Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Garden Gate

The garden gate is the first to welcome guests before the host. Leave your visitors with an excellent first impression from the entrance of the garden. Use a type of garden gate that highlights the entire space you have arranged.

Fancey Automatic wooden entrance gate across a driveway

What are the benefits of garden gates?

In metal or wood, big or small, discover a series of ideas and tips on garden gates! The type of fence and front door you will choose for your garden is essential for the protection of your privacy and the safety of your children and pets. The different kinds of garden doors have one thing in common: they mark a transition from a public living area, usually the street, to that of your own outdoor space and privacy. 

Sleek and wooden design, extravagant or simple, the gate and the portal give a beautiful, finished, and original appearance to the outdoor space. They are a real feast for the eyes and give access to the property. Today, you can find various fence gates and portals, depending on the design you are looking for – driveway gates, simple, double, beating, or sliding. There’s a perfect option for everyone!

Gateway Background

Finding the ideal garden gate for your needs

Choose the size of your new gate based on how you want to feel in your garden. A small design will bring you more comfort. But it could also make the outdoor space too “closed”, especially if the garden is small. Conversely, with a wide and long door, your garden will look more intriguing and welcoming.

You can locate a gate between two different areas in your yard. This method is often used to delimitate the vegetable garden of the flowerbed, for example. A good idea would be a gate of amenities, hung on the impressive masonry wall using hinges. It will give the exterior an expressive air. Keep in mind that the classic portal is simple, and its height corresponds to the height of the fence gate.

Authentic old wooden gate entrance to the garden shabby aged with peeling paint.

It can be solid or richly ornamented and the design depends on your preferences and your need to hide the view of passers-by in your garden and vice versa. The trellis gate is very popular, as it is sufficient to partially block the view of your garden but without obstructing it. Passers-by will be able to take a look at the garden and admire the scenery, and the owners will be aware of what is happening outside. However, many homeowners try to better protect their privacy from prying eyes.

The lattice portal can be made not only of metal but also of wood and plastic. If you are looking for a gate for your suburban villa or farm, a wooden gate is an ideal choice. It blends harmoniously into the green landscape, between the hedge and the masonry wall. Often, the entrance to the house becomes the focal point behind the gate. In most cases, the solid wooden gate is the choice of people who try to isolate the house and garden from the outside world. Of course, the big fence and solid gate can’t stop other people’s curiosity, can they? On the other hand, this type of gate and fence will give your home and garden a narrower and smaller appearance, which is why they are suitable for wide and lengthier lots.

The metal gate is a long-term solution. You can buy a gate already made. DIY doors are the best way to customize your outdoor space. Your garden will be unique and original, thanks to such a special and personalized gate. Whichever model you choose, a metal door cannot be overlooked. The variants of decorative elements are multiple – rosettes, leaves, branches, spirals, elegant arrows, and many others.

metal garden door

There is a wide variety of colours to choose from. The choice of colour is directly related to the effect one seeks to obtain. If you choose a bright colour, the gate will attract attention from a great distance, and the green colour blends perfectly with the vegetation. If you’re looking for the simplicity effect, opt for the natural colour of wood. It also harmonizes with the colour of the wooden, stone, and brick fence. The dark shades of wood are also a good choice. At the same time, these shades give the garden a more elegant appearance. 

Things to consider before starting the construction

An important element in the arrangement of the garden, which greets you right from the entrance, is its gate. You can do some woodworking and turn some wooden bars into an artistic gate that integrates perfectly into the nature of your garden. Or, you can buy a wrought iron gate for a more serious look. The possibilities are many.

If you look at the gate from a practical point of view, it’s another door, which we use for our security, to move from our private space to the public one, but also a decorative element. Therefore, when we choose the gate, we need to know which of the three purposes it will serve. For more safety, you should go for a hard material with a higher design. And if you think strictly about the decorative purpose, then you can become inventive and add a touch of our personality in your choice. Whether it is made for large or small entrances, the design of a good gate must be thought of in advance. Here are some things to consider:

  1. A well-chosen garden door must have a design that perfectly blends with the architectural style of the house and the materials used.
  2. Your gate should have a dual role. It needs to be both beautiful and practical.
  3. A good gate does not necessarily have to cost a fortune. A good example is the gate of wood and flanked by two small brick colonnades. It has an informal aspect of antiquity and is the perfect element to make the transition into your garden space.
  4. Forged iron, a defining element for Mediterranean design, fits perfectly with stucco and brick. Forged iron gates have a long life and do not require special care.
  5. And double doors can attract the eyes of the curious, especially if they are made of wrought iron. The ivy and ornamental plants at the base give it a unique look.
  6. An arched entrance, completely covered with ivy, can hide a solid gate made of redwood and thick bars. The finish is responsible for the look of the old.
  7. An arch, trellis, or a small roof covering the gate can transform this useful element into an interesting ensemble for garden landscaping.
  8. It is known that climbing flowers and plants such as ivy “smoothes” the hard lines and flat surfaces of the gates with rich foil and colour. 

