This Is How To Clean A Chandelier Without Damages

There are many things around the house that add to its beauty. And every single one has to be at its finest. That’s why you need to know how to clean your oil paintings or even your stone fireplace. And then… you look up! Crystal chandeliers were first used in the vestibules and dining rooms of the gentry in the UK back in the 15th century. They are mesmerisingly stunning and the ideal finishing touch for any opulent house. If you like the sight of crystals but are concerned about the hassle of cleaning all those tiny droplets separately, you are in the right place.

Woman cleaning a chandelier with cloth

To keep the crystals gleaming, it’s obvious that they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you don’t do it, the light won’t bounce off the crystals, and there won’t be a beautiful dazzle. Furthermore, improper cleaning might harm the crystals and the frame, which is something no one wants. Cleaning your chandelier isn’t rocket science and you will learn in this guide how to clean it without causing any potential damages.

How often should you clean your chandelier?

Dust your glass or crystal chandelier once or twice a week to prevent dust and grime buildup and will extend the time between deep cleans. Wipe the surfaces of the crystals and the frame with an extending feather duster.

Include this in your normal house cleaning regimen, and it will quickly become second nature. Also, dust whenever you notice a visible layer of haziness. If your chandelier collects more obstinate dirt, you’ll need to do a more serious cleaning routine more frequently — once or twice a year, if it’s in a high-traffic area like a kitchen or entrance hall.

Planning and preparing for your chandelier cleaning

Always remember to cut off the power source and let the bulbs cool completely before cleaning chandeliers. Make sure your chair or stepladder is stable and level, and that you can reach all of the parts of the chandelier comfortably.

Cover the space with blankets or towels and place them beneath the chandelier. This will protect your floors during any wet cleaning, as well as cushion the blow if any of the parts become dislodged or be dropped which can happen.

Woman cleaning a chandelier with a pink cloth

Cleaning with the crystals on

Are you ready? Let’s get down to business! Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1. Switch off the ceiling light and allow the bulbs to cool

Turn off the light switch that controls the chandelier’s electricity. Wait until the bulbs in your fixture are cool to the touch before you start cleaning. You can turn off the power as a precaution if you are confident in your ability to operate your home’s circuit breaker or if you have the assistance of a knowledgeable electrician. 

2. Get everything ready

Prepare your area while you wait for the bulbs to cool and cover the floor beneath your chandelier with a tarp or drop cloth.

3. Use a glass cleaner and a clean cotton cloth 

Spray a glass cleaner or specialist chandelier cleaner on a clean and soft cotton towel while working on your ladder where you can reach the chandelier.

Using a damp towel, wipe each crystal down, then dry quickly with a separate dry, lint-free cloth. Wear an apron with pockets while working so that you can readily access the cleaner, cloth, and other materials. 

For enhanced control and dexterity, wear two soft white cotton gloves instead of using two towels. To clean the crystals, spray one glove with a cleaner and keep the other clean to dry them. You may need multiple pairs of gloves if you have a lot of crystals.

Glass cleaner and pieces of cloth

4. Carefully clean all crystals

Clean each crystal with your cleaner and cloth as you work your way around the chandelier, wiping with the moist cloth or glove and drying with the clean one. Always spray the cleaner onto a towel before spraying directly onto the fixture while cleaning the crystals.

When cleaning the chandelier, don’t twist or spin it to get to each side. This could damage or weaken its components or supports, putting it at risk of falling or breakage. Instead, slowly descend and position yourself on the ladder so that you can reach and clean each section individually.

5. Clean the frame now

Use a dry towel or a metal cleaner to wipe down the frame or other pieces of the chandelier. 

If you don’t use a cleaner created for the sort of metal or other material your chandelier frame is made of, you risk discolouring or tarnishing it. Any metal hooks or fasteners for the crystals should be cleaned with a dry cloth only since cleaners might tarnish or remove the finish as well.

6. Gently dust light bulbs

Wipe the bulbs in your chandelier using a clean, dry towel. Check that all bulbs are correctly screwed in and that they aren’t browned or discoloured.

If any of the bulbs are dull, burned out, broken, or missing, now is the time to replace them with new bulbs of the appropriate wattage.

If a bulb appears to have more stubborn stains, you can either wipe it gently with a moist cloth or replace it totally.

Woman cleaning chandelier crystals

Cleaning with crystals off

Now, if you’ve taken the crystals off, here’s what you have to do:

1. Switch off the light

Turn off the electricity to your chandelier’s control panel. Wait until the bulbs in your fixture are cool to the touch before starting any work.

Hand turning off a light switch

2. Prepare the area

Place a large blanket on the floor beneath your chandelier and across a nearby table or other surfaces where you plan to place chandelier parts. 

Securely place a stepladder or a taller ladder beneath the chandelier. Examine your chandelier and take photos from various angles and distances so that you can remember how to put it back together later once you are done with the cleaning.

3. Carefully disassemble the chandelier

Remove each crystal from the chandelier with care and set it on a stable adjacent surface covered with a blanket or thick fabric. If it is possible to securely separate additional major elements of the chandelier or take down the complete fixture without harming wiring or the chandelier’s fragile parts, you may do so.

Depending on your chandelier, you may require needle-nose pliers or a similar tool to unfasten each crystal component. You can also use them to reinforce the crystal fasteners by reshaping them during reassembly.

4. Clean the chandelier crystals

Fill a sink halfway with warm water and a pinch of dish soap or some mild detergent. To provide good support, line the sink with a cloth or towel to have some sort of padding.

Place the crystals in the cushioned sink and rub them in the soapy water with your fingertips before rinsing and drying them on a nice, clean towel.

To avoid cracking or chipping, pay extra caution not to let crystals collide with each other or with the sink’s hard surfaces. When cleaning crystals with soapy water, there’s no need to use a sponge or brush. In fact, doing so could scratch them.

After rinsing, rapidly dry the crystals with a soft, absorbent cloth. This is necessary to avoid the formation of dried water stains.

Woman cleaning chandelier crystals with a cloth and glass spray

5. Clean the frame as well as the other components

Clean the frame, bulbs, and other pieces of the chandelier with a soft, dry cloth if necessary. If your bulbs are dim, cracked, or discoloured, you should replace them.

You might be able to clean the frame or other pieces of the chandelier with the same soapy water or other solution. To get the right type of cleaner, first, determine the type of metal or other substances that the piece is made of.

Make sure any moisture that has remained in the bulb sockets or other electrical connections has been fully dried. Dry as much as possible with a cloth, then leave the parts out to dry for several hours before putting them together if necessary.

6. Put the chandelier back together

Replace all pieces, bulbs, and crystals to their proper locations in the fixture using the photos you took with your phone to help you put everything back in the right place.

Working from the top-down and from the inside out will make putting all the components back a much easier task so that you end up with a shining, clean chandelier.

Maintenance and cleaning tips

  • Avoid ammonia-based cleaning products as they can damage the gold or silver-plated hooks that keep the crystal prisms in place and remove the shine.
  • To reach each piece of the chandelier, never spin it. This could cause the fixture’s supports to loosen, causing it to topple. Instead, as you clean, move your ladder around.
  • Replace the light bulbs while you’re at it, especially if the chandelier is difficult to reach.

Close up of beautiful chandelier

We hope this guide has helped you maintain the beauty and natural shine of your crystal chandelier with the right cleaning method. The whole cleaning process is a DIY job and so you don’t have to call in some high priced cleaning services and waste loads of money. The end result will be well worth your time and effort!

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