Learn How To Make A Balloon Garland In Simple Steps

Are you looking for a centrepiece for your next party theme? Or maybe your existing decorating scheme is too plain and you’re looking for that “one extra item” to make it pop? You can always make a flower wall or… you can try something new!

White balloon garland

A balloon garland is a simple and entertaining way to decorate for any occasion. It has a tremendous impact as a photo backdrop and is actually quite easy to put up! We’ll show you in this tutorial how to make an easy balloon garland in under an hour.

Materials you will need

Grab your notepad and start writing down!

  1. Latex balloons: Select colours that complement your chosen design plan.
  2. Balloon pump: This may or may not be required for some, but a balloon pump will literally save your breath.
  3. Balloon tying tools: This is a must-have tool if you plan on inflating more than ten balloons. 
  4. Balloon decoration strip: To put it bluntly, the balloon decorating strip is magical. It acts as a frame for the garland you’ll be making and saves you the trouble of stitching latex balloons together. Most significantly, it allows you to mix up the garland even after it’s finished.
  5. Glue strips: Add more latex balloons to your garland by glueing them on. If you have different sizes of balloons, It is recommended to leave smaller balloons out and start with the larger balloons first and then fill in the gaps once your garland is hung.
  6. Hooks: To avoid harming the area where you are hanging the final product, you can use Command hooks or a similar brand. They are easy to remove from the wall without damaging it.

Step-by-step guide: How to make a balloon garland

Follow these easy DIY steps for a perfect finish:

1. Fill your balloons with air and blow them up to various sizes

The more variety in balloon size, the more natural your garland will appear. Inflating your balloons with a hand pump is a good idea, but you can always manually blow them up if you want.

Woman blowing a blue balloon

2. Experiment with different colours and patterns

Experiment with different balloon tints and colours to determine what works best for your occasion. Get complementary colours and experiment with different combinations until you find the ones you like.

Consider the occasion and select colours that cover the theme. You can use black and orange balloons for Halloween. You can use red, pink and white balloons for Valentine’s Day and so on.

3. Cut a thread

Cut the thread or fishing line to the desired length for your garland. Put a piece of thread through the eye of your needle. Make a knot at the end of your thread to keep it from being pulled through the needle’s eye.

If you’re having trouble threading your needle, apply beeswax to the end of the thread to help it come to a point.

Colourful balloons tied together

4. Pierce a balloon at the knot

Avoid popping the actual balloon by penetrating the little knot at the bottom of your balloons. Pull your fishing line through the hole you made until the end of the thread or line is reached.

Tie a tight knot around the bottom knot of the balloon when you’re done. This is where your garland will begin.

5. Continue tying balloons together until you have a long enough garland

Continue with your needle and thread through the additional knots at the bottom of your inflated balloons.Connect as many balloons as you wish till the garland reaches the desired length.

6. Fill in the gaps in your garland with more balloons

Use an adhesive to adhere the sides of any extra balloons and try to fill in any gaps in your garland.

A clear glue stick or gorilla glue can be used. Avoid using a hot glue gun since it may cause the balloons to pop. Instead, consider using glue dots. If you do decide to use a glue gun, make sure it’s a low-temperature one.

7. Decide where you want to hang your garland

Consider unusual places to put your garland. Make it the focal point of the room if you’re celebrating, say, a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, etc.

You’ll also need to make sure there’s adequate room to handle the garland’s size. Measure the space where your garland will be placed and make sure it isn’t too lengthy.

Balloon garland for birthday decoration

8. Hang your garland on the wall

Tape both ends of the string you used. Also, tape the yarn to the wall between some of the balloons to completely secure your garland. If you don’t have balloon tape, use thumbtacks to act as temporary hooks.

9. Alternatively, you can hang it on the ceiling

You can hang your garland by taping the thread to the ceiling. To reinforce it, tape both ends to the ceiling and go in between some of the balloons.

Another option is to buy a birthday party banner that hangs from the ceiling and then connect your garland to it.

