Party Time How To Make A Balloon Tree Decoration

Balloons are a great touch to any party or gathering. They add a spectacular look, yet they are straightforward to assemble. There are plenty of balloon decoration ideas. You can make balloon garlands, decorate a terrace for a birthday party and so forth. You can use regular birthday balloons and helium balloons to make a lovely balloon tree.

An arch of white balloons with greenery décor

Or, you can even add a wire to the mix to create an arch around your balloon Christmas tree. Whichever one you choose, your guests are sure to be impressed, so let’s see how you can do it! 

How to make a basic DIY balloon tree

Tools needed 

  • Sturdy wire
  • Balloons
  • Wire cutters
  • Bucket and gravel or cinderblock
  • Balloon pump (standard pump, not helium tank)

Step 1: Create a wire base

Cut a long piece of robust wire to the length and height you want your tree to be with wire cutters. You can simply go to the store and buy a balloon arch kit and use the wireframe from there. This method is appropriate for smaller trees because the longer the wire is, the flimsier it becomes.

Step 2: Secure the tree arch in place

Place the arch’s ends in a bucket full of gravel, stones, or sand. To weigh it down, place something heavy on the base, such as a brick or cinder block. Fill your bucket halfway with coloured sand or pebbles. This will hide the plain sand or stones.

Wrap cinder blocks or bricks on the same paper as your balloons. You can also paint them to match your balloon arch‘s base.

Step 3: Inflate four balloons using a balloon pump

They can be all the same hue or with various colours. As soon as you’ve finished blowing up each balloon, tie the tail end into a knot. Make each balloon the same size as the others.

Dented coloured balloons and a green pump

You don’t necessarily need a balloon pump for this, but it sure helps inflate the balloons much faster.

Step 4: Double-knot two balloons together by their tails

If you have a problem doing this, you can use a piece of string to tie the balloons together. Carry on with the remaining two balloons in the same way. Your goal is to have balloon pairs.

Step 5: To make a clover, twist the balloon pairs together

Place the first set of balloons in a cross configuration over the second. The lower two balloons should be pulled upward. Pull the one on the left to the right and the one on the right to the left. 

You’ll end up with something that resembles a four-leaf clover. Alternatively, you can use twine to tie the balloons together in a cross form.

Step 6: Attach the balloons to your wire by tying or twisting them

Pull the wire with the balloon clover. Make sure the wire is resting against the clover’s knot in the middle. Twist the two neighbouring balloons together in front of the wire to seal them. You can also use a string or a colourful ribbon to secure the balloons to the wire.

Step 7: To make more rows of balloons around the tree, repeat the process

Blow four balloons at a time. Twist them into pairs, then join the pairs to form a clover. Secure the clover by sliding it onto the wire directly above the bottom row of balloons. 

Continue doing so until the wire is completely packed, and then you can arrange the balloons in random order.

How to make a floating balloon arch on a tree step-by-step

A colourful balloon arch and a small table and chair with bunny ears


  • Template balloons
  • Balloon anchors
  • Fishing line
  • Helium tank
  • Scissors

Step 1: Attach a balloon weight to a piece of fishing line

Select a balloon weight that complements your desired colour scheme. Wrap the end of the fishing line around the handle a few times before tying a strong knot.

Don’t secure the other end just yet. If you don’t have any fishing line, you can use a white string instead. You can also use a balloon ribbon with a colour that matches your balloon design.

If you are making a large balloon garland, you can also attach a thread to a cinder block.

Step 2: Inflate a balloon using a helium tank

A helium tank can be bought at a party supply store or an arts and crafts store. Use the tank to inflate the first balloon, then knot off the tail end.

Step 3: Make a knot on the fishing line and tie it to the balloon

Measure about 30.48 cm from your current weight. Wrap the string around the balloon’s tail end, right above the knot, and secure it with a double knot.

Step 4: Continue to inflate the balloons and tie them to the string

Place the balloons close together on the sides so that they bump into each other. Begin at one end of the string and work your way to the other.

A close up of a young woman inflating an orange balloon on blue background

Leave a gap of roughly 30 to 35 cm at the end of the string. If you use a cinder block as an anchor, make sure you leave enough thread to feed through the holes and tie it off.

Step 5: Secure the other end of the string 

Take a measurement from the last balloon at 30 cm. Wrap the string around the handle of your balloon anchor a couple of times before tying it in a strong knot.

Step 6: Tie a ribbon around the bottom of each balloon

This lovely addition will make the balloons appear to be floating neatly and sweetly. Cut a piece of contrasting balloon curling ribbon and tie it to the bottom of each balloon. Curl the ribbon with a pair of scissors for more colourful balloon art.

Step 7: Decorate the balloon anchors around the tree

Small balloon anchors are much like gift boxes and are attractive on their own. However, if you used a bucket or cinder block to anchor a huge arch, you will want to embellish it. 

So, for example, you can use wrapping paper around the cinder blocks or spray paint or use acrylic paint to decorate them. Alternatively, you can fill them with colourful sand or stones and add some flowers for a more elegant balloon decoration.

How to make a mounted tree balloon step-by-step


  • Balloon pump
  • Balloon flowers
  • Balloons (different sizes and colours)
  • Chicken wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Balloon column stands
  • Glue dots
  • Ribbon or balloon bouquet
  • Nails, thumbtacks, or pushpins

Step 1: Cut chicken wire using wire cutters

The length of the wire you cut will depend on how broad and tall you want your arch to be. You will want to cut the chicken wire narrower if it is too wide. It will be easier to bend and curl it into an arch shape later on.

Step 2: Use your hands to shape the chicken wire

You can either make it a perfectly straight arch or a crooked one. To make the wire thinner, crumple or fold it in half lengthwise if necessary.

Step 3: Fix the arch to the tree

You can use nails, thumbtacks, or push pins for this. Begin at one end of the chicken wire, work your way up to the top, and then back down to the opposite end. The arch doesn’t need to be entirely symmetrical. For a more organic look, use a bent arch.

Step 4: Inflate your balloons using a balloon pump

Blow up balloons of various sizes and colours for a more intriguing look. You can mix red balloons with green balloons, for instance.

Water, regular, jumbo or latex balloons are all good options. Regular balloons can also be inflated but try to go with different sizes.

Step 5: Attach the first balloon to the base of the arch

Apply a glue dot to the balloon’s tail end, directly below the knot. Wrap the tail around the wire and tuck it into the knot. Before letting it go, hold the tail and knot together for about 10 seconds. This will ensure that the link is strong.

Glue dots are adhesive dots that come in a strip. As you use them, make sure to peel them off one at a time.

Step 6: Attach the next balloon in a similar way

Make sure it’s close enough to the first balloon that the two are in contact. Place another glue dot between the two balloons at the point where they touch.

Step 7: Work your way around the arch 

Try to make balloon clusters. Begin with the bigger ones and work your way down to the smaller ones. You may even use glue dots to adhere mini balloons to the larger ones.

Step 8: Fill in the gaps with fillers

It’s best to use dried or fresh flowers for this, but you can also use synthetic flowers and add some snowflakes to them. Make sure there are no thorns on the flowers. If they do, use a crafting blade to cut them off. Alternatively, you can insert some colourful ribbon in between the balloons. This is also an excellent way to fill in gaps and add that “palm tree” look to it.

Balloon garland for birthday decoration

They are a cost-effective way to match any themed party decoration, birthday party decoration, baby shower decoration, or just about anything. So, for your next DIY Christmas party, be sure to follow this tutorial and opt for the simple and economical option of decorating with party balloons. Merry Christmas and have fun!

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