Learn How To Personalise Wine Glasses DIY Style Easily

Whether you are searching for a perfect present for your friends or looking to add a bit of sparkle to your personal glass collection, learning how to personalise wine glasses will be of great help.

A few wine glasses on a white surface

From stemless wine glasses to stemmed glasses, you can decorate them in your house quickly & inexpensively. Use your inner artist to paint or draw beautiful patterns. You can also attach detachable decorations to your glasses to fit the theme for your party decorations. 

In this article, we will tell you how to personalise wine glasses in easy steps. So, before you take out that bottle of wine from your wine rack or cooler, check this article out. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Using Permanent Markers

1. Wipe the glasses with rubbing alcohol 

The first step is to clean the glasses with rubbing alcohol. Dab the spirit onto a small cotton ball and wipe the surface. Rubbing some alcohol cleans the glasses and makes it easier for the permanent marker to adhere to them. 

Use a towel to dry the glasses or leave them in a safe location to let them air dry. You can use vinegar from the pantry instead if you don’t have alcohol. You can use paper towels or a soft cloth if you don’t have cotton balls.

2. Draw a Pattern using an oil-based permanent marker

Draw a beautiful geometrical design around the glass. Or, if you’re artistic, then make a lovely image like a sunset on a beach or a comfortable Christmas scene. You may also write things like song lyrics or preferred quotes using the marker. 

Permanent markers on a wooden surface

Write the names of friends on your glasses if you are going to give them as holiday gifts. Don’t forget about the foundation & stem of the glass. Paint them a solid colour or match the pattern of the cup.

When you are drawing with the marker,  make sure to stay under the rim. If you adorn the rim as well, the pattern will fade away over time. Consider drawing your pattern in advance on a sheet of paper if you worry about messing up the glass.

3. Allow the glasses to dry

Keep the glasses at a place where no one will knock them over. Place them at room temperature. For the permanent marker to dry completely, it will take around three days

4. Bake the glasses

Put the glasses on a baking sheet in a cold oven. You may set the bakery plate on the oven rack before you put the glasses on the sheet. Otherwise, you may drop your glasses more often as you try to bring the sheet to the oven. The wine glasses can be up or upside down. Make sure that the oven is cool.

If you have cooked in it lately, wait until it is cool before putting the glasses in. Wait till the oven reaches 177 degrees Celsius for half an hour. Baking the glasses will cure the glass paint present in the permanent marker. Resist the need to open the door of the oven to inspect the glass. It lets the heat escape. Instead, look via the front window.

5. Let the glasses cool down

If you remove the glasses before they cool down, it will cause them to break quickly. Let the glasses cool down for 2 hours inside the oven before removing them. Accelerate the cooling process by slightly cracking the door of the oven.

Personalised, Painted Wine Glasses 

1. Clean the glasses

Pour some alcohol on a cloth & clean each glass. Wait for them to dry thoroughly or dry them by hand using a paper towel. You can use white vinegar instead of alcohol as well.

2. Select glossy craft paint 

Find a glass paint in the colour and shade you like. Make sure that the paint you choose is compatible with glass and will not come off by hand washing or even if you wash the glasses in the dishwasher, etc. For this, the paint needs to be dishwasher safe.

3. Create a pattern

With the help of a marker, draw the monogram you want on the glass before you start painting. You can select any design you want, paint little polka dots all over, or simply cover the base and stalk of the glass for a contemporary appearance. If you are using many colours, let each colour dry to avoid combining or mingling before applying the next colour.

A glass of wine on an artist worktop

4. Let the paint dry

Place the painted wine glasses, somewhere safe & out of the reach of youngsters or dogs. Keep them at room temperature and let them air dry. Don’t omit this step as the paint will melt in the oven if you keep the glasses in the oven right after painting them.

5. Bake the glasses

Place glasses in a cool oven on a bakery sheet. The lowest rack in the oven is the ideal place to keep the glasses. Don’t place the glasses in a preheated oven. If you don’t have an oven, let the glasses air dry for seven days before using them. Heat the oven to 177 °C & bake for half an hour. This ensures that the paint cures and doesn’t fade away as you wash them. Don’t bake the glasses for more than 30 minutes.

6. Let the glasses cool

Turn off the oven & allow the glasses to cool with the door of the oven open. This cooling process dries the paint & prevents cracking of the glass paint. Take tumblers out of the oven when they are cool to touch. Once the tumblers have dried, they are safe to wash. Wash them in the dishwasher or in the sink at your convenience.

Personalise Wine Glasses by Etching Designs

1. Cover the glass with masking tape

Place the template on the glass to see where you want the design to go. Cover the remaining area with masking tape to ensure that the glass etching paint doesn’t get all over the glass. 

2. Place the stencil flat against the glass

Place the glass stencil adhesive flat on the wine glass anywhere you wish. Smooth down any creases so that the pattern is flush against the wine glass. If you leave any gaps, the cream might spread & make your finishing pattern sloppy.

You can purchase the patterns from a craft or an e-commerce site. You can also make your own pattern by cutting out a form or design from contact paper or adhesive vinyl glue. There are various printable patterns available online that you can use.

3. Apply the etching cream

Apply a coating of etching cream using a paintbrush. Brush the etching cream on the cut-outs carefully. Etching cream can be harmful to your skin, therefore use safety gloves along with safety glasses, masks, etc.

Allow the etching cream to rest for 10 minutes. Sit back & allow the etching cream to do its job. Set a timer on your phone so that you will know when the 10 minutes are up. Some etching creams have longer setting times. Check the back of the container to figure out the setting time. Keeping the etching cream on for longer than the specified period will slightly damage the glass.

4. Rinse the glasses

Rinse the glasses under water to remove the etching cream thoroughly. If you find it difficult to get part of the etching cream off, scrape it with a sponge. Keep the glasses on a paper towel and let them dry. 

A close up of a decorated wine glass

5. Remove the stencil

Once glasses are dry, simply remove the pattern gently. Voila! Your beautifully etched glasses are ready for use!

6. Add embellishments

Place self-adhesive jewels on the glass with your fingers or tweezers. Cover the glass base, or arrange it around the cup in a lovely monogram. You may use ordinary gems with craft glue in place of self-adhesive rhinestones, stickers, etc. 

Don’t put these glasses in the dishwasher as the stones will come off. Add charms for temporary adornment to the wine glass stem. Charms are a simple way to customise glasses for a special event. 

You can get sparkly, metal, paper, cork or even crocheted charms. Select any charm that fits the occasion you are thinking of bringing out the glasses for. You can use washi tape stickers to decorate the goblet as well.

Cut lovely paper circles into the patterns or designs of your choice according to the size of the glass. Now use double-sided tape to attach the paper to the bottom. Make all the glasses identical or mix & match by using different stickers on each!

You can decorate with glitter as well. Simply get a mason jar of glitter, and apply a thin layer of glitter in the pattern or design you want on the glass to get your hands of beautiful DIY glitter wine glasses.

Oil painted wine glass

We all love a nice, relaxing glass of wine after a long day. If the glass is beautiful and alluring, it adds to the overall ambience. Whether you are hosting a party, packing Christmas DIY gifts, working on DIY projects, etc.,  wine glasses will add a bit of bling to the occasion. They are a great gift idea. Go through the ideas listed above to decorate wine glasses yourself and have a blast of a party!

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