This Is How To Decorate A Terrace For A Birthday Party

Birthday parties at home are a great way to celebrate your loved ones without having to compromise on any of the details. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your toddler’s first birthday or host a gathering for grown-ups, your terrace could be the perfect location to get the festivities started, besides an upgraded patio

Friends partying on a terrace

With a little bit of planning and effort, you can transform your terrace or rooftop into a magical party venue. So, if you’re looking for ways to set the ambience for your guests and get the celebrations started, look no further. Here are some of our favourite DIY birthday decoration ideas to get you inspired – especially if you have never done this and it is the first birthday you’re trying to arrange.

Why choose a terrace for birthday parties?

Terrace and rooftop gatherings are becoming increasingly trendy. It only seems natural to have friends over to celebrate when you have your own open, wide terrace or stylish rooftop. Celebrating a birthday outdoors is the perfect excuse to throw a terrace party and open your home to guests. 

What’s more, is that terrace or rooftop parties don’t cost much. You can decorate and customise your space however you like without the extra expense and hassle of having to find a venue. Terraces are ideal for spending quality time and celebrating loved ones while enjoying some fresh air simultaneously.

Friends having drinks on a terrace

Why “DIY”?

To buy or to make it yourself? Creating your own decor is a great way to show how much you care. Do it yourself projects are personal, often requiring time, effort and creativity. Yet, these handmade decorations and gifts are always treasured, often becoming little keepsake memories to cherish.

In addition, creating your own birthday decor significantly cuts down costs. You can make everything you need to dress up your location for a fraction of the price and stay on theme. Through the use of colours, styles, and craft supplies, you can make unique creations that may not be available in a store. 

If you’re an avid crafter, DIY projects are generally a great way to take a break and relieve stress while you create. Most party decorations only require basic crafting skills to create; therefore, your level of expertise doesn’t matter. Using your creativity can be a pretty rewarding hobby. 

DIY Materials and tools on yellow background

How to decorate a terrace for a birthday party: 20+ ideas

Whenever you’re preparing your terrace for a birthday party, you’ll want to spruce up the decor so that everyone feels welcomed and excited. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 

1. Confetti walls

A super easy decor scheme is to create a simple backdrop for photos or to cut the birthday cake using confetti. First, decide on your theme and cut out matching colours of cardstock in large circles, at least 10cm in diameter. 

Then, using paint-safe tape, adhere each circle to your desired wall. You can place each circle in patterns, overlay or cascade them across the wall. Or, if you cut out the paper in triangles instead, you can attach them to a string as bunting. This creative backdrop is a quick terrace decoration idea that will dress up your space and make it more festive instantly. 

2. Filled balloons

Confetti isn’t just great for your wall, and you can incorporate it with balloon decoration to create elegant pieces of decor. Using cut-out card paper, tissue, glitter or even mini papercrafts, fill your helium balloons to match the rest of your party decoration ideas. Try to use transparent or white balloons so that your filling is visible. 

These balloons can be put up as wall decor, or you can add a ribbon to tie them to chairs for an unexpected pop of colour. Alternatively, you can stick the top of the balloon to your ceiling with tape and add pictures to the end of the string for an added personal touch.

Confetti inside balloons 

3. Colourful streamers 

Zig-zag or tassel streamers are the most effortless party decor to create. All you need is a pair of scissors and colourful cardstock or tissue paper that match your theme to make these birthday party decorations

If you want to make zig-zag streamers, start with a rectangular piece of coloured paper and cut alternating strips on either edge, but don’t cut all the way through. When you’re done, pull the streamer to reveal the accordion design you just created. 

Another fun way to create terrace birthday decorations is using crepe or tissue. You can use these to form numbers, alphabets or just as ceiling decor. 

4. Fabric or balloon garlands

Garlands add little finishing touches to an outdoor space like a terrace garden or rooftop. You can create fabric garlands using linen, cotton or chiffon. Begin by folding your chosen fabric in half and making cuts approximately 2.5 cm apart. 

Once again, be sure not to cut all the way through. Then, unfold the fabric and re-roll from the uncut end to create a tube with fringes. Finally, secure your tassels and hang them by strings to deck up your next rooftop party

You can also make balloon bouquets for a similar effect. Using high-quality, small balloons and beading wire, shape your balloons into an arch or any shape you desire. Feel free to add streamers or foil balloons to make this fun birthday party balloon decoration piece.

Colourful balloon garland

Pro tip: Foil balloons are easier to handle and look amazing.

5. Balloon tassels

Helium balloons can be decorated with paper tassels at the bottom for even more colour. Using the same technique as fabric tassels, you can create these easy to make streamers using crepe paper. Then, secure them to your balloon decoration with twine to hold it together. 

Mix up the colours and textures to add some vibrance while staying on theme with the rest of your party decorations.

6. Photo birthday numbers

Another way to use old photographs is to make wall decor. Hang your selected pictures on cardboard or a wall, forming the birthday number. You can stick to a colour theme like monochrome for more intensity. Your loved ones will love this sentimental touch as it’s a quick way to showcase their life and achievements. 