 Garlands can also be hung between pieces of furniture. You can connect both ends of yours to two pieces around the room. Use a clear piece of scotch tape to hold it up if you don’t have something to hang it on.

How to make a balloon garland with yarn 

Let’s have a look at another tutorial, shall we?

1. Fill your balloons with air

Use a hand pump or manually inflate your balloons. Don’t use helium to blow up balloons because it may cause your garland to float in the air.

2. Cut yarn into little pieces

Make the yarn a bit longer than the length of garland you wish to make. You’ll also need to cut about 10 cm of yarn pieces for each balloon you want to hang. Cut these short strips of yarn as you go.

3 Colours of yarn on a grey table

3. Tie the 10 cm piece to the balloon’s knot

Tie the 10 cm pieces of yarn to the knot on the balloon with a conventional knot. Make sure the thread on each side of the knot is almost equal.

4. Now tie a square knot to the lengthy strand of yarn

A square knot is a simple knot that requires two pieces of string to complete. Tie the short 10 cm yarn pieces that you attached to the knots on the balloons to the long strand of yarn that you cut off earlier.

5. Tie all of your balloons now to the main string

Continue to connect your balloons to the yarn as you go. To make your garland more fascinating, bunch your balloons together, and don’t forget to use small balloons to give your garland some variety.

Amazing ideas for beautiful balloon garlands

Here are some brilliant ideas that you can try at your next party or celebration. Have a look!

1. Balloon columns

Balloon columns (also known as pillars) come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours, and patterns. You’ll undoubtedly find one that meets your preferences. 

Balloon pillars are frequently used on both sides of an entryway or stage and are commonly used in conjunction with balloon arches or as standalone attention catchers.

Other balloon party ideas, such as bride and groom or snowman balloon sculpture, can be made using the same method as balloon columns.

Grey and pink balloon column

2. Balloons bouquet (cascading or staggered)

Ideas for balloon party decorations are virtually limitless. You can, for example, make a bouquet and change the number of balloons (anything from 3 to 10) and the way they’re arranged (staggered or stacked).

3. Organic balloon garland

Organic balloon decor is a relatively new and rapidly expanding trend. They make tremendously beautiful patterns. It derives its whimsical look by mixing balloons of various sizes, designs and patterns.

4. Giant confetti balloons

This is an all-time favourite, particularly if you are a fan of giant balloons. You will need 3 one-metre clear balloons with confetti and tassels in the same colour.

Just imagine how lovely these will be as they float over the tables at a wedding reception or a graduation ceremony.

Birthday Balloon Garland

5. Link-o-loon rainbow balloons

Link-o-loon balloons have distinctive “tails” at the other end of their necks. You can tie them together and create beautiful floating arches.

They’re also a nice way to decorate your front door. You can inflate the balloons with air instead of helium if you lean the arch against the wall.

6. Balloon garland as a table centrepiece

The bright and pleasant mood is created by a variety of different sized balloons in orange, rose gold, and pearl white colours.

A balloon decorating strip is used to position and keep the balloons in place, making this garland extremely easy to put up.

Green and yellow balloon garland for birthday party

7. Strawberry balloons

Strawberry balloons are quite simple to make. Pink or gold balloons, a black marker, green crepe paper, adhesive, paper straws, and empty jars as a base are all you’ll need for this. You may also use a fishing line to suspend them from the ceiling.

8. Spiral balloon tower

Balloon towers are fantastic decorations and picture props for your celebration, and they really give a distinctive touch. 

This low-cost DIY project doesn’t require a stand or a balloon garland kit and can be made using very simple party decor items. You just pile some colourful balloons to form a tower, and you can easily change the balloon colours to meet any theme. 

Pink Balloon Garland

You should feel confident about throwing a party that will amaze your visitors now. A DIY balloon garland is a terrific centre point for your home decor. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can be sure that everything you make will be one-of-a-kind. Plus, you will be saving a lot of money by making your own balloon garland! Next stop: Learn how to make a balloon tree decoration for party times

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