Oral-B Smart 6 6000N Electric Toothbrush Review

Are you tired of manually brushing your teeth? Do you want a better alternative that will give your pearly whites newfound confidence? Well, we’re here to help you find the perfect toothbrush for your needs! And, if you’re a tech-savvy user looking for advanced smart features, you’ve reached the right place! The Oral-B Smart 6 6000N is your best bet for a breathtaking smile every day. Continuing from the Oral-B Pro series, the Smart 6 is the next upgrade to the company’s wide range of products. It offers unique new integrations, including high-tech smart guides and more! 

We wanted to test it out and see for ourselves what the hype was all about. With over 10.000 reviews on Amazon, it’s a fan-favourite that is guaranteed to give you 100% plaque removal. And, although it has a recommended retail price of £219.99, you will often find it on sale for an affordable, mid-range price. After all, it’s no wonder that Oral-B toothbrushes are the #1 dentist recommended brand. And if you’re looking for more options, our buying guide with the best electric toothbrushes can also help you find your next upgrade from a manual toothbrush.

Our Rating

Oral-B Smart 6 6000N package on white background
The package comes with a toothbrush, 3 brush attachments, a charging base & a case.

Our Review

This electric toothbrush is a new and improved model from the Pro series introducing the Bluetooth connectivity that we’ve learned from the Oral-B Genius and iO series. It’s a wonder how its price is so low compared to the features that come with it, as most Bluetooth-enabled devices may up the price a bit. Its 3D rotational brushing technology makes it a staple in its category, giving you a satisfying and vibrant experience.

It is comfortable and ergonomic to hold for prolonged periods thanks to the rubberised grip at the back of the handle and feels sturdy against your hand. There are two button options on the handle, the power switch and the mode button; both raised a bit from the rest of the design for easy access.

✔️ Pros❌ Cons
◼️You can connect your toothbrush to your smartphone via Bluetooth & the Oral-B app◼️While it is still budget-friendly, it is not the most inexpensive option available out there
◼️It has 5 modes to take on daily cleaning, gum care & more◼️Even though there are 5 modes, the handle’s design illuminates only 4 of the modes
◼️When brushing too hard, the pressure sensor notifies you with an alert to reduce the pressure 

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The packaging comes with 3 replacement heads, a 2-pin UK plug, a charging stand, and a white premium travel case. The gift set edition on Amazon comes in 3 different colour options: white, black or blue. You can also connect it to the Oral-B app on your smartphone, which unlocks a full set of smart features. 

Oral-B electric toothbrushes are rechargeable as the body has a lithium-ion battery that you place on the stand. The battery can last up to two weeks on a single charge, assuming you brush your teeth twice a day for the recommended two-minute session. The Smart 6 has 5 outstanding cleaning modes that give you the ultimate experience and improved oral care you’ve been looking for.

What you need to know

The biggest advantage to this toothbrush is that it has handy app connectivity to Android and iOS devices. We recommend you download the app on your phone and start using it to reap the benefits to the max. The design of the round head makes plaque removal a breeze, up to 100% more effective than a manual toothbrush. 

And, the interchangeable brushes can help whiten your enamel, a convenient feature to have, especially if you’re a coffee drinker or smoker. The soft bristle is also just the right size to fit your toothpaste hassle-free without causing irritation or gum bleeding. 

One thing to know about the Smart 6 series is that it comes with a few different models of the same toothbrush. There are a couple of differences in the accessories that come with the packaging, and to avoid confusion, we wanted to break them down for you so that you know ahead of time what you’ll be getting with your order.

  • 6000N: This is the standard edition with the Crossaction, Sensitive and 3D White brush.
  • 6000S: This is suitable for sensitive teeth with two Sensitive brushes and one Crossaction.
  • 6000W: This box is ideal for whitening and comes with two 3D White brushes and one Crossaction. 

