Thinking About What Colours Go With Grey Walls? Find Out Here

Thinking about giving your living room an upgrade? Why not repaint your walls? Grey is the trend these days, and it is very easy to see why. Not only does it freshen up a tired room and make it look bigger, but it also perfectly pairs with most colour schemes

Grey wall and desk with computer monitor

Pairing the right colours together is a delicate art, and if you don’t do this right, your living room or dining room can end up looking droll instead of lively and welcoming. You know the colours that can nicely complement a grey sofa, and you know that grey curtains go with magnolia walls, but what about grey walls?  Don’t worry – we got your back. If you are searching for the perfect hue to complement your dark, charcoal walls, here are some great design ideas that you can take inspiration from. Let’s take a read!

What colours go with grey walls

So, are you ready to dive into a colourful place and find everything you need to know about grey and its friends? Take a look!

1. Blush Pink

Blush pink and grey is a chic combo that gives your living space a muted and mellow look. Whether you are a fan of modern country, industrial chic, classic elegance, or Scandi style, you can pair blush pink and grey to suit your interior design.

Get furniture in raw dark wood or reclaimed finish to help ground the scheme and warm up the subtle colour duo. Go with simple rustic furniture pieces and bring the whole look together with open shelving.

Metallics such as gold and brass work perfectly with grey and blush pink. However, you have to use them to give finishing touches and prevent the entire scheme from looking flat. Experiment with delicate lighting, gold lamps, and wall accessories with a little bit of shimmer

Living room with grey walls ,pink armchair and rug

2. Mustard

Do you like the mid-century palette? If you do, and if the fifties are your thing, you would love combining mustard and grey shades such as taupe, teal, etc. Mustard is an uplifting, feel-good hue that brings out the elegance of muted grey tones, energising your living space. 

If you don’t want to go entirely with mustard or ochre, you can simply use it as an accent colour against other ones in your room. 

3. Navy Blue

When you use dark paint colour, it is very important to balance it with neutral tones to keep the room from being too overbearing. A deep navy blue accent against pale grey creates a comforting, cocooning feel in your living room

The rich blue mixes with shades of grey beautifully and creates a gentle, natural combination. Deep blue colour anchors the room while adding depth to the entire decorating scheme. You can layer the room with faux furs and plush velvets to give the space an inviting feel. 

If you don’t want to use blue in your walls, you can complement your light greyish walls with blue statement furniture pieces. Moreover, you can use navy bedding and throws to tie in the look together and make your room look and feel pretty.

Navy blue sofa in the living room with grey walls

4. White

You might be thinking that pairing one neutral with another may not be a good idea. However, the truth is quite the opposite. White goes with every colour, but when paired with grey, it makes a timeless appearance.

White will not only go with the greyish walls but will complement your grey bed linen as well. Moreover, if you have a white sofa as the focal point, painting your walls grey will complement it perfectly. You can go with varying shades of white and create a contrast with your beautiful walls.

5. Pure White

We did discuss pairing different shades of white with grey, but nothing tops pure white and grey combination. With a grey-on white scheme, you can make a bold style statement. Pure, crisp white walls complement everything from silver to greige.

This combo will work with most styles of furniture and home decor. Throw in some wooden surface to warm up the cooler scheme, and go with marble and glass to luxe up the whole look.

6. Vibrant Green

Another great bedroom idea when it comes to wall paint is a vibrant green. Grey and green go very well together, especially with subtle grey. 

Vibrant green, when combined with grey, really brings the room to life. Associated with nature, the revitalising green can perk up various shades of grey, from brooding dark charcoal tones to soft, almost lilac tones. Arrange plants in your living room, around your grey walls for an amazing result!

You can also experiment with different shades of green, such as emerald green or olive green, to create a perfect retreat that is ideal for a calming, and soothing place. When you are dealing with cool mid-tone greys with blue hues, you should go with cool green shades such as light olive, soft turquoise, fresh pistachio, etc. 

7. Orange

You can combine vibrant orange tones with muted greys to have a grounded yet fun look. If you use orange with other colours, especially white, it will have an uncanny effect as the colour will jump out.

However, the warm and cool undertones of grey will change the visual effect of the orange colour. You can go with rustic oranges edges along with white and grey paint if you don’t want to go entirely with orange. 

A boho orange armchair in living room with gray walls

8. Grey

Grey with grey? Yes, you read that right. A monochromatic scheme of grey on grey will have a sweeping effect, and if you get the shades right, you will have a beautiful space on your hands. 

From light greys and dark greys to cool greys and warm ones, you have an entire palette in your hands. Play around with varying shades on the walls and then get furniture that complements the whole scheme beautifully. An all-grey colour scheme will fall a bit flat if you forget to contrast the shades and select the ones that are too close to each other.  

More tips on grey colour and decor

  1. Grey paint has an amazing, unparalleled ability to create varying moods depending on the warmth and strength of the shade you select. When you are choosing colours to accent lighter greys, keep the pastel undertones of the pairing in your mind and then focus on the contrast you want to have.
  2. Ammonite – a soft stony grey shade – teams up beautifully with greens and blues as they both have gentle undertones. You can beautifully define blue-greys by going with indigo blue accent colours
  3. The blue undertones of grey will pair perfectly with the darkness of indigo. You can use indigo blue-lined, wool blankets, felt cushions, etc. in your bedroom to go with your blue walls. Apart from this, you can team versatile cool grey with light yellow to create an upbeat yet soothing feel. 
  4. If you are a Scandi fan, you will feel right at home with this alluring colour combo. It also works well with colour-pop accessories and feature wall art. You can use primrose yellow to create a vintage look with a modern twist. A wooden coffee table, a pallet sofa, a wicker basket, and copper hangings will complete the whole look.

Modern apartment with gray walls ,gray sofa and yellow pillows

Want your home to have a calming, cocooning feel? Natural light grey walls will help you do that. This neutral colour has a broad range of beautiful shades in both warm and cool tones. Grey acts as the perfect backdrop for lively wall art and colourful décor. You can pair greyish walls with several colours, a few of which we have discussed briefly above. Do let us know which colour you pair the grey walls in your home with!

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