Tips on How to Hang a Mirror on a Wall with Total Safety

Thinking of transforming your room? Already done with arranging your photos on the staircase walls and hanging your new curtains? What’s next? A well-placed wall mirror is an easy way to make your room seem brighter and more open. However, hanging a wall mirror is a daunting task – and if not handled properly, downright dangerous.

Young woman hangs a mirror on the wall in her apartment

From selecting the correct installation hardware to determining whether your wall will be able to handle the weight of the mirror, there are many things you need to know before you improve your room’s look with this beautiful piece. We are here with helpful tips on how to hang a mirror on a wall with total safety. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Preparation and safety

Mirrors are delicate and fragile. One wrong step, and the whole mirror will come crashing down. To prevent this, you need to take essential safety measures and precautions.

1. Check Weight of the Mirror

The first thing is to find out the weight. Check the product specs. If there is no mention of the weight, you can do it yourself with a bathroom scale

2. Find the Mounting Hardware

Your mirror will come with some kind of mounting hardware such as D-rings, French cleats, clips, or wire. The way you hang your large mirror will depend on the type of mounting hardware you have. 

3. Know the Wall Type

New homes or recently remodelled ones usually have drywall, while older homes tend to have plaster walls. Find out whether you have drywall, plaster walls, or brick walls. If you don’t know which type of wall you have, you can find it easily.

Press a thumbtack into any wall. If you can push the thumbtack into the wall easily, it will be drywall. Otherwise, you have plaster or brick walls.

4. Identify Potential Obstacles

Choose where you want to hang the framed mirror and then mark the corners with a pencil or tape. If you are going to hang a full-length mirror, then the best place for it will be almost 20 to 30 cm off the floor. You will be able to see your head-to-toe reflection very easily at this height. With the help of a multifunction stud finder, locate any wires, pipes, or wall studs in the area. Studs are helpful for hanging heavy mirrors, but you should avoid inserting a screw into a live wire or drilling through the pipes.

Plastic wall anchors on wooden background

Hooks and anchors that you’ll need

  • Monkey Hooks

Monkey hooks allow you to hang a mirror on drywall. They are straightforward to install, and all you need is a pencil and a tape measure to position the hooks properly. Simply place the hook into position and push it into the wall. Monkey hooks can easily support almost 17 kg, and the wall damage is minimal.

  • Gorilla Hooks

Gorilla hooks look similar to monkey hooks, and you install them in the same way. However, they can support heavier objects as they have a heavier gauge. Their limit reaches up to 25 kg.

  • Mirror Tape

You can hang mirrors with the help of mounting tape as well. Usually, double-sided mirror tapes can support up to 5 kg. Not only there is no need for any tools, but there isn’t a need for punching holes in the walls as well.

  • Plastic Wall Anchors

Plastic wall anchors come in a variety of sizes and can handle different weights. These wall anchors create a bigger hole as compared to the monkey and gorilla hooks but are capable of handling mirrors of varying weights, which is a plus. They are very affordable as well and are easily available in local home improvement centres.

How to hang a mirror step-by-step with wire

Things You Will Need

  • Mounting hardware
  • Mirror
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level or laser levelBig round mirror in the wall

DIY Steps

  1. Hold the new mirror up at the desired position against the wall. With the help of a pencil or tape, mark the location of the top edge and the bottom edge and the centre of the mirror’s frame.
  2. Take a piece of wood with a length equal to ½ of the mirror’s width. Place the wooden piece under the hanging wire on the frame.
  3. Pull the wooden piece along with the wire and then measure the distance from the wire to the top of the mirror’s frame.  
  4. Mark this measurement on the wall. This will determine where you will have to place the anchors – right below the reference marks. Use a level tool to ensure that the marks you made are level.
  5. Drill holes at the two reference marks for the anchors. Install the anchors that came with your mirror.
  6. Lift the mirror gently and carefully, and guide the wire onto the mounting hardware. Voila! Your job is done!

How to hang a mirror step-by-step with hooks

Things You Will Need

  • Hangers
  • Mirror
  • Rubber or plastic bumpers
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Painter’s tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level or laser levelYoung woman put mirror on a wall

DIY Steps

  1. The first step is to mark the top and bottom of the mirror as well as the centre on the wall. You can do this with the help of tape or a pencil.
  2. Υour mirror will have hooks on the back. Measure the distance between the fasteners as well as the distance between the hooks and the top of the mirror. After taking these measurements, transfer them onto the wall.
  3. The next step is to drill the hangers into the wall. If you want better support, you can drill them using a heavy-duty drill bit directly into a stud. 
  4. You should place rubber or plastic bumpers on the back of the mirror as well. They will keep it in place, and it will not tilt. Plus, the mirror will not leave marks on the walls as well. 
  5. Line up the fasteners with the appropriate hangers and hang your mirror. Check with a level tool to see that you have hung the mirror properly. If the mirror is heavy, you can ask someone else to help you lift it up. Enjoy your newly hung mirror!

How to hang a mirror step-by-step with adhesive

Things You Will Need

  • Frameless mirror
  • Ruler/Tape measure
  • Adhesive glue (or glue gun)
  • Laser levelMan hangs a mirror on bathroom wall

DIY Steps

  1. If you want to hang a frameless bathroom mirror, for example, you would need adhesives as there is nothing else to put a screw or bracket into. 
  2. Buy adhesive glue that is specially made for hanging frameless mirrors. Make sure you check the properties of the adhesive and buy one that is compatible with different mirror weights and wall types.
  3. Measure your mirror. Transfer the measurements to the place on the wall where you want your mirror to be. Check with a level to see that the measurements are straight. It is crucial that the measurements are correct because once the glue dries, you will not be able to readjust your mirror without damaging the wall. 
  4. Apply the adhesive in the proper amount on the back of the mirror as well as the wall. Check the instructions to know whether you have to apply to one surface or both.
  5. Push the mirror onto the wall and hold it firmly in place until the adhesive dries. Check the instructions to know how long the glue will take to dry. Your work is done!

Wall mirrors brighten any living space and create the illusion of a large, open room. Hanging one becomes very easy if you know how to hang it on a wall with total safety. If you choose the suitable anchor for the mirror, you will reduce wall damage, and the result will be better as well. Our step-by-step guide will teach you all you need to learn about them.

Happy Decorating, Folks!

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