Vonhaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower Review

Are you looking for a heavy-duty gardening tool to help you pick up the falling autumn leaves in your backyard? Something that will take care of business for you so that you don’t have to strain your back? Well, look no further as the best leaf blowers take away the hassle of dealing with messy gardens once and for all! 

Homeowners, are you in the search for a robust tool that can easily tidy up your garden? We wanted to give you a full review of one of the most popular options available, the Vonhaus 3 in 1 leaf blower. Clearing away leaves won’t require too much effort on your end anymore, thanks to your new garden blower. Want to learn more about the product’s information and features? Keep reading below!

Our Rating

Vonhaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower on white background
The Vonhaus 3000W leaf blower is a powerful & highly affordable tool.

Our Review

This electric leaf blower stands out for its versatility and powerful 3000W performance. It has a combined 3 in 1 functionality, working as a leaf blower, garden vacuum and mulcher. If you’re looking for something that won’t cause discomfort, this one’s for you. The ergonomic and lightweight design allows you to carry it conveniently around the garden without feeling tired. It only weighs 3.5 kg and comes with a shoulder strap that helps you ease off some of the burdens that collect in the bin. Also, the front wheels at the nozzle allow you to operate the machine without lifting it.

With so many models in the market, picking a reliable and powerful tool can take hours of research and decision making. But, this electric leaf blower is a fan-favourite due to its compactness and high-quality design that doesn’t compromise power. Starting at just £39.99, you can get a tool that gets the job done effectively. And, the 3 in 1 capability offer fantastic value as you are saving money rather than spending it on three separate tools. Are you not quite convinced yet? It boasts over 8,000 reviews and ranks #1 on Amazon’s best sellers list

✔️ Pros❌Cons
◼️The design is very comfortable and light so that you can use it for prolonged periods without strain◼️The 10m long cable might restrict you at times, especially if you have a large garden
◼️It has wheels at the front and a shoulder strap for portability that helps you transport it effortlessly◼️A little more effort is needed when switching from blowing to vacuuming mode
◼️The packaging has two tubes, a narrow and a wide one so that you can tackle any nook or crevice hassle-free◼️The unit doesn’t have variable speed settings, so there isn’t a lot of customisation on the flow rate
◼️The manufacturer includes a 2-year warranty for peace of mind while using it 

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A leaf blower can help you easily tidy up your garden, clearing off the debris that’s in your way. But what happens to those leaves when you pile them up in a corner? You then have to lift them by hand and carry them to a waste disposal bin, which can be time-consuming. 

Thankfully, the Vonhaus electric leaf blower, with its triple functionality, gives you an end to end solution. You can start by first blowing the leaves to a set area in your garden, followed by the leaf blower vacuum to collect them all in the machine’s bin. And, if you want to improve your soil’s fertility and health, there is a shredder and mulching function too. With this 3 in 1 power tool, you’re saving space and money instead of purchasing three tools. Why spend hours outdoors raking leaves when you can cut down that time in half?

What you need to know

The machine is light, compact and portable with a robust 3000W motor that can tackle heavy-duty tasks like a pro. Its construction includes a shoulder strap, wheels, a 35-litre leaf collection bag and two interchangeable tubes. That way, you can change between tubes when you’re working in either wide or narrow edges. The mulcher and shredder function work at a 10:1 shredding ratio, clearing debris effortlessly and giving you organic composting within seconds.

There aren’t that many options that come with wheels, so this feature is very convenient and gives the user better mobility and control. The Vonhaus is a corded leaf blower with a 10m long cable that gives enough movement for a small to medium garden size. But, if you have large garden areas powering it on might be a bit more difficult unless you have a long extension lead.

Vonhaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower components
The components include its 3000W motor, strap, front wheels, 35-litre bag & 10m long cable.


This leaf blower runs on electricity and has a 3000W motor giving a mighty 3kW of power and a steady flow rate. You could find more robust and heavy-duty options, but those will be petrol leaf blowers, so considering this is a corded electric model, the wattage is on the upper side of the power spectrum. And, despite it being compact, it has enough power to handle most conditions. But, it will need a bit more effort when going through wet objects or large piles of leaves.


The manufacturers’ first thought when designing the Vonhaus was to create a user-friendly interface that promises comfort and ergonomics. The unit has a few features that help you hold it for extended periods without feeling tired and strained. If you have enough arm strength to lift and carry it, the strap can be a convenient way to hang it over your shoulder and move it around your backyard. 