Wooden Gate with Pink Roses

How to build a wooden gate: step by step

Building a gate of wood isn’t that hard if you have some basic woodworking knowledge. To build the gate you will need the following equipment:

  • Pencil
  • Wooden planks
  • Joists
  • Spirit level
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Crowbar
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Table saw
  • Sander
  • Glasspaper
  • Paint for outdoor wood
  • Electric screwer
  • Tee hinges for the portal
  • Gate latch

Machine Electronic Table Saw,

To accompany you throughout the work, you need details of the various stages of the tutorial:

1. Make the DIY project plan of the gate

A wooden portal is made of:

  1. Four flaps form the contours of the portal, plus an additional flap laid diagonally, which helps stabilize the structure.
  2. Wooden planks fill the door.

It is important to measure your wooden planks to the height and width of the gate, but also the width of each board and their spacing. If you have ever laid poles for a wooden fence, you only need to measure the distances between your poles to determine the width required for the gate.

2. Choose the right wood for your gate

Having a gate plan can give you an accurate idea of how many planks you need and how big they are. But what about the materials? You have plenty of options to get wood for a gate:

  1. Recovery wood: for an economic portal, don’t hesitate to collect pallet boards. The advantage of disassembling slats from a pallet is that you will get homogeneous blades for almost nothing.
  2. Terrace blades: For a solid and quality door, you can also buy wooden deck blades. This will be much more expensive but will ensure the strength of your wooden door. You got to consider treating the wood with outdoor wood varnish. If you buy wooden blades in-store, don’t hesitate to invest in larch or any other wood species that are resistant to weather elements.

Light wood cargo pallets stacked

3. Prepare the wooden blades

Depending on the blades you have found, the necessary preparation varies. If you’re collecting old pallets, you’ll need:

  1. Remove the wooden blades with a crowbar
  2. Remove any nails with a tong
  3. Sand the wood with a large-grain sander
  4. Brush the wood to remove dust
  5. Sand with a fine-grained sander to get a finished rendering
  6. Dust and wash the wood
  7. Saw the boards to the right measurements

Take the time to apply two layers of exterior wood varnish or even an outdoor wood paint if you want a coloured wooden door. The advantage of using wooden blades for decks is that the wood will already be ready for use. All you have to do is saw them to the right measurements.

4. Assemble the frame

The frame of your gate should be built preferably with flaps cut to the right measurements. You’ll need to drill pilot holes before moving on with the next steps.

Here’s how to assemble the gate structure:

  1. Assemble four flaps to form a square or rectangle (depending on the size of the gate).
  2. Before fixing, check the positioning of the flaps using the bubble level and a carpenter’s square.
  3. Attach the flaps with an electric screw visor. Use two screws in flaps, located a few centimetres apart.
  4. You shall attach the fifth flap in the diagonal of the square or rectangle. This gives solidity to the frame and avoids any distortion.
  5. As the frame is assembled, always check the perpendicularity of the frame, and adjust the flaps if necessary.

Close up of electric screwdriver

5. Assemble the door slates

Once the frame is assembled and solid, you will be able to secure the lumbers that jam the door. Before assembling, double-check the frame measurements and determine the necessary interval between each board. The interval must be the same between each plank of the gate to obtain an aesthetic effect.

Using a wood pencil, drill pilot holes on each board directly on the frame of the gate. Attach each board to its location with the electric screw (always with two screws per flap), while systematically checking the verticality of the board. Then fill the whole frame. You can cut one of the vertical pieces and use it as a spacer to mark the larger horizontal pieces with a pen. Once the planks are fixed, your wooden door is almost finished! Check the strength of the set and adjust if necessary.

Lumber and wood slice

6. Lay the portal

The portal is almost finished. Naturally, you have to attach the hinges to the gate as well as to your fence posts. It’s up to you to buy and fix the tee hinges for the flying portal (or squares of the barn door), and the gate latch. In any case, attach the elements to both the portal and the support poles to allow the portal to be opened and closed. And don’t forget that using a gate latch makes the handling of the gate easy.

If you are planning to paint or process the slates, you should do so before assembling the door. Put the gate in place, checking if they all fit. The approximate working time shall be 40 minutes to achieve and install the gate. For a handyman and jigsaw lover, installing a garden door is not difficult. But if your time is limited, remember that it is always possible to have a wooden door or partition installed by specialized carpenters.

wooden gate

Finally, available in many formats, materials, colours, and finishes, the garden gate is an undeniable aesthetic asset. In harmony with the other elements of your outdoor space, the gate completes the spirit of the dwelling. It’s the first thing that your visitors will see. Make sure that you make a brilliant first impression!

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