The Greatest Indoor Hanging Plants In The UK

Does plant maintenance have you apprehensive about having some greenery in your home? It’s true that plants require some care, but having them in your space is worth it. The best house plant can have a transformative positive influence on your household. So much so, that experts do studies to prove what many garden lovers already know. Plants are good for us!

Indoor hanging plants in pots

Why leave them outside in the garden if you can have them close by on a daily basis? And how cool would it be to know how to hang them around, like from the ceiling? Their many benefits – from aesthetics to health – should inspire you to place a few in your home. Pick the right ones and even caretaking will be a minor, joyful task. Use this guideline to help you select the ones that suit you.

Why have a hanging plant?

Homeowners invest in indoor hanging plants for personal, psychological and practical reasons. So, don’t look at them as frivolous expenses. You’re improving the environment you and your family live in daily. 

You may underestimate how much that environment affects how you feel and approach life. Talk to experts and you’ll quickly realise how they can impact you, for one or all of the following reasons.

1. Plants Improve Air Quality

Living in a relatively big city means exposure to polluted air. We’re not promising that adding indoor plants will completely purify the air you breathe, but studies have shown they can remove some toxins and volatile organic compounds. Thanks to their air-purifying qualities, they work like a natural air purifier, your plants will improve your living environment.

2. They Save You Some Space

Perhaps you already have plants around your home and feel that they simply add to the clutter. Or you find yourself not investing in new decor or home items because there’s no space for it. This is why the idea of hanging plant pots and hanging baskets is so popular these days. So you can boost your rooms’ aesthetics without using your valuable floor or counter space. Plus, there are some varieties that can thrive as air plants, which is an extremely cool thing! 

Woman holding plant hanger with plants over grey wall

3. The Health Benefits

Apart from giving you cleaner air to breathe, a plant could be the reason you or someone else in the house starts smiling again. Studies have shown the positive psychological impact gardening and interaction with plants can have. 

How does this work? The reasons are vast:

  • It boosts self-confidence when one sees a plant grow and bloom after tending it.
  • Plants that affect the senses uplift your mood.
  • Looking at something beautiful can make you feel more positive.
  • They help you feel more connected to nature.

Hanging them in your home makes them easily accessible, so you can help alleviate feelings of isolation and even depression by simply adding a plant to the room. 

How do you hang plants indoors?

You probably want to get right into hanging a few plants, right? Luckily it’s not that difficult, even if you’re not a DIY pro. Simply drill a hole in your ceiling, insert a hook and hang a plant in a hanging pot. Macrame hanging baskets are practical options since they cater for a variety of sizes. Try different succulent, ficus or other plants! Remember to use a sturdy place to drill that hole, such as a strong wooden beam. 

You can get creative and use other ways too. Some homeowners hang a shelf and place their favourite potted plants on it, rather than having them clutter their desks. Or, others use S-hooks connected to other decorative items. Your options are endless, so finding a way to bring your garden inside can be a creative adventure for the family.

Some indoor plants don’t need much drainage. For the ones that do, to prevent roots from rotting, use a pot with a container at the bottom to collect the water that runs through. You can also place one pot in another. Add some pebbles to the outer one to prevent water pooling and let it collect the water that runs through from the inside pot. 

Now, you simply need to pick the perfect plant to place in your hanging planter

The 10 best indoor hanging plants to decorate your home

1. Senecio Rowleyanus – String Of Beads

Senecio rowleyanus in hanging pots

If you want to keep maintenance to a minimum, opt for succulents like the String of Beads, also known as String of Pearls. It adds some character to a room thanks to its interesting fleshy leaves. Because the strings of leaves hang down, you’ll have some within view, even if you hang it high up. With such looks and colour, it’s an excellent example of how a plant can instantly upgrade aesthetics.

This trailing house plant actually prefers dryer soil. No need to water often or even mist the plant. Note that eating these leaves could lead to stomach problems, so don’t let the tendrils grow so long that a child or a pet can get hold of them.

The plant loves sunlight, so it isn’t your best pick if your home has low light conditions throughout the year. 

2. Ceropegia WoodiiString Of Hearts

A similar option to String of Pearls is the String of Hearts. You may prefer it if you want some colour in your space, rather than just green. This one has a few attractive silver areas on its fleshy, variegated leaves as well as pink flowers.

