Organise Your Space Better With A DIY Room Divider

DIY organising and decorating your living space needs a lot of work. It’s usually a task that many of us hesitate to take over, as a mistake may ruin the whole design. Luckily, there are many guides online that someone can follow and get smart ideas on making the house more functional. You can find tutorials about making a small room look bigger (even a small bathroom) or bright or how to organise the kitchen. Or even simpler like hanging your curtains the right way, arranging the plants in the living room and where to put the TV in the living room and the bedroom.

A living room with a white and pinh folding divider, a gold chair and a cactus

When it comes to organising your place, things can become a bit complicated, whether you have a small space, a studio apartment or a large room that lacks walls. There aren’t many things you can do, and building a wall is out of the question. What can you do then? Here’s an instructable guide that will show you how a room divider comes in handy. It’s probably the most inexpensive and smart idea. Ready to organise your living space with a DIY room divider?  

16 smart DIY room divider ideas

A room divider can be anything, from the usual folding screen and bookcase up to curtains, plants and a chalkboard. Check the below DIY project tutorials

1. A folding or accordion divider

It’s the traditional room divider that has been used in houses for many years. More specifically, someone could find one in bedrooms used to work as a private place for someone to change up clothes. But as the years go by and interior design and trends change, folding dividers are now used to provide some privacy in a large room, separate an open floor plan, or as a headboard if it is upholstered.

A stylish hallway with a folding screen and a shoe rack

This room divider screen is the best option for someone who moves a lot as you just have to fold it and put it in the moving van or even your car. But it isn’t suitable for small spaces. Folding dividers have a wide footprint in contrast to fixed or hanging ones.

2. A chicken wire divider

Interior designers have taken the traditional divider to the next level. They suggest having a chicken wire divider in a room. How can you make one? Simple! Get a classical tri fold room divider and remove the pressboards inserts, keeping only the wood frame. Get chicken wire and staple it to all three sections. That’s all! Your divider is ready. You can now personalise it by adding photos.

3. A sheet music divider

Another way to personalise the traditional room divider and make it more interesting is to cover it with sheets of music. That divider addresses more music lovers, but everyone can make it as long as it fits their home decor and style. It’s very easy to make it. You just need to decoupage sheet music onto the panels. 

4. A chalkboard room divider

An interesting way to upcycle an old tri-fold room divider is to paint the privacy screens with chalkboard paint. You can do it even if the screens are made of PVC. Use it in the kid’s room to give them privacy and a chalkboard to express themselves or write down notes while working in your home office.

5. A beaded curtain

This type of divider isn’t meant for privacy. Instead, you can use it to separate spaces and make your house more lively and fun. As a plus, it’s a very easy DIY project. You only need 5cm styrofoam balls hung on a natural cotton cord. Plus, you can adjust it to your needs and make as many strands as you want to, depending on your space.

A beades curtain used as a room divider

6. A vinyl record divider

Another great idea for music lovers, specifically for the vinyl record ones, is to attach vinyl records with a fishing line and hang them on hooks drilled on the ceiling. You’re going to create a unique and interesting room divider.

7. A mobile divider

A mobile divider is a metal frame on wheels, from which you can hang an opaque curtain or drape it with a fabric that matches your style and home decor. You can have this to get some privacy in a room. Its wheels lock and unlock to move it everywhere you like. Plus, it can hide anything you want to keep out of sight, like wires, a washing machine and so forth.

8. A garment rack divider

This is an excellent room divider idea for apartments that lack a wardrobe. It consists of three rolling garment racks and three shower curtains hung on them to separate the bedroom. The best thing about it is that you can remove the curtains and hang your clothing on the racks. Plus, there are shelving units on the bottom of the racks, creating extra storage space for your shoes and other items.

9. A macrame room divider

Macrame technique isn’t just for bracelets and hammocks. You can also use it to make a room divider. Get a cotton rope, hook screws, and some indoor plants and make a macrame divider. Hang it from the ceiling and divide a room.

A macrame room divider

10. A hanging room divider

Similar to beaded curtains is the hanging divider, used to create a short separation in a room. Get some painted pieces of hardboard, wooden dowels, s-hooks and a chain, draw your pattern from the boards, cut them and attach them together with the s-hooks. Mount it from the ceiling, and your room divider is ready. 

11. A hanging window room divider

An alternative to the hanging room divider is the hanging window one. Get a large window (you can find it at a low price in thrift stores), mount it to the ceiling with a sliding barn door track, and your room divider is ready. A significant pro of this type is that it will keep the space bright! Just make sure you change glasses with frosted glass for protection, especially if you have children and pets running around the house. 

12. A vertical garden divider

Instead of adding a few plants on your macrame divider, you can make a wall with hanging plants. Just get a curtain rod and adjust it to your dimensions. Add ropes and hang your plants. It’s similar to hanging plants from the ceiling. Or else you can purchase some freestanding planters and make your vertical wall room divider

13. A rope wall room divider

A rope wall can divide an open space and define the limits between the living and dining area. Plus, it allows natural light to flow in the room without blocking it, as a brick wall would do. 

A rope divider diving the bedroom from the rest room

14. A pallet room divider

Pallets are multipurpose wood that you can make many things, such as garden furniture, a bar, or a shoe rack. Yet, you can make something simpler; a room divider. Purchase a few pallets, attach them, and your room divider is ready! Depending on the style of the room, you can either hang photos, picture frames, posters. Whatever you like! 

15. A curtain room divider

The simplest, easiest and most inexpensive way to make a room divider is by hanging curtains from the ceiling. Measure your space and the distance from ceiling-to-floor, get curtain panels on the dimensions you need, mount a railway from the ceiling and hang the curtains. Here’s your room divider. Simple, right? The bad news is that there will be partial privacy without soundproofing.

16. A bookshelf room divider

A cool idea is to pile over wooden crates and create a short or tall room divider used as a storage unit. You can decorate the shelves as you like. You can put planters or picture frames or combine many decorative items and add texture and colour to the room. It’s a great idea for bedrooms that have a sleeping area and an office space.

Two chairs in a grey living room with a hanging lamo and a grey folding screen

Dividers can be thrilling. You have so many DIY room divider ideas to be inspired by and give your space a makeover. Therefore, take your time, check your needs and space, and be inspired by our instructable guide. Don’t hesitate to mix and match elements and textures and make your space amazing. 

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