This Is How To Get Rid Of Pigeons Once And For All

Maybe you love having birds around your garden. You may even have a birdbath, or a chicken coop. But this doesn’t mean you’re a fan of pigeons. So, do you have bird droppings all over your place? Are pigeons damaging your ventilation systems? We feel you – pigeons may look harmless but they cause hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages every year.

Couple of pigeon on a table

Not only that, but pigeon droppings also pose serious health hazards and physical problems that can have serious repercussions if not taken care of. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about getting rid of pigeons once and for all. Let’s get started!

Why you should get rid of pigeons

Many of you might be thinking that pigeons are just harmless birds and there isn’t a major need for getting rid of them. However, you can’t be more wrong. Let us tell you why you should get rid of pigeons.

1. Diseases

Pigeons aren’t clean, healthy birds – rather, they transmit a variety of diseases and parasites through their droppings which go inside houses and buildings via air ducts. 

Apart from diseases, pigeons transmit vermin species as well such as lice, bird mites, ticks, bed bugs, etc. Even if the pigeons leave their nests and move away, these insects will stay behind and make life difficult for you.

2. Toxic Droppings

Pigeons are not only airborne parasite carriers but leave a large number of droppings as well, which are highly corrosive. These droppings are acidic and stain the surfaces they fall on. Plus, they increase the rate of deterioration of these structures.

Two pigeons on a dirty bench from their droppings

The pigeons will not spare your new car roof or the new awning that you just installed. Once the pigeon poop dries out, it becomes very hard and is difficult to remove

3. Feathers & Debris

Pigeons scatter nesting material as well as loads of feathers all over your place. As soon as you clean the mess up, it will start to build again. Also, this debris clogs gutters, air vents, eaves, etc. and it’s causing more issues and problems.

4. Noise Pollution

Anyone who has been around pigeons will testify to the fact that they make a lot of noise. And you might not be aware of it while doing something else, but the moment you want to relax or take a nap, you’ll feel annoyed at least.

What attracts pigeons to buildings in the first place?

The relationship between pigeons and humans is a long and ancient one. For centuries, pigeons were used to carry messages across the globe or even as a source of entertainment and food. Due to their long history with humans, pigeons are no longer scared of humans and they confidently nest in or around our houses

Like all other pests, pigeons search for areas that are safe and are near stable food sources so that they nest easily. Once one pigeon finds such a place, more pigeons follow suit and build their nests since they live in flocks.

 However, the pigeon nests are not very well-hidden and are usually present in open spaces. This is because they have very few natural predators. The pigeons are not at all picky when it comes to food. They happily dine on exposed junk in the dustbins, vegetable gardens, bird feeders, etc. That dietary adaptability makes it very difficult to get rid of them.

How to get rid of pigeons

So the million-dollar question is how we can get rid of pigeons when they can adapt to any situation and aren’t even afraid of humans? Don’t worry – with a few straightforward and simple solutions, you can easily get rid of pigeons from your home. Let’s see how!

Many white pigeons are on balcony

How to get rid of pigeons from your balcony

You can get rid of pigeons from your balcony with the help of the following simple and permanent solutions.

1. Wires

Use stainless steel wire or a wire coil on your rails to keep the pigeons from perching there.

2. Shock Track

You can get a shock track system to keep the pigeons off the balconies. It will not hurt them, but will slightly shock them so that the targeted area becomes less attractive for the pigeons.

3. Netting

You can get a bird netting system over your balconies to keep the pigeons away. Even though this is an expensive option, it is 100% effective and the new versions of nettings available in the market are invisible as well.

4. Reflected Light

This is one of the easiest ways to keep the pigeons away from your balcony, deck, or patio. Anything that reflects light would work perfectly. Generally, pigeons don’t like bright light flashes as it makes them feel disoriented. You can use wind chime, aluminium foil pans, Mylar balloons, reflective tape, etc. This will take care of your pigeon problem

5. Scarecrows

Scarecrow for pigeons on a balcony

You can keep rubber snakes or plastic owls to keep pigeons away. It is better to get a 3D, life-size decoy that emits sounds and movements

6. Spikes

You can use anti-perching spikes to keep the birds away. However, use the bird spikes in limited areas for bird control only as it will be potential for hazards. For example, window sills or roosting areas are great for pesky pigeons.

7. Gel Repellants

Another way of keeping the birds away is to use gel bird repellents on the ledges where they perch. The surface will become sticky after the application and the pigeons will avoid it. 

However, this is a messy method and you will have to clean the dust, grime, and gel away. Also, if there are smaller birds in your yard, they tend to get stuck in the goo permanently, which is not something you are looking for.

You can contact your local pest control company if you can’t stop pigeons with DIY home remedies

Getting rid of the pigeons from your roof and yard

Getting rid of pigeons from your roofs is slightly more challenging as the area is larger and birds can nest anywhere. You can use all the above-mentioned solutions to keep the birds away from your roof.

Pigeon on the roof

If there are solar panels on your roof, you should install metal grid netting to keep the pigeons from making their nests. Plus, pigeons love the comfort of HVAC installations and you should apply netting on these units as well.

1. Ultrasound Pigeon Repellent

Pigeons have a sharp sense of hearing and they can hear sounds which human ears can’t easily detect. You can use ultrasonic devices that emit distress calls and sounds that deter and scare pigeons. Not only that, but the pigeons will stay away from your entire property as well, depending on the radius of the ultrasound repellant that you use. 

2. Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Garden sprinklers are a nice solution if you want to keep the pigeons away from your garden and your yard. An unexpected spray of cold water is one of the most non-toxic, humane and effective methods for keeping pigeons away. 

How to prevent pigeons from returning

Getting rid of pigeons is not enough as these birds have a habit of returning repeatedly. You have to ensure that your home becomes an unwelcome spot for them through ultrasonic sound repellents, visual bird deterrents, or chemical deterrents.

It is not only about installing pigeon deterrents but also about removing anything that the pigeons find remotely interesting. For example, birdbaths, bird feeders, food sources, etc. 

Usually, pigeons like nesting in corners that are cold, away from sunlight, and high above to be away from predators. It is a good idea to prevent access to these areas. If there are small openings, use silicone caulk to fill them.

Five pigeons on metal bar

Pigeons are not harmless, ordinary birds that you should not worry about. They carry diseases and parasites with them that make them very harmful to humans. An infestation of that kind can only cause you a big headache!

With the help of pigeon deterrents, pest control, and repellants, you can keep yourself and your home safe, clean, and pigeon-free!

Here’s to your safe and clean home!

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