Also, the 6000N edition is readily available in all 3 colour options, whereas the 6000S and 6000W are only available in blue. One more thing to know is that the 6000N’s black edition doesn’t visibly show the 5 modes on the handle, unlike the white and blue versions that do.


Once you’ve connected the toothbrush to your phone via Bluetooth, you will see a whole new world of opportunities unfold. From then on, the Smart Coaching feature will guide you through the process of bettering your tooth brushing routines. 

The app’s coaching has real-time feedback on your movement patterns, highlighting areas you’ve covered, where you spent too much time brushing and which areas could be improved. That way, you can monitor your progress and improve your routine the next time you brush your teeth. But, its limitation is that it can only store up to 20 sessions of cleaning data before it resets. Still, it’s nice to see when you started getting better with your oral hygiene and stuck with the suggestions from the app.

Oral-B Smart 6 6000N with smartphone app for coaching
Do you need to improve your oral hygiene? The app has clever coaching features.

5 Cleaning Modes

There are 5 modes to select from so that you can get the most effective cleaning to match your needs. You can select to brush in one of the following modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Pro Clean, Sensitive, or Whitening. When you switch from one mode to the other, the toothbrush will change colours on its smart ring to notify you and help you remember which mode you’re currently on. 

There’s also some room for customisation via the app to change the colour of the smart ring. The ring is a design feature on the top part of the handle right where the brush part begins. There are 9 colour options; so, if you want to link a different colour to the mode more easily, you can log into the app and personalise the settings to your liking.

Oral-B Smart 6 6000N smart ring in blue colour
You can adapt the mode from 5 different choices to match the sensitivity of your teeth.

3 Brush Heads

The Smart 6 comes with replaceable brush heads so that you can make the most out of your brushing experience. There are 3 options with special features guaranteed to give you the best results, including a round shape that moulds around the teeth for less gum irritation. The angled bristles can get into every tight nook and cranny of your teeth effortlessly, while the UltraThin bristle pack is perfect for sensitive teeth.

By default, the package comes with the Crossaction toothbrush head, the 3D White and the Sensitive Clean. If you have a lot of built-up plaque, the 6000N Crossaction electric toothbrush head will be your best option. If you have swollen, inflamed or sensitive gums, the Sensitive clean brush will help you apply a gentle cleaning solution. 

And with the built-in pressure control system, you’ll never be applying too much pressure on your teeth as the toothbrush will notify you by turning a red light on. Generally, we suggest you change brushes every 3 months for hygienic reasons, but you can swap from one to the other whenever needed.

Oral-B Smart 6 6000N's bristles on teeth
The oscillating head ensures that you get a perfect & clean result every time.

Real-Time Feedback

So, let’s focus a bit on the coaching feature on the app. It’s without a doubt the most intuitive functionality on this toothbrush, helping you with expert guiding tips. It works by noticing your brushing technique and then gives you suggestions on becoming better and more efficient. 

The app follows the most often recommended 2-minute brushing session just as a dentist would and counts the amount of time you spend brushing. It has a visual representation of which teeth you went over, for how long and which quadrants require more of your brushing. 

There are multiple reporting stats available for your review, and it even goes one step further by reminding you to floss and use a mouthwash post-brushing. If you’re often forgetful with creating the best cleaning habits, the app’s coaching feature can be a fantastic way to start improving your oral care. Did we mention that it grades when you finish brushing your teeth? If that’s not motivation to do it better the next time, we don’t know what is!

Price & Competition

The Smart 6 6000N has an RRP of £219.99, but most online retailers, including Amazon, sell it at a much more affordable price below the £100 mark. The brand sells other more low-cost options that have the basic features but lack the Bluetooth connection. Those work equally well but don’t offer the same level of feedback that the Smart 6 does. The results are noticeably better because of the various brushes available and thanks to the Smart Coaching feature. The Pro series is a bit more inexpensive, while the Genius and iO are on the upper side of the price spectrum.

