Messy Place? All The Tips And Tricks On How To Declutter It!

A clean home is everything! From hard tasks like cleaning mould off walls and keeping your carpet free of stains to cleaning your windows and blinds. But what about the bigger picture? Everyone has some junk lying around in their home. There is no shame in admitting that your place has become a home to expired, surplus, and broken stuff. Whether you are trying to simplify your life or are downsizing, decluttering your entire place is a big job, so the best way to do it is in stages.

Even though household clutter seems harmless in the beginning, a messy place can start to get on your nerves and can cause unnecessary stress. Taking care of it and decluttering is a way to take good care of yourself. It is time for you to learn how to declutter. In this how-to guide for a DIY decluttering session, we will help you one room at a time! 

Smiling couple relaxing on sofa in messy living room

What are the benefits of decluttering?

Wondering why you should get rid of things that you bought with your hard-earned money, no matter how long ago? We know that letting go of things is hard but there are various benefits of decluttering. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • Easy to Clean Your Home

It is hard to keep a clean place after putting in long hours at work. If you have kids or a pet, it becomes even harder. If you don’t have a lot of useless things lying around, cleaning your home will become relatively less stressful.

  • Simple to Organize Things

Do things simply seem to ‘disappear’ in your home? Maybe you have so many things lying around that it gets hard to find what you need quickly. If you declutter your space, you can easily organize things in your home and enjoy the free space left after getting rid of the things that you don’t need.

  • Create a Relaxing Environment

When you look at a messy, cluttered place, it doesn’t give off a calm, soothing vibe. Coming back home to a jumbled mess isn’t something that one needs after a hard day at work. It would be nice to see a clean, organized place that helps you relax and chill at the end of the day.

  • Help Out Others

By adopting a minimalist approach, you will spend less money on materialistic possessions that keep adding to the clutter. Plus, in a decluttering process, you will find many things that you can donate to deserving people who can get some use out of them.

How to declutter your kitchen?

Other than the bedroom, the most used room in our homes is probably the kitchen. Even if you don’t cook a lot at home, there is bound to be loads of dishes, utensils, appliances, spices, food etc. in there.

Mam has her hand in a dirty kitchen sink in her messy home

All of these things compete for space and slowly, over a period of time, the clutter starts to build up. Therefore, the kitchen needs to be the first place you start from. Use these decluttering tips and see your place changing for the better!

1. Clean the Countertops

In a kitchen, the countertops are like a clutter-magnet. Therefore, they need to be decluttered first. Clear everything from the kitchen counter and keep only a few essentials – a coffee maker, a knife block, etc. 

Now start by making two categories – things that you need and have been using, and the things which have been lying around unused. Find a new home for the things in the first category and pile the unused things separately.

Go through the unused things and see if you can donate some of them. If not, dispose of them properly in the garbage using trash bags. Make sure that you separate the things that you can recycle.

2. Declutter the Kitchen Cabinets

  • Old Appliances and Kitchen Tools

If there are old appliances that don’t work properly, have exposed wiring, or some other flaw, you should safely dispose of them. If they are recyclable, make sure that you put them in the recycling bin. Gather all the kitchen utensils in one place and then sort them by category or type.

This will help you see how many tools in each category you have – you’d be surprised how many spatulas you have collected over the years. Keep your favourite items and donate the rest.

  • Plastic Containers

When it comes to plastic containers, lonely lids are a huge problem. Match all the containers that you have with their corresponding lids, and get rid of those that no longer have one. 

  • Expired Food

From expired food to old cookbooks, we have a tendency to keep things without even realizing it. Check for the expiration date on all items, and throw anything that is not safe for usage.

How to declutter your bathroom?

We start our days and end our days in the bathroom and it is very important to declutter this space in your own home. You need to purge all the items on your shelves, bathroom cabinets, etc. and then organize them. This will not take more than an hour, trust us. 

Messy open bathroom drawer

1. Clear off the Bathroom Counters and Drawers

The first step is to clear off the bathroom counters, empty the drawers and medicine cabinet, and take out everything in the linen closet in your bathroom. Start with checking the expiration dates on all the medicines, toiletries, etc. 

2. Create an Organization System

Now that you know which things are expired and useless, group similar items together and create an inventory of the things that you have. You might have a year worth of soap and not know it! If you have multiples of the same thing, empty out the bottles and combine them to save space. Separate your toiletries from beauty supplies and cosmetics. You can get small containers to store items

How to declutter your bedroom?

When we don’t find a place for something in our homes, we stuff it inside a closet in the bedroom. From jewellery to makeup, shoes, and clothes, there are so many things that we don’t use but still keep.

Meseey drawer in bedroom

1. Declutter the Drawers

The first thing you have to do is pull everything out of the drawers and empty them out completely. Next, you need to ask yourself these questions about each item you took out.

  • Have I used this thing in the last year?
  • Will I use it in the upcoming year?

If the answer to both these questions is no, then move that item to the ‘Get Rid Of’ pile. 

2. Organize the Drawers

For the things that you used or are likely to use, you need separate storage areas, clearly marked. Use small containers or dividers to keep similar things alike. For instance, get a small box to keep all your earrings or cufflinks in one place.

For seasonal clothes, use storage bins or vacuum storage bags. They are a huge space saver and will keep your summer and winter things organized and separate. Only use the hangers for the clothes that you are likely to wear in that season.

3. Manage Your Dresser

If there is a dresser in your room, make sure that you keep only the bare essentials on top of it. Similarly, it is okay to keep a few pictures, a lamp, or a few decorations on top of the dresser or the nightstand, but it is better to limit the number of things to a maximum of five.

How to declutter your living room?

What do you do in your sitting room? Probably curl up in front of the fireplace with a good book or watch a good movie with your family members and friends. If the living space is cluttered with old magazines, blankets, toys, and other items that you don’t use, it will not only ruin the vibe of the place but will make it hard to relax and unwind.

Desperate woman sitting in a messy living room

1. Remove Things That Don’t Belong

The first thing to do is remove the things that don’t belong in the living room. From wine glasses and dishes that don’t make it back to the kitchen to loads of cushions and throw pillows, you’d be surprised to see the number of things present in your sitting room.

2. Arrange Your Furniture

Arrange the furniture in your living room and see if you have too many throw pillows and blankets. If you do, pack them in a cardboard box marked for donation. If you have collectables and decoration pieces on the bookshelves, check if you really need them or you have simply been hoarding.

3. Increase Storage Space

To hold the frequently used blankets, toys, etc. you should add nice, homely baskets. For your items, you should think about installing floating shelving instead of simply keeping them lying around on the couch, coffee tables, etc. 

Take everything out and throw the things that you don’t use – junk mail, outdated magazines, etc. – right away. If there are books in your sitting room that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time, donate them to a local school or library where they will do better. 

Getting rid of the clutter and mess in your house is not always easy, but it is certainly not impossible, especially if you apply creative organization ideas in simple steps. Whether it is your home office to your laundry room, you should take one step at a time. We hope that the storage ideas and strategies that we have mentioned above will help you if you don’t know where to begin from. Make your house clutter-free and bring yourself some peace in the process.

Happy decluttering, folks!

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