some climber plants like honeysuckles, clematis, and jasmine to make the difference.

Avoid the lawn

We know! You can’t imagine having a garden without a lawn. However, if you completely or partially remove the lawn, it’ll give you some space for other things. You can create a decking area or separate your garden into areas using a trellis or large plants. Think about it! It would be like moving from one space to another.

A man with a gardening tool on a lawn

Place mirrors

You can also follow the same idea that designers do with small living rooms. Place mirrors in dark spots in your garden. Garden mirrors will attract more light and will brighten the darkest corner of your landscape.

Use large planters

When you lack garden space, you can have plenty of small pots spread around your garden. This way, it will look even smaller and cluttered. Having, though, planters, you can have various plants in less space. Your garden will look bigger and tidy. Or you can choose a corner to make a garden bed. It will act the same way.

Place planters under your windows

Have you got a window facing the garden? Great! Place some planters or build a shelf under it and place some small pots. Keep in mind that the plants you’re going to put in your window should be short. Otherwise, they’re going to block your view.

Make shelves

Like in small rooms, shelves are the best idea to create extra space to place some pots. Choose a wall, and not your fence, as it might not handle the weight.

Create a vertical garden

Hanging your plants vertically is a great idea since you don’t have enough garden space. You can mount a vertical rack on the fence or a wall or even create your vertical shaped garden by installing some hooks on a wall to hang your plants. This way, you’ll create a focal point, especially if you place some furniture there. Voila! You also have your garden living room!

Plant blue plants

Some plants have blue flowers, like blue agapanthus or lavenders. These plants are best to place on the garden’s sides, as they can make your landscaping look more outstanding.

Some wonderful blue flowers in a garden

Paint with dark colour the background

Choose two-tone dark colours and paint a wall. This trick will create an illusion of extra space.

Paint the setting in white

White is the most used colour when it comes to making a small room look bigger. The same applies to small ones. Have white bricks, white furniture, choose white or even light colours for your planters and pots and make your space look brighter and bigger.

Take advantage of the natural light

Having a small garden requires making the most of everything that can help make your garden appear bigger. In these things, you should include natural light. You can take advantage of the light by placing light coloured paving stones, decking and pots to reflect the sunlight.

Create zones

Another great way to make your garden appear bigger is to divide it into zones and create different levels. You can have different flooring to give the illusion of extra space. What’s more, you can add a deck or an elevated patio to create different levels in the garden.

A white fence with some pink flowers

Having a small garden isn’t the best. It’s better, though, of not having one at all.  Place some white garden furniture and big planters,  mount some shelves, or place planters under your windows. These ideas and even more we’ve said before can make your garden appear bigger. But the most important is to paint your fence the right colour. Opt for white or light hues to reflect the sunlight. If you want to increase your garden’s elegance and spaciousness, cool grey would be your choice.

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