But, if you lack the muscle power and want to drag it on the ground from one spot to the other, you can take advantage of the built-in wheels at the end of the nozzle. So, you can forget about feeling fatigued while operating your power tool as it is very lightweight and built with the user in mind. The one downside to the design is that it’s corded, which, unlike cordless leaf blowers, limits your movement only as long as the power cable allows you. Still, you can easily clear leaves from your decking, patio, driveway, and other home areas within the 10m cable’s length. The cordless models rely on li-ion batteries that have a shorter lifespan than a cable.

Vonhaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower on concrete standing on the wheels
If you want to move the machine more comfortably, there are wheels at the front of the nozzle.

Vacuuming Function

The Vonhaus leaf blower is a unique and multifunctional tool that comes with a vacuum mode. Similarly to a lawnmower, the unit has a leaf blower vacuum that collects dry and wet leaves by sucking them in through the long tube and sending it to the 35L collection bag. 

If the vac runs into a clogging issue, the Vonhaus has a thermal cut-out feature that ensures no damage to the unit. If the machine is struggling to work properly, it will automatically shut off to preserve its functionality and operation intact. Also, if leaves pile up in the tube, you can manually remove them to continue working by lifting the tube’s flap.

Vonhaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower vacuum mode
The leaf blower vac collects the piling leaves in the handy bag attachment.

Mulch & Shredder Function

Instead of opting for a separate mulcher and shredder, the Vonhaus is a 3 in 1 tool with which you can efficiently mulch leaves. With this feature, you can collect mulch and turn it into compost for your soil. Composting is a very beneficial practice in gardening as it improves your soil’s health, fertility and moisture with organic fertiliser materials. 

This feature is one of the most beneficial ones that distinguish this product from its competitors. You rarely find a leaf blower that’s also a garden vacuum & mulcher too. The Vonhaus 3 in 1 leaf blower has a 10:1 mulching ratio, giving you nutritious shredding that you can use for your lawn. In layman’s terms, your collection bag can hold more at a go before you have to empty it. So, you’ll be saving a lot of time on trips to the bin to dump them out.

Price & Competition

While there are more expensive leaf blowers that you can go for, this one has all the features you will need to get an efficient tool with amazing results. Selling at Amazon starting at only £39.99, you’re getting not one but three tools combined, making it a great value piece. Sure, you could go for one with a more powerful motor or a petrol leaf blower, but the price will be significantly lower with this model. We wish this one had a cordless design so that an outlet near it wouldn’t limit its portability.

Also, the manufacturer has included a 2-year warranty which is very convenient and guarantees you stress-free usage in case the product has damaged bits. All you have to do is contact support, and they will guide you through the process to repair or even replace the leaf blower, provided it’s within the warranty period.

Collection Bag

We’ve all had annoying instances where our trolley or waste disposal bags fill up super fast when it comes to gardening. Stopping every so often to empty the bags and start all over again can be time-consuming, and if we’re completely honest, frustrating. Thankfully, this unit comes with a 35-litre collection bag which may not seem like a lot, but given the leaf blower’s size, it is ample space. After all, too large of a bag will fill up with too many leaves to the point that it won’t be as easy to manage your tool.

The bag is also zipped, ensuring that no leaves drop out of it while you’re operating the machine. So, when you notice that you’re bearing a significant amount of weight on your shoulder, that’s your hint that it’s time to empty the bag. Also, the tube will start clogging up if the garden blower is full to the brim.

person emptying the Vonhaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower collection bag
The product comes with a 35L leaf bag.

Vonhaus 3 in 1 Leaf Blower: Verdict

If you’re in the search for a corded leaf blower, we highly recommend you take a chance on this one as it’s an excellent value for money product. Its ratings and reviews on Amazon are testaments to its material construction, build quality and performance. One drawback is the lack of variable speed settings, but you can get away even without it due to its easy to control design.

On the plus side, it’s also very easy to use, and you can start it immediately after unloading it from the box. The user manual can help you understand how the 3 in 1 functions work so that you can get to piling up leaves, mulching and collecting them in no time. While dealing with wet leaves might be a bigger headache due to the tube’s clogging, it’s still a hassle-free solution of simply emptying the zipped bag. Are you ready to keep your garden tidy?

Product Specifications

Weight3.5 kg
Power SourceCorded Electric
Capacity35 L
Special Feature #1Blower
Special Feature #2Garden Vacuum
Special Feature #3Mulcher
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