Pulseroll Massage Gun Review

Oh, no is your leg cramping after you hit the gym? Do you work out often and find yourself sore after your training sessions? You, my friend, are in desperate need of a massage gun, and you’ve reached the perfect spot! Professional athlete or not, there’s nothing like the feeling of a massage gun pulsating on your tender muscles and joints after a workout. So, out of the endless pool of candidates out there, which one is the most suitable for your needs?

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The Pulseroll massage gun is a powerful & efficient tool that can help you relieve muscle pains.

What if we told you there was a way to make yourself feel better after the gym on your own? Cue the Pulseroll massage gun! With this massage gun, you can save time and money from visits to the physiotherapist and efficiently relieve muscle pains and spasms at home. Who says pain relief has to be a costly thing that only an expert can heal? The Pulseroll targets hard-to-reach areas effortlessly and provides you with a deep-penetrating recovery as close to professional standards as possible.

We know how relaxing and enjoyable a massage gun can be as it enhances blood flow in the body and gives you comfortable pressure deep into the muscle tissues. Target any body area you want, from triceps and biceps to calves, forearms and more. Want to learn more about this cool product? With our review, you’ll be ready to tackle muscle stiffness immediately after your workouts without any physio!

woman getting a massage on her calf with the pulseroll massage gun
Do you have muscle soreness and want to alleviate the pain? The Pulseroll can be your recovery partner at home.

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Our Review

Imagine returning home from the gym, fully stiff and tired and in desperate need of a massage. Unwinding and letting your body rest post-workout is important as it gives you a quicker recovery. A high-quality percussion massage gun can give you fast results and help with sports healing and rehabilitation. This massage gun offers fantastic benefits as part of your cool-down routine, giving you a unique experience to fully decompress and pick yourself back up. Also, with its 4-speed settings and multiple versatile features, it flushes away lactic acid. Too much build-up of this acid within the body can lead to cramping, muscle pains and overall fatigue.

Have you ever considered that a massage gun can help prevent cellulitis? The Pulseroll massager works with rhythmic pulsations that help improve and increase blood circulation. As a result, the circulating blood relieves any discomfort and built-up pain, simultaneously increasing mobility by up to 14%. Many people benefit from using it to tackle joint inflammation and medical conditions such as arthritis. So, even though it feels like a sports massage, you can also reap its benefits as part of your medical recovery process too.

Why Choose The Pulseroll Massage Gun?

The Pulseroll massage gun works as a percussive therapy tool that you can integrate as part of your recovery routine. Its cordless design allows you to bring it with you to the gym worry-free so that you can enjoy a relaxing massage minutes after you finish your training. It is a handheld deep tissue massager that produces pulsating motions and rapid strokes to improve your body’s blood flow. Wouldn’t you love to save a few pounds on physio by opting for something from the comfort of your home instead? We know we would!  

Even if you’ve never had a massage gun before, it’s very simple and extremely easy to use the Pulseroll. You first have to choose 1 of 6 head attachments to your comfort levels and then place the massager on your sore body area. The pulsating strokes work their magic and offer relief and rejuvenation to your muscles. The vibrations from the massager follow a circular motion, and if you want a deep-tissue penetrating massage, you can adjust the speed among the 4 settings to your liking.

woman using the pulseroll massage gun on her back
You can switch between 6 different head attachments for a full body massage or a targeted muscle recovery massage.

6 Head Attachments

The device comes with 6 interchangeable heads and a carry case, which is very handy for portability and ease of use. We enjoy the simplicity in the design that makes cleaning the attachments a breeze. Each attachment is better suited for a specific area and treatment type so that you can get the best results for your training performance and overall health. What does each attachment do? Let’s look at how you can make the most of it to take on any muscle pain conveniently.

Large Round Head

By default, it works very well for a total body massaging experience, and it’s your best bet if you’re a newbie when it comes to massage guns. You can safely use it to recover post-workout and relieve cramping.

Small Round Head

It is equally as effective for a full body massage. You can focus on a deeper muscle penetration and enjoy at-home relief and instant satisfaction after your gym session.

Flat Head

Is your muscle pain becoming a bit more uncomfortable, and scheduling a spa massage is starting to sound compelling? Well, you won’t have to book an appointment just yet, as you can simply switch to the flathead attachment on the Pulseroll and feel the high-intensity and pulsating strokes deep within your muscle tissues.

Pneumatic Head

This attachment is ideal for sensitive muscle areas, targeting inflammations and injuries from training. If you’re a pro athlete or are looking for a sports-approved massage, this head can relieve the soreness and improve the blood circulation in those areas.

