Oral-B Pro 2 2500 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Review

When it comes to brushing your teeth, getting the best toothbrush can make the biggest difference in the world. Going from a manual toothbrush to an electric one can give you higher performance and better results quicker. And with the Oral B Pro 2500 series, you get 100% more plaque removal thanks to the head’s pulsating motion. 

It’s no wonder that Oral-B toothbrushes are some of the top dentist-recommended electric toothbrushes available in the market. The company caters to all budgets with affordable and high-end options like the Oral-B Genius series. If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective starter toothbrush, this one can make daily cleaning a breeze. Say hello to pearly whites in just a few weeks!

Our Rating

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 Electric Toothbrush with travel case on white background
Oral-B Pro 2 2500 Electric Toothbrush

Our Review

With an RRP (recommended retail price) of £79.99, the Oral-B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction electric toothbrush rechargeable powered by Braun is a staple for healthier gums. Your oral health can benefit from its 3D technology movement and oscillating round head. 

You can find it in many colours, including the elegant Black Edition with the handy travel case. We wanted to share our experience on its performance with you to see for yourself whether this toothbrush is the right one for your needs.

✔️ Pros❌ Cons
◼️ Low-cost & money-saving replacement heads ◼️ Prone to battery degradation after about 2 years
◼️ 2 modes with pressure sensors for daily care & gum care ◼️ Lacks Bluetooth connectivity with real-time smart coaching

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It is an affordable toothbrush that you can enjoy using every day with fantastic results. It comes with 2 brushing modes and a 2-minute timer that help you tackle sensitive gums and clean your teeth effectively. The brush head’s pressure control notifies you if you apply too much pressure to reduce the chances of bleeding while brushing your teeth. Also, changing the heads won’t cost a fortune as a 4-pack starts from just £12.78 on Amazon.  

The packaging comes with a toothbrush handle, toothbrush head, travel case, a charger with 2 pin UK plug and a li-ion battery. The charging time for the battery is about 22 hours, and manufacturers promise anywhere from 5 to 12 days, depending on how long and how often you brush your teeth. 

Note that the recommended tooth brushing is twice a day for 2 minutes each time.

What You Need To Know

The Oral-B Pro 2 2500 is quite popular, and consumers enjoy purchasing it regularly. In fact, its close to 50.000 reviews on Amazon can testify what a high-quality and value for money product this is. After all, we did include it in our picks of the best 10 electric toothbrushes out there. If you’re looking for a simple, no bells and whistles yet effective toothbrush, this one’s for you. 

It has all the necessary and basic features at an inexpensive price, giving you enough time to take special care of each quadrant with 30-second intervals and a 2-minute alert. You can combine any Oral-B bristle head with it, including the 3D White, Floss Action, Tri-Zone and Precision Clean. The soft bristles are perfect for sensitive gums and help you with painlessly whitening your teeth. 

You may see many varieties of the product available in the market that may confuse you about their difference. There are 4 kinds to pick from: 

  • Pro 2 2500N: This edition comes with the Crossaction electric toothbrush head and a black coloured handle. 
  • Pro 2 2500N Black Edition: This is a black electric toothbrush that comes with the Crossaction head and a black case.
  • Pro 2 2500S: This edition comes with the Sensi UltraThin head and a black coloured handle. 
  • Pro 2 2500W: This is the 3D White electric toothbrush edition that comes in a pink coloured handle.
oral b pro 2 2500 electric toothbrushes black edition vs pro 2 2500n
2500N Black Edition (over) vs 2500N Electric Toothbrush (under)
Courtesy of Flickr

Gum Pressure Sensor

The Gum Pressure Control system is a distinct feature that makes this toothbrush a worthy investment. What this feature does is that it notifies you when you are brushing your teeth with extra pressure, thus making your daily oral hygiene routine smoother and more gentle on your teeth. The bristles on the head reduce their speed, and the handle’s light indicator turns on to caution you about your brushing.

Dual Modes

Another fantastic feature of this electric toothbrush is its 2 cleaning modes. If you want to use it every day in the morning or at night to brush your teeth, then the daily cleaning mode is your choice. If you’re looking to take your gum health to the next level, you can opt for the gum care mode and prevent toothaches, or even worse. Just add some toothpaste to your toothbrush, and you’re good to go!

Oral-B Pro 2-2500 Black Edition Electric Toothbrush laying flat
You can adjust the mode from daily care to sensitive from the power button. Courtesy of Flickr

Battery Light Indicator

Are you forgetful when it comes to recharging your devices? Lucky for you, that’s one of the nicest benefits of electric toothbrushes that many people often forget. A battery indicator light at the bottom of the handle displays how much battery is left before your toothbrush requires recharging. It can last up to two weeks on a single charge before you have to recharge it with a 2 pin plug at a shaver socket. 

So, if you follow a consistent tooth brushing routine twice a day for two minutes each time, the battery will last you for about 14 days. But, one thing to remember is that these will see some wear and tear as any battery-run device after a few months of use. The battery on a single charge then may last less than what you originally purchased it for. It’s still an excellent amount of battery, considering how low-cost a toothbrush it is.

Pulsating Head

Have you ever noticed how your manual toothbrush has a long and square shape? Electric toothbrushes, on the other hand, have a round head that rotates in a pulsating motion. This oscillation allows it to eliminate up to 100% more plaque than your manual ones. 

And, if you really want to ensure that you tackle all the tight spots, this model is compatible with most brush heads, including the Sensi UltraThin bristles, for precision and the best results.