Once again, enjoy the luxury of having greenery without much upkeep. You don’t have to water often. Plus, it’s evergreen, so you’ll benefit from its beauty all through the year. The strands can grow exceptionally long, so it’s ideal for homes with high ceilings.

3. Epipremnum AureumDevil’s Ivy

If having cleaner air is your motivation behind considering hanging plants, you can’t go wrong with Devil’s Ivy. The large leaves look attractive while doing the hard work of extracting harmful toxins from the air around you. 

You can be sure it will add something special to your home, thanks to the deep green hues. Once again, hang it up high if you want because the leaf-filled branches may grow almost 2m long

This plant isn’t too picky about its surroundings. If you only have shady, low light areas, this will be a safe buy. You can ask for it by other names like pothos or even Ceylon creeper. 

4. Epiphyllum Anguliger – Fishbone Cactus

Another plant with striking leaves is the fishbone cactus. In autumn you’ll be rewarded for your gardening effort by seeing white and yellow flowers

The flower of epiphyllum anguliger

This one originally grows in forests, so it does require more water than the succulents above. Water regularly, especially during warmer summer and spring months. It doesn’t need full sunlight.

5. Philodendron

Another way to get some colour into your home is by hanging a philodendron or two. These have a mixture of dark greens and beautiful yellow on the leaves, which will brighten up any room. 

Philodendrons do come from tropical areas originally. You’ll need to provide lots of moisture and partial bright light, to mimic the sun coming through the trees in a leafy, tropical area. A handy watering technique is to simply push your finger into the soil once in a while. If the top layer feels dry, add some water. You can also spray it with water from time to time. 

Be prepared to give some TLC because the leaves quickly show dust and will need a wipe down. A welcome feature of this plant is that it grows quickly, so you’ll enjoy the results of your hard work right away.

6. Nephrolepis exaltata – Boston Fern

Boston ferns are popular and they will especially flourish in your bathroom because they enjoy humid conditions. They’re excellent for filling up large spaces thanks to the leaves growing in all directions

These ferns do require bright light along with lots of moisture, so make sure your indoor setup caters for this. You’ll need windows that let in a lot of light or perhaps a skylight. Also note that they shed some of their leaves when they’re dried up, so be prepared to pick them up from time to time. 

7. Cymbidium ‘Ice Cascade’ Orchid

If you love plants more for their flowers than their green parts, you still have options. The Ice Cascade orchid is one of them thanks to the striking clusters of flowers that will hang down into your room. 

This is another easy-care hanger plant option. Note that the plant will survive in colder homes and actually doesn’t like warm spaces too much. You can look forward to flowers during wintertime, so you can brighten up dreary months with this one. Don’t forget to water it regularly!

8. Tradescantia – Spiderwort

Tradescantia pink leaves in a pot

You may also know this plant by the name Wandering Jew or even Spider Lily. An attractive feature is the leaves that feel like velvet. This is a trailing plant and the pieces hanging down can be as long as 1m. It’s fairly easy to take care of, as long as it gets some light from a nearby window. You also don’t have to keep the soil soaked, so occasional watering should do the job. 

9. Monstera Friedrichsthalii – Swiss Cheese Vine

Why the interesting nickname? Because these houseplants may actually develop holes in their leaves! Not to worry – they’re supposed to do that. The oval-shaped gaps along with the deep green colouring will be a striking feature.

You can place this where the vine will get lots of indirect sunlight. For watering it will be sufficient if your hanging pot has a saucer at the bottom which you can keep filled with water. The plant does like humid conditions, so misting it occasionally will also be a good habit. 

10. Chlorophytum comosum – Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is another one loved for its growing speed. That’s why you can quickly have a lot of calming green hues in your home. The white and green striped leaves are beautiful to look at and you can keep an eye out for its small white flowers. They often bloom throughout the year.

Caring for spider plants is not hard.This plant actually prefers being inside rather than outside, since it doesn’t like extreme cold or heat. Hot midday sun can be a little too much for it, even through the window. Just make sure it gets ample sunlight in the morning or late afternoon, and you’ll see the colouring of the leaves improve.

Indoor hanging plants in a boho living room

With hanging plants, there’s no sacrifice of space but you can have all the physical and mental benefits that nature offers us, within easy reach. And imagine how proud you will feel when a flower blooms or you see the greenery grow. 

They are benefiting many people. It’s not only a new trend that’s effortless, but it’s a great hobby and home improvement as well.

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