Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger: All You Need To Know

Small bathrooms are a typical problem. They’re very inconvenient, always look messy and cluttered, and there’s not enough storage space. It’s the smallest room in a house and the one that needs a lot of thought, imagination and interior designer skills to make it functional and slightly more spacious.

A clean bathroom with wonderful tiles

Making your bathroom look bigger is probably a challenge. It’s probably as challenging as removing mould from the bathroom or looking for the reasons why your bathroom smells. Keep in mind though, that just painting your bathroom or the tiles isn’t always enough. You need to do more. But with some tips and tricks, you can make it possible. The most important thing of all: You don’t have to spend much of your savings and your time. Some smart designing ideas and hacks can work perfectly. So! Are you ready to see how to make a bathroom look bigger? Here’s a list of the best ideas on how to make a small bathroom feel more spacious.

What are the benefits of redesigning your bathroom

All homeowners decide to start renovating their houses once the first signs of wearing down appear in the bathroom. Whether it is a small or a larger bathroom, as soon as it starts looking worn and torn you feel like it’s time for some DIY stuff. A bathroom will benefit you and the value of your house. Just imagine how much better it would make you feel to upgrade your bathroom design.

It’ll become a good place to unwind after a long, tiring day, relax and save money since all fixtures and plumbing will work efficiently. Here are some benefits of a bathroom remodel:

Bathroom remodelling creates an enjoyable and relaxing space

Remodelling or renovating your bathroom gives you the chance to make some inconvenient fixtures, like a tub or a tiled shower, more comfortable. For instance, if you have a tub in your bathroom, you can replace it with a hot tub spa. Or you can change your tiled shower with one that has multiple showerheads. You can change all the dull and boring elements into new ones and add more colour that will instantly make it interesting and enjoyable.

A relaxing and wonderful bathroom with storage spaces

You can add more storage space

While redesigning your bathroom, it’s the perfect time to consider adding some extra storage solutions.  Think about where to put a countertop with more space to store your towels or installing a shelving unit or a wall cabinet if your bathroom is quite small. You should keep in mind that taking advantage of your wall space is a great way to make things a whole lot better.

You can update almost everything

Bathrooms aren’t any much as they used to be in the 1980s and 1990s. Bathroom redesigning is the perfect way to update your old bathroom. Change as many elements as possible, from faucets and floor tiles to shower curtains and bathroom walls. Help the room get more aesthetic, and in return, you’ll enjoy your bathroom more.

Add energy-efficient features

While remodelling your old bathroom,  it’s a great chance to change your old fixtures to more energy-efficient ones. You can, for example, replace your old toilet with a low-flow one or install a water-saving shower. The simplest and most inexpensive? To put in some new energy-efficient lightbulbs. These small changes can save you some money on your next bill.

a light buld on a white background

Here’s what you need to do 

I can’t believe that there’s someone who doesn’t want a spacious, comfortable bathroom with a tub, a shower and plenty of storage space. Unfortunately, you might not be able to have both a tub and shower unless you rebuild your bathroom or move into a new home. But, with the following smart bathroom ideas, you can make your limited space feel more airy and sizeable.

1. Let natural light flow in

Most bathrooms may not have access to sunlight. But if yours has, then make the most of it. It can turn small places into airy and spacious ones. It can make a small room seem brighter and bigger.

If you have just one window, it might not be enough.  Try to add different light sources at different locations, like a ceiling skylight. Or you can install mirrors on the ceiling or the walls to reflect natural light from the window and provide it to the entire room. Plus, clean your windows regularly. Window glasses covered in dirt prevent sunlight from getting into the room.

2. Opt for total white

The easiest way to make a small space feel bigger is to use white colour on almost everything. White tiles, white paint on the walls, white vanity units. White colour doesn’t absorb sunlight. It can reflect it better than other colours, making a room look bigger.

As most bathroom fixtures are white (the tub, the toilet or the sink), using white colour on as many surfaces as possible, you’ll achieve a smooth, bright look. And you can enhance that by using elements made of different materials, such as fabric accents, wood or metal, pale stones or tiles and so on.

3. Or Light and bright colours

In case you don’t want a totally white bathroom, you can have the same results using light and bright colours. Choose a warm beige, soft grey, or faint hues, like a soft mint-green shade.

