This Is How To Make Curtains From Fitted Sheets

Want to spruce up your place? Thinking about getting new curtains? Why not make your own curtains from fitted sheets? If you buy curtains from the local store, it will leave a dent in your savings.

Woman hanging curtains in front of a window

You can easily make your own curtains from sheets you have at home. Especially if you know how to turn flat sheets into fitted ones, this project will seem like a walk in the park.  Not only will you save money, but you will also have lots of fun while working on this project as well. What’s more, once you learn how to make curtains from fitted sheets in easy steps, you can change the look of your room whenever you feel like it! Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

How to make curtains from fitted sheets tutorial

There is no need to throw away your comfortable contour sheets when you think it’s time to buy new ones. With some purposeful stitching, you can easily turn the sheet into an elegant, one of a kind set of curtains that will liven up your windows. 

Moreover, if you want to coordinate your interior design with your window coverings, you can use sheets instead of going for expensive custom-made curtains. Whether you are a professional sewer or an amateur, you can easily make them. Let’s learn how!

How to make regular DIY curtains

When you are making curtains from contour sheets, you don’t need to use a sewing machine. Whether you are a student, a first-time renter, or simply a DIY craft lover, you will love how easy this project is.

Things you’ll need

  • Fitted sheets
  • Tape measure
  • Glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Crafting tape measure
  • Scissors

Modern room with curtains cover the wall space beside window


  1. Take out the tape measure and carefully measure your window. Note down the width and length of it. To the measurement, add 20 cm to the full size. This additional length is for the hems of your curtains. 
  2. With the help of a pencil, mark the measurements you just took on the sheet. Cut the fabric carefully to size. There will be elastic binding in the old bedsheet. Cut it all out. You can use the excess fabric as a curtain ruffle later.
  3. Fold the sheet in half. Make sure that you fold along the width and not the length of the fabric. Cut it down the centre to get two curtain panels. 
  4. To fold the fabric for the side hems, fold in the side of the fabric 1.25 cm. Fold 1.25 cm again. Pin the folded fabric in place. Do this on both sides of the curtain. Take out your hot glue gun and glue the folded hem in place. Remove all the pins. Make sure that you glue only the backside of the bedsheet. Create hems on both sides of the curtains.
  5. To create the top hem, fold the top of the bedsheet at 1.25 cm. Pin it into place. Use the glue gun to create the hem, removing the pins as you go. Measure the length of your curtain rod pocket, and fold the hem again as per the measurement. Glue the edge of the hem carefully. You have created a curtain rod pocket. Repeat for the second panel. For the bottom hem, simply fold the bottom of the curtain 1.25 cm and glue it in place. Do this for both curtains. Make sure that they are level with each other. If you want to create pleats, you can do that. If you want to add grommets, you can, but you will have to cut the holes through the top hem. 
  6. Insert the top hem into the curtain rod and hang the curtains in place. You can make a valance or a drapery out of the pillowcases to make the curtains look better. Voila! Your new curtains are ready. 

How to make DIY balloon no-sew curtains

You can make anything you want with the right materials, from cafe curtains and roman shades to shower curtains. Whether you go with drapes or curtains, semi-opaque or sheer, simple solid colour or bright patterns, hanging new curtains on your windows spruces up your space quickly. 

Plus, full-length curtains can keep your house cool in the summer. If you are searching for an inexpensive way to transform your room instantly, you can do that with balloon curtains. You can easily turn your old contour sheets into beautiful DIY balloon curtains. What’s more, you don’t even need to know how to sew them.

Things you’ll need

  • Fabric 
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

A woman being proud of her new DIY curtains


  1. Drape the king-size sheet over your window’s curtain rod. The elastic corners should fall on the sides of the windows.
  2. Pull the sheet in such a way that the bottom edges of the sheet on the back and the front are even. Line the elastic corners, back to front on both sides. 
  3. Take two long pieces of ribbon. Drape the ribbon pieces over the sheet. Tie the ends of the ribbon together. Loop the valance on itself. 
  4. When you pull the ribbon up, the sheet will rise. Keep pulling the sheet until you reach the place where you like the way your curtain falls. Tie the ribbon in a knot or a bow and cut the excess ribbon. 
  5. Repeat on both sides and fluff the curtains. Your DIY balloon curtains are ready!

What are the benefits of upholstery?

Upholsteries come in many varieties and styles, and there are several options that you can choose from to fit your home décor style. As compared to other types of upholstery, fabric ones have various benefits. Let’s take a look.

1. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the feel depends on the material that you use. Nevertheless, the fabric of old bedsheets is nice and soft, so your curtains will be warm and soft as well. They will create an atmosphere of peace, calm, and relaxation, easing away all your stress.

No matter what the season is, the curtains will provide a cosy environment, unlike other types that bring hot and sticky feelings in the summer and make the room feel cold in the winter. 

2. Care

The wear and tear of the fabric will depend on its quality. High-quality fabrics will last for a long time. Plus, the curtains will be easier to clean and maintain. If you stain the curtains, check the care label of the sheets to see if they are machine-washable.

If they are, you can easily wash the window treatments in the washing machine when they are dirty. Moreover, the fabric will not be scratched. This is particularly helpful if you have pets or kids running around your home.

3. Colour and pattern choices

Another advantage of selecting fabric upholstery is the unlimited colours, textures, and patterns. You can certainly find a contour sheet that will match your home décor perfectly. Making curtains out of sheets is the perfect opportunity of expressing your and your family’s personality and style. You can go for bold and bright patterns that will immediately grab attention, or you can go with neutral, calming colours that will liven up the living room.

4. Cost

If you are worried about your budget but still want the best for your room, contour sheets are the perfect way for getting new window treatments. Even if you don’t want to upcycle your old sheets, you can buy new bedsheets at a much lower price tag as compared to new curtains!

Room window with curtains
Whether you want to keep out the sun on a hot summer day or you simply want to upgrade the way your living space looks, creating beautiful curtains from sheets is a creative, fun, and budget-friendly alternative to buying expensive, new curtains. From floral sheets to solid-coloured twin sheets, the options and choices are endless. You can add curtain ruffles, rod ties, etc., to make the easy DIY curtains appealing and eye-catching. Follow the easy and simple steps we have given above and give your room a makeover with bed sheet curtains! Next project: Learn how to dip dye a fabric ombre here!

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