Step-By-Step Guide On How To Make A Pallet Sofa DIY Style

DIY furniture ideas are the perfect choice for those who like DIY projects and those who want to equip their home and garden in a budget-friendly way. Pallets are the handiest tool to make your furniture dreams come true without the need for expert skills.

A wooden bench made from pallets in red colour

There are so many pallet ideas! From DIY sofas to headboards, pallet beds, bookcases, bed frames, coffee tables and bars, garden benches, and even a garden gate. And the best part is that not only is this a cheap option, but it’s also very easy when it comes to creating them yourself. Yeap! You can make a comfortable indoor and outdoor sofa with just some old pallets. Why spend money on an inflatable sofa when you can make one yourself? How? Let’s find out!

Is pallet wood good for furniture?

Wooden pallets are good for furniture as long as they aren’t treated with chemicals. While reusing old wooden pallets, be sure where they have been used before. Pallets are used to transport products from food to chemicals all over the world. Hence, you need to be really careful while choosing yours to create your DIY projects.

Light wood cargo pallets stacked

While choosing used pallets, check them for any visible spills and marks. If you notice any spills, stains, or discolouration, don’t use them. What’s more, if you see written numbers, words, stamped symbols, etched or painted on the pallets’ sides, avoid them as well. They’ll probably have been used to transport harmful products. Pallets used to transport domestic goods aren’t marked.

But beyond stains and marks, you should look out for other symbols, which means international shipment. A country-of-origin abbreviation, a registration number, plus an IPPC logo and treatment code.

IPPC logo

It would be best if you avoided pallets coming from abroad without that approval seal. You don’t know where they have been used and how they have been treated.

Treatment code

A treatment code is usually a 2-4 letter code and tells what the pallets were treated with. There are 6 treatments codes:

  • DB: It means Debarked. Pallets marked with a DB stamp are safe to use as they’re chemical-free. The bark has been removed with a cutting tool, and they didn’t need treatment.
  • HT: It means Heat-treated, and they’re safe to use. Pallets are placed into a raging kiln for 30 minutes to avoid chemical treatment for bugs.
  • MB: It’s Methyl Bromide, and you should stay away from pallets marked with that code. It’s a poisonous fungicide.
  • EPAL: It’s an abbreviation for European Pallet Association Logo. It’s absolutely safe to use these pallets as they’re debarked and heat treated.
  • EUR: It’s the older version of EPAL. It would be best if you avoided them unless EPAL approves them.
  • Coloured pallets: Usually, coloured pallets transport pool chemicals and can be dangerous. Thus, avoid them for DIY projects, no matter how awesome they look.

A small corner pallet sofa painted brown shade

 Step-by-step guide: How to make a pallet sofa

You have found your pallets, you have cleaned them and treated them as they need, and you’re ready to make your sofa. Let’s see what you need to do!

Making a pallet sofa

You have found your pallets, you have cleaned them and treated them as they need, and you’re ready to start your project.

Let’s see what you need:

  • Six 24”x24”x5 1/2” recycled wood pallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Flexible foam
  • Furniture fabric and notions
  • A sewing machine
  • Flat brackets
  • Screws
  • Electric hand sander
  • 2Amp 1:4 sheet sander

Set of tools for painting on wooden table background top view

Let’s see now how you can make your sofa:

  1. Sand all the pallet surfaces. To make the sanding process easier, you can use an electric sander. Pay attention to the edges and corners.
  2. Paint the pallets as you like using a paintbrush. Just make sure you let them dry completely.
  3. Secure the pallets with screws. Screw a flat bracket onto the back of the top and bottom pallet (on each end) and then another onto the top front and back of each pallet group to secure them together.
  4. Using another pallet, create the backrest of your sofa. Prop it in a vertical position and secure again with the drill and some screws.
  5. Measure the top surface of each pallet to decide the amount of flexible foam you’ll need to cut.