7. 3D paper fruits 

Apple trees make adorable, miniature decor ideas for a terrace party. You can create your own using simple tools like a popsicle stick, styrofoam, and a mini planter. Begin by cutting your apples out on construction paper and then attaching them to the popsicle stick.

Then, using styrofoam as a base, secure the fruit in a planter or mini-pot for a personal keepsake or party favour that guests can take home. Or, you can save and reuse them as party decorations another time. 

8. Tissue paper flowers

Pompom or flowers made of tissue paper create the illusion of floating flowers. These easy to make terrace decoration ideas are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers or even intimate candlelight dinners. However, we’d recommend this for baby showers or casual parties.

Stack up to eight sheets of tissue of the same size and begin folding them from one edge, approximately 4 cm wide. After creasing the folds, use a piece of floral wire to secure the middle of your stack. Pull each layer from the centre to create the flower.

Mother and daughter making paper flowers

9. Spiral paper stars

You can get your kids involved and create your paper starbursts. Get experimental and use different textures or colours of paper and cutting patterns to create unique designs. Then, you can either adhere each piece together or cut it out as a star for a super easy party decor idea.

10. Mini hot air balloons

Turn your regular balloon decoration into a work of art with a few tips and tricks. Then, using string and cardstock, you can create your own floating treats to emulate clouds or hot air balloons. These birthday decorations are perfect for photobooths or centrepieces. 

11. Paper wall hanging

Another creative backdrop idea for your terrace party is to link paper chains. Put different colours together for a gradient wall hanging or experiment with the shape of the backdrop for added flair. You can also write “Happy Birthday” using the chain links for a memorable backdrop. 

Bunting is another popular type of wall hanging. You can cut out different shapes depending on the theme of your party and attach them to a long string. This can then be put up as wall decor for your rooftop party

12. Piñata

Most parties are incomplete without a piñata. While it may end in a huge mess with kids trying to smash it open, piñatas are tons of fun. You can make your own piñata at home using paper mache, hot glue and cardboard. 

Blindfolded girl breaking a pinata

13. Cherry balloons

If you’re hosting a summer party, cherry balloon decoration is an adorable way to add some colour. All you require to create your own balloon decoration is red balloons, string and some green paper. 

14. Blinged-up lettering or numbers

Most decor for parties is metallic or sparkly for a dose of glam. By using stretch sequin fabric, a hot glue gun and cut out cardboard in the shape of whichever letter or number you desire, you can easily create blinged up lettering to decorate your rooftop or terrace with. 

15. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns can also double as light decorations. Most decorators use premade lanterns and battery or solar-powered lights as a base. Then, by adding tissue paper and other adornments, you can personalise them using any combination of colours as paper lanterns look great when lit and unlit.

Group of friends hanging out on a rooftop with paper lanterns 

16. Fairy lights 

String lights are a favourite for party planning, especially during the festive season around New Year‘s Eve. You can use these string lights to drape off your walls or coil them inside jars for illumination. Either way, fairy lights add a delicate touch to your terrace ambience.

17. Plate hats

Party hats don’t have to be boring. Instead, how about turning hat making into a bit of craft activity? Use paper plates to get guests involved and create your party hats. You can use whatever accessories you like, from paper cuttings to glitter and pompoms; the choices are endless. 

18. Paper pinwheels

Use scrap paper to create simple pinwheels. These trending birthday decorations are easy to make and add subtle, fun accents to tables, gifting spots, or the cake table. 

19. Rainbow water

Switch up your flower arrangement water with a touch of food colouring. This adds a surprising touch of colour where least expected. 

20. Ribbon hanging decor

If you’re adventurous, use ribbon and fabric scraps wrapped around wire to create your own ribbon chandelier. This eccentric party decoration idea adds a bit of whimsical character to your rooftop party and could even become a permanent fixture over time. 

21. Balloon numbers and letters

Balloon bouquets can be shaped to emulate numbers, letters and even archways for your birthday party. Try using multiple colour shades and sizes to keep it visually interesting. 

Birthday girl holding a balloon with the number four

22. Popsicle stick mats and coasters 

Popsicle sticks are a crafting favourite because they can be used in a variety of projects. For example, using glue, you can stick together multiple sticks to create table mats, runners and even coasters as customised birthday decorations. You can additionally use paint and washi tape to make them even more colourful. 

23. A cabana or canopy  

A cosy tent or cabana set up on a terrace adds intimacy. Depending on your party theme, you can use it as decor or for setting up movies and dinner arrangements. Terrace birthday decorations would be incomplete without light decorations such as LED lights or string lights to compliment the set-up. 

Group of friends dancing on a rooftop

To add a personal touch to your terrace decoration ideas, get experimental. Hopefully, the above ideas can inspire you and encourage your creative juices to flow. While crafting can be complex, you’re sure to find something that catches your eye and is easy for you to create.

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