See How To Make Yarn Pom-Poms And Decorate Your Place

Pom poms are those small, fluffy balls usually added to knit hats or used as key holders. You can find them in craft shops or make them yourself, as they don’t require any special materials and tools. Neither you need to be an expert crafter nor professional crochet to make them yourself.

Colourful yarn pom poms on a black background

There are many craft ideas you can do to decorate your place. For example, you can make picture frames or start to make clay at home. However, pom-pom making is a DIY, fun craft, and your kids will love it. We could say it can be their first DIY craft project as it’s very easy and fast. But, DIY pom poms isn’t only a kid activity. Adults can make pom poms and have fun as well. Pom pom crafts can also act as an anti-stress activity instead of stress balls.  Whether you want to make yarn pom-poms with your kids or relieve stress, the process is the same. Keep reading and find out how to make pom-poms decorate your place, car, keys or bags,

How to make a yarn pom pom

In most craft stores, there are available clover pom pom makers. But there’s no need to spend your money since you have many pom-pom makers already at home. There are several tutorials to make your own pom-poms of different sizes, such as your fingers, cardboard, chair legs, a paper roll, a fork. With our tutorial, you can make large pom poms or small pom poms. Either way is a very easy yarn craft, and we are about to share all the needed details with you. Ready? Let’s get started and find out how to make the perfect pom-pom!

Yarn and scissors used to make pom poms.

1. The finger method 

Needed materials:

  • yarn
  • Sharp Scissors

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut first the piece of yarn you will tie the pom-pom with. Cut a 30.48 cm piece and set it aside.
  2. Depending on the size of the pom-pom you want to make, use either your forefinger and middle finger or add your ringer finger as well for a bigger pom-pom. 
  3. Now, take the rest of the yarn, place the edge horizontally across your fingers, and start wrapping the yarn around your fingers. Don’t wrap it too tightly as it will be harder to take it off, plus you run the risk of cutting off your blood circulation. Using two fingers, you will wrap the yarn about 100-125 times. If you are using three fingers, you will wrap it 125-150 times.
  4. Once you’ve wrapped the yarn, pull it off your fingers and place it on top of the short strand. 
  5. Next, tie the short yarn around the bundle, making a tight knot. Turn the bundle over and make another tight knot. 
  6. Cut the excess yarn and start cutting through the loops all around the bundle. 
  7. Fluff a bit the pom pom with your fingers. 
  8. Finally, trim any long pieces of yarn.

Your pom pom is ready!

2. The cardboard method

A woman making yarn pom pom with cardboard

Needed materials:

  • Cardboard (the size of the pom-pom you want to make, determines the size of the cardboard template
  • A cup ( or a large bowl, CD, DVD, depending on the size of the pom-pom)
  • A marker
  • A craft blade
  • Scissors
  • Yarn

Steps to follow: 

  1. Get a piece of cardboard to make your cardboard pom pom maker. Place over it a cup to draw a circle and draw a second smaller circle inside the first one. This circle should be 1.27-2.54cm wide. 
  2. Use a blade to cut the circles, starting from the larger circle. Your pom-pom maker will look like a doughnut. 
  3. Next, using your scissors, cut a 1.27cm wide slit into the maker, starting from the outer edge and moving straight down to the inner one. You need this to help you wrap the yarn around your “doughnut” easier. 
  4. Using your first doughnut, draw a second one, 
  5. Get the edge of the yarn and wrap it around your pom-pom maker, starting from the one edge of the slit and moving around the circle. You should finish at the second edge.
  6. Wrap yarn through all the ways, back, forth and across, until the centre is full. Don’t wrap too tightly, and be sure that you do it evenly. 
  7. Once your pom-pom is as full as you wish, cut the excess yarn and then slide your scissors between the yarn and the cardboard.
  8. Next, cut a long piece of yarn. Separate the two cardboard pieces and slide the piece between them. Create a tight knot with the two edges and then wrap it back to create a second knot. 
  9. Now, carefully, pull the cardboard pieces out of the pom-pom.
  10. Fluff your pom-pom with your fingers and cut any yarn that comes off the pom-pom.

3. The fork method

Making a yarn pom pom with a fork

Needed materials:

  • Yarn
  • A fork
  • Sharp scissors

Steps to follow:

  1. Place the end of the yarn horizontally across the two middle prongs of the fork
  2. Start wrapping enough yarn around the fork.  You should do it around 90 times. Be sure that the yarn isn’t tied too tightly. 
  3. Once you’re done, cut a 30.48cm fibre and thread it through under the wrapped yarn and then over and back under again to tie it.
  4. Make a double knot and cut the excess yarn. 
  5. Next, slide the wrapped yarn off the fork and cut the loops of the pom-pom.
  6. Finally, using your fingers, fluffy a bit the pom-pom. 

NOTE: This method is ideal for smaller pom poms, whilst making pom poms with your fingers usually get a larger one. 

4. The toilet paper rolls method

Making yarn pom poms with red yarn and paper roll

Needed materials:

  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • A yarn 
  • Scissors

Steps to follow:

  1. Hold the paper rolls side by side and start wrapping around the two rolls of the yarn. 
  2. Cut a long piece of yarn, slide it between the two rolls and wrap it around the middle of the pom-pom to tie a knot.
  3. Then, carefully, slide the yarn off the rolls and tie once more. 

5. Using chair legs

Needed materials:

  • A yarn 
  • A chair
  • Scissors  

This method is similar to paper rolls. Instead of the tubes, you are going to use two chair legs.

Steps to follow:

  1. Push two legs the closest possible and start wrapping the yarn around them. 
  2. Then, cut a short strand and tie it around the centre of the bundle. 
  3. Pull the yarn bundle off the legs and tie a second knot. 
  4. Cut the excess yarn and trim any long pieces of yarn

How to make super fluffy pom poms 

Making a fluffy pom-pom is almost the same procedure as the above mentioned. The only difference is that you need to “groom” your pom-pom in the end. But let’s see what exactly you have to do:

Needed materials:

  • Acrylic yarn
  • Scissors 
  • A cat grooming brush (you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a cat. You can use your brush instead) 

Steps to follow:

  1. Make your pom pom using your favourite method.
  2. Once your pom-pom is ready, trim the excess yarn.
  3. Now, you can start brushing your pom pom. Lightly brush all around the bundle. 

And you’re done! Your fluffy pom-pom is ready. Just keep in mind that you better use the possible thickest yarn to make a fluffy pom-pom

Multicoloured yarn pom poms on a pastel background
You can make pom-poms with any type of yarn and decorate your envelope cushion cover or use them to make bookmarks. However, if you want a fluffy one, you better use acrylic yarn even if you don’t brush it. The acrylic yarn is easier to handle, and you can get the fuzzy result a pom-pom should have. Choose your favourite colour and type of yarn, pick up the most suitable method to make pom-poms and start making yours. If you have kids, make some with them. We promise they’ll love this DIY project!.

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