Spinal Head

The neat thing about the Pulseroll is that it also comes with specific and targeted body area head attachments. The first one, the spinal head, is highly effective in healing and mitigating back pain, offering quick relief and lasting support.

Bullet Head

The last attachment, the bullet head, works as a treatment tool for trigger point therapy, giving you a soft tissue deep massage experience in targeted areas with higher intensity.

4 Speed Settings

One of the features we love about the Pulseroll massage gun is that it comes with 4-speed settings that allow you to customise your massage experience to your personal preference. You might shy away from a professional massage because of the discomfort in the level of pressure. Why not let yourself relax and release body strain precisely the way you enjoy? The 4 intensity levels adjust the motor’s powerful rotations per minute (RPM) so that you can select the one that matches your body’s needs the most. With the tap of the intensity adjustment button, you get to pick the perfect setting for your muscle recovery.

The power modes range into 4 levels: low, medium, high and ultra-high. Each level corresponds to an increased number of rotations per minute. To get the most impactful results, you can start with the slower speed at level 1, which reaches 1300 RPM and progressively move to the next levels (level 2 is 1800 RPM, level 3 is 2500 RPM, and level 4 is 3300 RPM).

pulseroll massage gun on-off button & handle on white background
There are 4 intensities to customise your massage experience, low, medium, high & ultra-high.

Health Benefits

Think about all the times you work out, and the next day, you feel tired and unable to move because of your training soreness. Now think about how wonderful it would be to feel in tip-top shape every day, even when recovering. Using the Pulseroll offers many benefits, not just for athletes but also in everyday life. If you want to save time and make the recovery process the least painful it can be, you can start a warm-up with the massager or include it into your cool-down routine.

The vibration technology built into this tool efficiently alleviates stiffness, improves blood flow, and lessens muscle pain and spasms. Also, the head attachment’s rotating motion helps reduce the swelling from other medical conditions, including cellulitis or inflammation to the joints, such as arthritis.

Carrying Case

Do you maintain a healthy lifestyle even when on business trips? Are you someone who hits the gym even when you’re staying at a hotel? Looking up spas for a massage doesn’t need to be one of the things on your to-do list anymore, as the Pulseroll massager comes with a case for better portability.

There is also a strap attachment to carry the case on your shoulder for more comfort. So, next time you’re travelling for extended periods, and you reach your destination sore, tired and with stiff muscles, you can pull out the massage gun from its carry case and increase the blood circulation across your body in just a few minutes.

Battery Life

Nobody likes being limited by a cable and the need to have an outlet close by. Thankfully, the Pulseroll works with a lithium-ion battery that is super-efficient and quick-charging. A full battery refill can take up to 3 hours to reach maximum capacity and will last for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

If you’re someone who’s forgetful with recharging their devices, this battery life can be more than enough to get you through a week’s worth of training sessions without rushing to get the battery juice replenished. And if you still need an extra visible reminder to stay ahead of your massage gun’s charging needs, it has three light indicators that show the battery levels, low, medium and full.


Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on physio treatments and spa massage sessions? If you calculate the costs, you will notice that they can add up to a significant amount over time. Why waste any more of your precious time and money when you can spend it on a long-term investment that will pay off within the first few times of use? At just £224.99, the Pulseroll massage gun is a physio and pro-athlete approved tool that can help you relieve muscle tension and pains on your own. 

The product comes with a convenient 1-year warranty and superb customer support so that you can get the most value for your money. And, adding it to your shopping cart gives you free shipping and a next-day delivery guarantee in the UK. Talk about a deal!

man using the pulseroll massage gun on his thigh
Make any workout recovery a breeze at home; no physiotherapy needed!

Pulseroll Massage Gun: Not Just For Athletes!

Release any pent-up knots and tension with ease and enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage at home with Pulseroll. This affordable massage gun can be cost-effective to avoid workout-related injuries and minimise visits to a physiotherapist. Besides that, you can also take advantage of it thanks to its versatility to relieve soreness after a long day sitting on your desk chair, public transport or other body-numbing situations.

The best massage guns ensure that you relax after a long day of sitting in the same position, offering relief and giving your body just the right amount of stretching you need. Waking up the day after a gym session shouldn’t find you moaning and groaning, and expediting the recovery process at home is now easier than ever! And we are positive that Pulseroll will give you the results you’re looking for as early as from the first few times of use. Are you ready to splurge on a new training partner?

Product Specifications

Weight1.1 kg
Battery LifeUp to 5 hours
Engine PowerUp to 3300 RPM
Speed Settings4
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