This Is How To Make A Headboard Look Brilliant

We all live busy, hectic lives. After a long, tiring day at work, all we want is to lie down in our beds and relax. A charming and appealing bedroom, with a nice, comfy 5 star hotel’s room bed, helps set the mood and calm our nerves down. However, no bed is complete without a beguiling headboard that sets out the tone for your master bedroom.

Bed with headboard in dark green bedroom

If you want to change your headboard, give it a makeover! Or if you have been living without one, it is a very straightforward DIY project that you can finish in a single afternoon. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know to make your headboard look brilliant. Excited? Let’s get started!

Why is it important to have a headboard?

If you have been living without a headboard so far, you must be wondering why it is important to have one. An artistic headboard can change the entire look and feel of your bedroom. Plus, unlike a footboard, a headboard will not restrict your movement nor will it reduce the space for you on your bed.

With a DIY tufted headboard, you get a lot of functional advantages. The headboard will support your bed and will protect the wall from scratching, staining, and scuffing. How many times do our pillows fall off the bed during the night?

An upholstered headboard will prevent that from happening and you will be able to sleep in a cosy, comfortable environment. Do you like reading, watching TV, or working in your bed? The headboard will serve as a comfortable backrest as you sit upright. 

As far as the aesthetics of the room are concerned, a simple, ordinary bed can be transformed into an alluring centrepiece by adding a DIY headboard. Since king size headboards come in a wide variety of styles and materials, no matter what the vibe and décor of your room are, you can find one to complement the style.

Even if the wood headboard doesn’t fit in with the existing furniture, you can easily decorate it to match the furnishings in your bedroom. What we really like about headboards is the fact that they are budget-friendly and you can add function and unparalleled style to your space without breaking the bank.

Double bed with soft headboard

Create your own headboard step-by-step

The best thing about making a headboard is that you can customize it so that it fits your space and style perfectly. Ready to create your own fabric headboard? Here’s a DIY tutorial to help you with your headboard project!

Things that You Will Need

  • Large piece of plywood cut to size
  • Small soards
  • High-density foam
  • Quilt batting
  • Home décor fabric
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Tape measure
  • Button cover kit
  • Screws
  • Handle drill
  • Glue gun
  • Cleat brackets
  • Jigsaw

Then, this is what you have to do:

1. Get MDF or Plywood

Measure the width and length of the headboard that you want to have. Go over to the local home improvement store and buy a sheet of plywood or MDF. Have it cut according to the desired width so it will suit your bed frame. If you can’t go to the local hardware store, you can order it online.

2. Trace the headboard’s outline

In the centre of the plywood sheet, draw a line. Sketch out the shape you want your headboard to have. If you want an arched top, draw a circle at the top of the headboard with the help of a compass. Use this circle as a base to draw the arched shape of the headboard. You can keep the headboard simple, and draw out a rectangle as well – the choice is entirely up to you!

Woman using stapler

3. Cut the headboard according to the shape

With the help of a jigsaw, cut out one half of the headboard’s shape. Use the piece you have cut off as a template and trace the design you want on the other half. This will ensure that the headboard is symmetrical.

4. Cover the headboard with foam

Now is the time to upholster the headboard. Start with foam and roll it out on the headboard. Trace the shape of your headboard on the foam. Cut the foam using an electric knife. After cutting the foam, use the adhesive to attach the foam to the plywood.

5. Layer with quilt batting

Take two or three layers of batting and place them over the foam that you have just attached. Staple the batting to the headboard’s back. Make sure that the batting is pulled taut around the headboard. It is better to use a heavy-duty stapler for stapling to ensure that batting stays securely in place.

6. Cover the headboard with fabric

Once you have stapled the batting, you have to cover the headboard with fabric. Cover the front with the bedroom decor fabric of your choice and staple it to the pegboard’s back. Make sure that you don’t leave any wrinkles on the front or the sides. If you have a curved headboard, we recommend that you cut small slits in the fabric on the top and then staple it to the back to eliminate wrinkles. Remove any excess fabric. You are done with adding the upholstery!

7. Add a wall spacer

Do you have windows behind your bed and want to have some space between the wall and the headboard? You can do so by adding wooden spacers to the back of the headboard after you have upholstered it. Simply attach two boards to the back – 1/3 way from the top and the bottom and hang the headboard on the wall with the help of the top board. If you don’t want space between the headboard and the wall, you can skip this step.

Hands working on a headboard

8. Hang the headboard

Congratulations! Your headboard is prepped and ready to rock! It is time to install the hardware so that you can hang the headboard on the wall. Use French cleat hangers to mount it.

A cleat hanger has two parts – one that you screw into the wall and the other that you screw onto the headboard’s back. There are various screw holes along the cleat’s length and you can easily screw it into the wall wherever you want. 

Screw the other part of the cleat hanger onto the headboard’s back. Now lock the two pieces into place and Voila! You have a knockout headboard at your disposal!

Tips on decorating your new wooden headboard

A headboard pulls your entire bedroom together as it is the centrepiece and focal point. Therefore, it is very important to decorate it in a way that complements your personal style as well as the room’s décor. You can easily decorate the headboard by adding unique details, fabric, or even paint. Here are a few DIY headboard ideas.

  1. If you don’t want a permanent change, simply drape a beautiful rug over the headboard to create a new look. Search for dynamic printed rugs or large statement fabric. You can position it according to your liking. Secure the fabric to the headboard with the help of mounting strips so that it doesn’t fall off.
  2. Even if your bed isn’t placed in front of a window, you can hang curtains on the wall behind it to cover or complement your headboard. Simply buy a curtain rod that is as long as the width of your bed and hang curtains from it behind the headboard or over it to create a new look. You can add fairy or LED strip lights to the curtains as well to create a whimsical, magical looking stunning headboard. Or you can add wall art above the headboard.
  3. You can also apply contact paper to the headboard for an easy and quick colour change. You can buy contact paper in any colour and pattern that you want. Before applying the contact paper, clean the headboard to remove any dust on it. Peel off small sections of the protective paper so that you can apply the contact paper as smoothly as possible. You can use spray adhesive to ensure that the contact paper doesn’t come off easily.
  4. We all have used washi tapes during a DIY project. Apply the tape in abstract designs or any geometric shapes that you want on your headboard to make it look more appealing. 

Bedroom with rustic headboard

Your headboard is the first thing people notice when they enter your room. It sets the atmosphere and vibe of the entire bedroom. Therefore, you have to make sure it looks divine! With the help of the DIY guide above, you can easily make your own headboard and decorate it according to your style using our design ideas. If any of them tickles your fancy, you can use them as well and create a high-end, rustic headboard for a queen size bed or any size actually!

Happy Decorating, Folks!

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