If your pocket can afford this mid-range electric toothbrush, we’d say go for it as it’s highly valuable for its money. But, to make the most of it, use the app features that come with it. Otherwise, you’ll be spending more money yet using it in the same way that the lower-cost ones work. 

It’s worth knowing that all Oral-B products come with a 2-year warranty starting from the day that you purchase the electric toothbrush. If in any way there is a repair or replacement need within that warranty period, Oral-B will take care of it for free. The final choice is yours, and it’s only going to be one that you’re comfortable and happy to spend.

man smiling holding the Oral-B Smart 6 6000N
You can enjoy a healthy smile even after the first application with its 100% plaque removal.

Battery Life

The Smart 6 is a rechargeable toothbrush that comes with a lithium-ion battery and a charging stand, giving you up to 2 weeks of battery juice on a single charge. In combination with the case, you can go on holiday anywhere around the United Kingdom (or even abroad) worry-free without having to stress about finding a charger while you’re away. There is also a battery light indicator on the toothbrush’s handle that lets you know when it’s almost time to plug it for recharging. It has three levels to indicate, low, medium and high.

A full recharge takes up to 18 hours, depending on how empty the battery is, when you dock the toothbrush on the charger. One thing to note, though, is that while the toothbrush has a water-resistant construction, the charging stand has a 2-pin plug compartment. So, ensure you don’t submerge the plug into the water because it could damage its functionality.


1. Can you use this toothbrush with Windows phones? 

Unfortunately, no. This electric toothbrush is not compatible with Windows phones as the app works with Android and iOS, the two most popular mobile platforms currently out there. The company has not replicated an app for Windows phones, catering to consumers’ most common ones. 

2. How do you connect the toothbrush to the smartphone app?

If you’re not too familiar with how to download the app and connect the toothbrush to your phone, it’s very simple. First, you have to install the application on your smartphone via the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. After that, you can start the process of adding your Smart 6 toothbrush to the app so that the data can sync. 

  • Once you’ve opened the app, go to the ‘More’ section 
  • Choose the ‘Your Brush’ option from the menu
  • Sync your device by selecting ‘Connect New Brush’
  • When the app asks you to connect the toothbrush, tap ‘Yes’
  • You’ll then land on the welcome page, tap ‘Start’
  • Turn the Bluetooth on your toothbrush by pressing the power button
  • The app will work to find and connect with the toothbrush automatically
  • After that, the configuration is complete, and you can power the device off
  • Next time you turn the toothbrush on, the data will automatically sync

3. Is it safe to use the Smart 6 6000N with bridges, crowns and implants?

Absolutely. The pressure sensor can help you understand if you’re too forceful while using the toothbrush so that you can adjust the pressure accordingly. You should be more mindful when eating as the likelihood of your bridges, crowns or implants getting damaged is far bigger than when brushing your teeth.

Oral-B Smart 6 6000N on bathroom countertop
The handle is simple with an on/off button, mode selector and a battery light indicator.

Oral-B Smart 6 6000N: Verdict

Overall, we enjoyed using the 6 6000N. The coaching features on the app give you feedback as you brush your teeth in real-time, helping you towards healthier gums. There is an added functionality with its Bluetooth features. The added cost may sound like a bit of an upsell, but it comes with its benefits. If you’re unsure about your tooth brushing habits, then the 2-minute timer and multiple modes can help you make better choices. 

The Smartseries is an upgrade to the highly popular Oral-B Pro line and a successor to the Oral-B Genius models. If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, you can also take a look at our Oral-B Pro 2 2500 review. Braun prides itself on the innovative toothbrushes that it releases, and we’re sure you’re going to find a match for your pocket and needs.

Product Specifications

NameOral-B Smart 6 6000N Electric Toothbrush
Smart ConnectivityBluetooth
Attachments3 Toothbrush Heads
Special Feature #15 Brushing Modes
Special Feature #2Personalised Coaching
ExtrasTravel Case
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