You can also paint your ceiling a lighter and warmer colour than your walls. A lighter colour ceiling will create the sense that your bathroom is higher than it really is. Or you can choose a luxurious tile and paint for your walls from one of the tile’s hues.

A brilliant small bathroom painted in light colours

4. Or go for darker colours

On the other hand, if you are not a fan of pale colours, you can use darker ones to make the bathroom look bigger. Yeap! You’ve read it well! We’ve said, “use dark colours to make your bathroom look bigger!” Interesting, right? You might know that dark colours make something look smaller, but they can give a room what it really needs if you do it right.

The truth is that dark colours can give depth to a small bathroom, especially those with no windows, and create a feeling of a large space. Choose a high-gloss dark colour. The shade will create the illusion of night-sky and will reflect the light.

5. Keep everything the same colour

It might sound a bit difficult, but you can at least keep all the bathroom fixtures and permanent decorative items the same colour, either light or dark. There’ll be harmony around the bathroom.

6. Install a big mirror or multiple mirrors

Mirrors can make small rooms look bigger. Installing a big mirror in your bathroom can make it look double its size. Hang a large mirror above your vanity, or install a wall-to-wall mirror. It will make a big difference. Large mirrors are quite expensive, but they’re cheaper than tiling a whole wall. However, if you still can’t afford a large mirror or you don’t like the idea of having an entire wall covered with one, you can install a few smaller mirrors. You’ll have the same results.

A large mirror in a small bathroom

7. Opt for a clear glass shower door

Another smart idea is to replace the shower curtain with a glass panel or a clear glass shower door. You’ll notice that your bathroom will look bigger, especially when you’re in the shower. For more privacy, choose a frosted or tinted glass panel.  It will still allow light to pass through, but no one will see you.

8. Install big tiles

Don’t make the mistake of installing small tiles in your bathroom. Don’t be confused! The smaller a bathroom is, the bigger tiles it needs. Small tiles require more grout lines, which will make the room feel tighter. Large tiles in a small space will make it feel bigger, especially if you choose light-coloured ones.

9.Use the same floor and wall tiles

Another factor that prevents your bathroom size is the distinction between floor and walls. Use the same tiles to create a harmonious effect that will help your bathroom feel more spacious. You can also use the same tiles in the shower and you can install them up to the ceiling for a more cohesive effect.

10. Create long lines

Highlight the long lines in the bathroom. How can you do this? By emphasising the widest points in the room, like a wall without a window. Install a self to create a horizontal line. That trick will give you great results.

11. Create extra space with built-in vanity units

A great space-saving idea is a floating vanity. You can make extra space in a small bathroom with built-in units. Wall-hung toilets, sinks and cabinets can make a room look less cluttered. It’s a convenient trick if you need extra saving space. Built-in, or else floating, vanity doesn’t go down the floor. That means that you have enough free space under them.

A vanity unit in a small bathroom

12. Install a compact bath and vanity

Old baths and vanity often make a room feel cramped and limited. Replace the bath with a walk-in shower or get a compact bath. What’s more, instead of having double vanities, opt for a compact single one. It’s much better for small bathrooms.

13. Add shower and bath shelves

Plenty of bottles and other items are necessary for a bathroom. Shampoo & conditioner bottles, soaps, scrubs, perfumes and so on. But having them scattered all around the bathroom, you get a permanent cluttered room. What can you do? A handy idea would be to throw all of them away. Since that can’t be done, you can add shower and bath shelves. It’ll make your bathroom more attractive, and you’ll gain much storage space.

14. Think minimal on the decorations

Decorative elements wouldn’t be missing from a bathroom. Rugs, plants and so on can make bathrooms feel cosy. But they can make them a bit cluttered too. Thus, instead of placing many decorative items, you can choose one or two that will give the warm touch you are seeking and make your bathroom look bigger.

15. Use the same materials throughout the bathroom

Different types of materials in a bathroom give a feeling of chaos and can lead the visitor to feel that it is cluttered. Having marble floor tiles, glass mosaic on the wainscot and painted drywall above, or ceramic tiles in the shower, will lead to confusion. Choose one or two materials to bring harmony back in your bathroom.

A very beutiful small bathroom

These are a few small bathroom ideas that will help you make a smaller space look bigger. They’re very practical and will help you make yours look neat and tidy. Check them and choose the one that best suits your needs. After all, having a smaller bathroom than most isn’t the end of the world. All you have to do is be smart and you’ll achieve the results that you want.

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