Price & Competition

While you can spend upwards of £100 on a high-tech toothbrush, you will notice that all the basic features are evident with this toothbrush. The Oral-B toothbrushes can range from £30 to over £200, depending on the smart features that come with them. This one has a recommended retail price of £79.99, but you will notice that it often goes on sale on Amazon precisely because of how high the demand is. So, you can save as much as £40  if you’re on the lookout for these sales, and your value for money will pay off instantly. Did we mention that the Black Edition comes with a case? Score!

The cost to replace the heads will rack up between £12 to £14 for a 4-pack, but that won’t be necessary for at least 3-4 months. And, if you’re considering other more affordable options from the Oral-B series, know that they might not have the case. Buying it separately may end up costing you more than £40, so it’s a better investment to look for the pack with the case.

oral-b-pro-2-2500-cross-action-brush-heads on white background
A pack of 4 replacement heads can cost from as little as £12-14.

Travel Case

Kicking it up a notch from the Pro 2 2000, the 2500 series ones come with a travel case. You may not travel often, but even if it’s just for a sleepover, you’ll find it very valuable to have. Not only does it keep the toothbrush dust-free, but it also protects it from damage in a functional way. You can store the handle, and it has compartments for up to 2 brush heads. 

This feature serves a practical purpose, too, because when you’re travelling and brushing your teeth, storing the toothbrush while it’s still wet in your bag may transfer the dampness over to other items. Also, the case is heavy-duty enough to prevent the toothbrush from turning on by accident, thus conserving battery life better. Depending on which edition of the toothbrush you get, it will come either with the transparent curved case or the full black one.

oral b pro 2 2500 travel case and charger on white background
The packaging comes with a black travelling case &  charging station.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe for children to use this toothbrush?

Generally, this toothbrush has been designed with adults as the target audience. The handle size, brush size, and overall ergonomics are better suitable for an adult’s hand. But, luckily, Oral-B has many kids’ electric toothbrushes available on the market that make the process more enjoyable for them. They are smaller in size, making them more comfortable to grip for your little ones and have a softer brush that’s gentle on their deciduous teeth.

2. Is the toothbrush waterproof?

The short answer is yes. You can safely use the toothbrush while you’re showering or let it dampen under running water. There are a few electronic parts on the handle, but they are securely sealed to block water from coming into contact with them. But, we recommend using them with caution and only for a short amount of time as they are not meant to be submerged in water for extended periods. Their water resistance is highly effective despite their inexpensive construction. 

3. How do you change from one mode to the other?

Switching from the daily to the gum sensitive mode is very straightforward, even if it’s your first time using such a toothbrush. The user-friendly handle only has one pushable button, the power switch that also serves as the switch from one mode to the other. Another neat feature is that the handle comes with rubber contours that help you easily spot the switch, guiding your finger to the button thanks to their rugged texture. So, you can keep the bathroom’s lights off next time you brush your teeth at night. Energy-saving! Cool, right?

4. How does the timer function work?

The toothbrush comes with a timer, also known as the quad pacer, that notifies you with a quick sound every 30 seconds to adjust the position in your mouth for equal toothbrushing. When the 2-minute mark is up, the sound lasts longer to remind you that the recommended brushing time is over. Pausing and turning off the toothbrush within those 2 minutes will activate the 30-second memory function that restarts from where you left off if you turn it back on. Otherwise, it resets from scratch.

5. Which Oral-B Pro variety from the 2500 series is best for your teeth?

As we mentioned above, this toothbrush comes in four varieties with different letters at the end of the product’s description. Depending on what result you want from your toothbrush and your teeth’s health, you can select the right one for your needs. The three letters at the end are N, S and W. The N stands for ‘Normal’, the S for ‘Sensitive’ and the W for ‘Whitening’. So, see what suits your wants and pick accordingly. Design-wise, their handle gives you the same toothbrush but with different head attachments.

6. Should you recharge it after every tooth brushing session?

We recommend you only charge the toothbrush when the light indicator alerts you that the battery is almost ready to run out. If you charge it after each use, it will actually shorten the toothbrush’s lifespan. To make the most out of it, charge it fully, remove it from the charging base and then use it for approximately two weeks before it’s time to recharge.

7. How long can the battery last before you need a replacement?

There is really no definitive answer for this as it depends on what kind of use you make out of your toothbrush. But, with the correct charging method and some extra care on your end, you can enjoy it for more than 1 year and prolong its battery length. The better you look after your toothbrush, the longer the battery will last despite being a budget-friendly alternative to the more luxurious and high-tech options.

8. How can you use the charger?

This toothbrush comes with a 2 pin plug that’s very common to connect with a shaver socket in European & UK households’ bathrooms. The voltage can range from 110-240 volts. If your home lacks this plug type or you’re using the 3 pin kind, there are many adapter options available on Amazon that consumers often purchase along with their toothbrushes. When the battery runs out, simply dock the toothbrush on the charging station, and it will take care of replenishing its battery juice.

Oral B Pro 2 2500 CrossAction: Verdict

While the Oral-B 2500 series may not have all the smart features that the company’s more advanced toothbrushes have, it’s still a consumer favourite because of its simplicity and top-notch performance. After all, when it comes to brushing your teeth, what matters is showing off your smile in confidence. And there’s no reason not to smile when you’re splurging for something that costs less than £50 and works wonders for your daily oral routine!

Oral-B Pro 2 2500 Black Edition Electric Toothbrush on white background
The package includes the toothbrush’s handle, charging dock, case cross-action head & li-ion battery.

Product Specifications

BrandOral-B Powered by Braun
SensitivityGum Pressure Sensor
3D Technology MovementOscillating Round Head
Cleaning Modes2 Brushing Modes
Battery2 Weeks Lifespan
Performance2-Minute Timer & Quadrant Intervals
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