Making a pallet daybed

Daybeds are a great choice if you don’t have much space to accommodate visitors or if you like relaxing and taking a nap on your patio. And it’s pretty easy to make it.

You need:

  • A mattress
  • Pallets
  • 5 large casters
  • Outdoor polyurethane
  • A paintbrush
  • Sanding discs in 60, 180 and 220-grit
  • Orbital sander
  •  3/4″ drill bit
  •  3/4″ bolts and nuts
  •  A pile of 3/4″ washers
  •  3  3/4″ x 3″ bolts
  •  4 12″ pipes
  • 2 22″ pipes
  •  4 flanges
  •  Four corner pieces
  •  16 wood screws
  •  20 3/4″ x 2″ bolts

A cosy, white, pallet daybed surrounded by plants

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. First, sand all your pallets. Start by using the 60-grit sandpaper and move up. Keep it up until you get a smooth surface.
  2. Cut the pallets about 40” deep.
  3. Next, drill holes to attach the two pallets. Measure first and mark three holes on each pallet and drill with the  3/4″ drill bit.
  4. Join the two pallets with the 3/4″ bolts, secure them with a washer and a nut and tighten with wrenches.
  5. Then, place the casters on each corner. Use two static ones on one end and swivels on the other – Mark the holes and drill.
  6. Attach them with the 3/4″ X 2″ bolts and secure each one with a  3/4″ washer and 3/4″ nut. Then tighten with your wrenches.
  7. Do the same on all four corners and in the centre of the daybed.
  8. Now, apply several coats of polyurethane, making sure you let it dry between each coat.
  9. Now that you have finished the base, you can make the armrests. Clean the pipes with a good degreaser.
  10. Attach two 12″ pipes to the flange, the corner pieces and screw the 22″ pipe across. Then, just screw them into the pallets on each side.

And voila!!! Your pallet daybed is ready! Enjoy it! Want to create more than a pallet couch? Have a look!

Pallet L-shape sofa

You can use it either as an outdoor pallet sofa or, if you have enough space, in your living room. Make pallet chairs and secure them with screws. Make as many as you need to make your corner sofa. And you can make a pallet coffee table as well with the leftover pallets.

An L-shape pallet sofa with colourful sofa cushions

Wood pallet patio sofa

Make a two-seater sofa for your outdoor space. Stack up to two pallets and use some more to make the backrest and the armrest. You’ll love that comfortable, stable patio sofa!

Pallet outdoor corner sofa

If you like inviting many guests to your garden, here’s the ideal solution for you. A big wooden pallet couch. Stack some pallets to build the couch’s base and have some more to come vertically to create the backrest. Then put on your sofa cushions and enjoy the company of your friends.

Pallet sectional sofa

Building a sectional sofa is quite easy since you have made a sofa. Once you’ve made the sofa, stack up some pallets and place sofa cushions or a mattress. And adjust it to the side of the sofa. Here’s an impressive piece of patio furniture.

Ideas to decorate your pallet sofa

Thankfully, there are so many ideas and tutorials to help you decorate your pallet couch. By placing some colourful cushions, you can turn your sofa into the cosiest spot of your home.

Based on the rest of your home decoration, you can first choose if you are going to paint the pallets or not. On top of the cushions, you can throw small decorative pillows or upholstery in contrasting colours. If you have a garden pallet couch, you follow the same tips. Some cushions and upholstery can make your sofa very comfy and the ideal place to hang. What’s more, around the pallet sofa, you can have a pallet coffee table and pallet armchairs and create your pallet furniture set.

A pallet L-shape sofa on wheels with a coffee table on wheels too and stack pallets used as a side table

Woodworking with free pallets is a great way to upcycle. Even if you aren’t an experienced handyman, you can create your sofa set on a low budget. Whether you are making a sofa for your living room or a garden sofa, you’ll be impressed with how easy it is to be built and how comfortable you’ll be while spending your free time lying on it. Most sofa ideas are very impressive. Don’t you agree? So, why don’t you give them a try?

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