This Season Learn How To Make A Christmas Tree Look Fuller

And yet the time has come! The most beautiful and delightful time of the year; Christmas! Holiday decorations are everywhere, from shop windows and streets to homes. Christmas trees and lights, wreaths, garlands and colourful ornaments decorate every single corner. It’s time now to decorate your home as well, but you hesitate a bit because your tree isn’t like the ones displayed in stores. And so what? Why should this be a problem?

A living room decorated with Christmas tree, presents, garlands and stockings

You shouldn’t worry about it, though, as there are decorating ideas and tips to make your Christmas tree look fuller. So, instead of thinking about not decorating your living room, read our step-by-step tutorial and learn how to make your tree look fuller. Let’s dive right in!

How to make a Christmas tree look fuller

Christmas trees are the centrepiece of home decor during the festive season. But if it isn’t as full as it should be, it can ruin everything. Below we have step-by-step instructions on how to decorate your Xmas tree and make it look fuller than it really is. 

Shape it the right way

Start shaping your tree from the bottom working up. Secure the bottom section to its stand and drop the branch each one in place. Now, start fluffing, moving from the inside out. Begin with the tips that are nearest to the centre pole. Try to fluff the tips fully to cover any gaps and prevent light from passing through, plus cover the tree trunk. Once you are done with the inner tips, move to the outer ones.

Then, work upwards and keep fluffing the same way the entire tree. When it comes to shaping the top of the tree, position the top tree branches straight to give a triangular shape to your tree. When you finish shaping, step back and check your work. Make any corrections if necessary and move on to decorating your Christmas tree.

Extra tips:

  1. Separate the tips on each branch and angle them out and away from each other and the centre of the tree.
  2. While shaping your tree, bear in mind a peacock and its tail. Have you seen how fanned it looks? That’s how you have to make the tips; to look like a fanned tail. Start from the back of each branch and angle the tips sideways and outward.
  3. Shape the branches upward to make it look like a real tree.

Light it up

Stringing Christmas lights the right way also can help the tree look fuller. There are a few right ways to string lights. Either starting from the top and moving downwards or vice versa and putting them vertically or horizontally. Here are some tips for all ways to make your artificial Christmas tree look fuller.

A girl hanging the lights on the Christmas tree

Putting lights vertically

The vertical position of the lights is a new trend that popped up a few years ago. This way, branches won’t cover the lights making the tree shine bright. As a plus, it’s much easier to take them down when Christmas is over. Here’s how to put the lights vertically

  1. First, check if all your bulbs work perfectly. If not, it’s time to go shopping.
  2. Get the plugless end of the lights, and starting from the bottom or the top of the tree, let the lights lay vertically – like laying a seam.
  3. Once you reach the top or the bottom, turn the lights the other way, creating an “S” pattern around the tree. 

Putting lights horizontally

This is the most popular way to put up the Christmas lights. Here’s how to do it the right way.

  1. You can start either at the top or bottom. It’s totally up to you. Wrap the lights over and under the branches.
  2. Move on by mixing things a bit. Place some lights closer to the centre pole than others, change patterns, but always wrap them around the tree.

Putting lights top to the bottom

It’s better to hang the lights this way as the outlet is usually closed at the bottom of the tree. But, again, there are some tricks you need to know to get the best results and make your tree look fuller.

  1. Starting from the top, twist the lights under and on top of the branches.
  2. Move around and downwards, working the same way. Remember to hang lights in the back of the tree as well.
  3. As you reach the bottom and you have lights left, hide them behind the tree.
  4. If you want to add more lights, do the same; start at the top and move downwards.

Putting lights bottom to top

Finally, you can start hanging the lights from the bottom. Then, first, plug the lights in and then start stringing. If you want to try this way out, then:

  1. Starting from the bottom, place the lights deeper into the branches and closer to the front to create depth. Imagine like you forming a zig-zag pattern.
  2. Push the connectors deep into the branches near the trunk to hide them.
  3. When you reach the top, place the leftover lights at the back of your tree and run an extension cord down the back of the tree to the outlet.

Decorate your Christmas tree

Do you feel happy with the shape and lighting of your Christmas tree? Νο? If you think it isn’t as full as you would like, there’s another way to make it fuller. With the right Christmas tree decoration, you will get the desired result. Here are some tips you can follow when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree.

A close up of a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and tinsels

1. Use a colour scheme

Choose a theme for your Christmas decorations to achieve this effect. Daggle ornaments, garlands, festive foliage and candles. But even if you don’t have a theme, it can do its trick. Fill the tree branches with disco baubles, salt dough, gingerbread and gnome ornaments that can make your Christmas tree look fuller. What’s more, opt for shatterproof and glass ornaments, as they are excellent fillers

2. Use large baubles

If the branches look a bit empty, add large ornaments to fill them. If you go for a walk in the centre, notice the shop windows. Usually, interior designers use extra-large ornaments to decorate Christmas trees, and they look so fluffy. Hence, do the same with yours. Hang extra-large ornaments on the inside pine needles to cover the tree trunk and give more depth to your tree. As a plus, ornaments close to the trunk reflect the light giving a full tree impression.

3.  Add extra foliage

Baubles aren’t the only ornaments you can use to decorate your Christmas tree. Floral picks, greenery and pinecones also look great. Adding them to the Christmas tree decorations create a fuller effect and make your fake Christmas tree look more natural.

4. Add garlands and tinsel

Finally, place tinsels and garlands or large velvet ribbons around the branches to fill any gaps and make your Christmas tree look even more beautiful and fuller

Cover the bottom of the tree

No matter how cheap or expensive your Christmas tree is, all faux trees have thin trunks which are more visible at the bottom of the tree. So, cover the tree stand and trunk at the base with a tree skirt. It will create the effect of being your tree full. 

Your Christmas tree is almost ready. Finish its look with a tree topper and step back to observe your work—Pat yourself on the back for the perfect Christmas tree you’ve just made.

Two young girls decorating the Christmas tree

This year make your artificial Christmas tree look as full as a real one. You can fluff your tree easily with the above DIY tips. Start by separating the branch tips, making them look like a peacock’s tail. Add then the lights and large ornaments on the inside of your tree. If there are still gaps, cover them with foliage, garlands and tinsels. And that’s all! Cover the tree stand with a skirt and add the tree topper, and you are done. But, if you prefer a real Xmas tree, we can help you. We can tell you all the secrets of how to keep it alive longer.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

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