Learn How To Make Body Butter On Your Own Easily

Known as the holy grail of hydrating and moisturizing, whipped body butter is significantly more effective than most lotions or creams. So if you have dry skin or eczema, this body butter recipe may be the solution to your problems. 

Homemade body butter of coconut and roses

Aside from their skin benefits, body butter also makes excellent birthday and Christmas gifts that can be preserved in mason jars for longer shelf life. Keep reading to find out all the benefits of the heavy-duty moisturizer and how to make your DIY whipped body butter.

What is body butter?

Body butter has a thick, whipped cloud-like consistency, very similar to butter used for cooking. The ingredients list consists of mainly natural ingredients, including essential oils and butter. In comparison to lotions that are made of water and oil, for an extra boost of hydration.

Taking care of your skin can be difficult during dry spells or even during colder months. Thicker than most beauty products, this whipped body butter recipe nourishes the skin while restoring essential antioxidants, nutrients and hydration. 

Most body butters are found in a glass jar so that you can scoop them out easily. The most common ingredients include shea butter and coconut oil, known for their hydration and healing properties.

You can use whipped body butter all over your body or as a targeted treatment for rough patches around the elbows and knees. Furthermore, body butter is gentle enough to be used on your face as part of a skincare regime. 

The best way to apply body butter is right after a shower for maximum absorption. However, be sure you don’t rub it in and instead slowly massage a generous scoop onto your skin with broad strokes. Avoid using too much as you can reapply more as needed or for extra moisturization. 

The ingredients that you’re going to need

To make homemade whipped body butter, you can select from a variety of oils and butter to create a customised mix. However, the base of your body butter must include:

Ingredients for body butter

  • 1 cup shea butter or replace it with either half cup cocoa butter or mango butter.
  • 1 cup of carrier oil of your choice. 

Disclaimer: one cup of liquid is equal to 250 ml if you use an accurate measuring jug instead.

Unrefined shea butter is naturally soft, and when combined with cocoa or mango butter, you can create a completely unique mix of your own. However, you can’t use these kinds of butter directly, and they must be mixed with a softer butter (like shea butter) due to their hard texture. 

Carrier oils are a crucial ingredient used in body butter. It is recommended to use grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil or jojoba oil. You can also use sunflower oil, avocado oil, virgin coconut oil or olive oil which can easily be found at home. Or mix half cup coconut oil with other oils for rich moisture. 

Essential oils have several skin benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can select your favourite essential oils from this list and add them for extra nourishment:

  • Lavender oil
  • Vitamin e oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Orange essential oil
  • Geranium oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Bergamot oil
  • Peppermint essential oil

Before you use any essential oil, it is vital to check the packaging for dilution instructions. Generally, you can use a 1% dilution in your body butter mix. Furthermore, you can add fragranced oils for added scent. Finally, if you are not fond of greasiness, a small amount, approximately 1.5 teaspoons, of arrowroot powder can be added to liquid oil

Additional tools required include a double boiler, mixing bowl, a mixer and a glass jar for storage. These ingredients together make a simple DIY body butter that moisturizes and nourishes your skin.

How to make body butter step-by-step

The total time required to make our recipe is around two hours, and it yields approximately 350 ml worth of body butter. Here is our step-by-step tutorial:

Woman making body butter

  1. Set up your double boiler. If you do not have one, begin by filling a saucepan of water and placing it over medium heat. Next, place a glass bowl on top.
  2. Then, add your selected butter to the bowl, allowing it to melt into liquid fully.
  3. If you want to add arrowroot powder to your mix, whisk it into your carrier oils such as almond oil or coconut oil, and set it aside. You can skip this step if you do not want to include arrowroot.
  4. When your butter has completely melted, remove it carefully from the source of heat. Then add the oil mixture and stir well to combine.
  5. Mixing should cool the base and the bowl it’s in. However, allow it to rest if it is still warm. 
  6. Next, refrigerate the mixture for up to an hour until it completely solidifies. As it cools, the mixture will become opaque and slightly firm. To speed up the process, you can put the mixture in the freezer too but don’t forget to check regularly. 
  7. Remove the bowl from the fridge and add 30 drops of essential oil for a refined texture and smell. This step can also be skipped.

Now comes the fun part: it’s time to whip your body butter together! If you used cocoa butter, use a gentle hand mixer or fork to lightly “whip” the mixture. However, for shea or mango butter bases, you can use a stand mixer instead. 

Whip the mixture till it’s stiff. If you allow it to cool long enough, this step should take no longer than a few minutes. But, if you don’t let the body butter set long enough, it won’t whip at all. 

An easy way to check if it is cold enough is to stick a finger in the middle. If the indentation does not hold, the mixture needs to be refrigerated longer. 

How to properly store body butter?

Scoop your homemade whipped body butter into an airtight jar of your choice. If stored at room temperature and always kept tightly shut, safe from bacteria, your body butter can last up to six months without additional preservatives

If you live in a warmer place, your body butter can melt. However, don’t worry, as you can quickly whip it back into its original fluffy consistency.

Woman applying body butter on her hand

What are the benefits of body butter? 

Natural body butter is one of the easiest and most effective ways to nourish your skin. Unlike artificial beauty products, here are some of the amazing benefits of body butter.

  1. Skin is the body’s largest organ and is an important consideration of any wellness routine. Homemade body butter can be used as an all-over moisturizer, safe for even sensitive areas. You can easily eliminate dry and chapped skin with a DIY body butter that is bound to leave it feeling smooth. 
  2. For an overnight intense hydration treatment, apply a generous amount of butter before bed. If you are using this method to treat dry, cracked feet, put socks on after application to help lock in hydration.
  3. Furthermore, body butter reduces the appearance of wrinkles, rashes, eczema and sunburn. The nutrient-dense ingredients also strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier, protecting the skin from harmful pollutants and bacteria.
  4. The ingredients used to make it also contain antioxidants, including vital minerals like vitamin C, E and A. These antioxidants leave skin hydrated and youthful. 

Beyond Skin Care

Body butter is not limited to your skin and body. Did you know our body butter recipe can be used as a hair treatment too? Scoop out a small amount and allow it to melt before applying it to your scalp – for instant deep conditioning

In addition, body butter is an effective makeup remover, even for more stubborn, water-proof formulas. You can use this butter recipe as a cleansing balm, but be careful around your eyes. 

Treatments after shaving or cuticle removal also include body butter. A small amount warmed and melted between your palms can go a long way to ease irritation and dry cuticles. Furthermore, you can use it as a lip balm too.

If you want your perfume to last longer, lock it in with body butter. The oils and butter create a base for your scent to adhere to, helping you smell amazing all day

Beautiful composition with ingredients for body butter

Natural body butter is a great alternative to conventional body products. Made entirely of organic butter and oils, these thick moisturisers are suitable for everyone, even sensitive or dry skin. Therefore, be sure to try out this recipe and get creative with how you use your homemade body butter.

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