Learn How To Clean A Toaster The Right Way Just In Minutes

The beloved toaster, well aside from the coffee machine, is one of our favourite little kitchen tools since it feeds our fascination with avocado toast, toasted sourdough, and all kinds of toasted bread. It can also come in great sets with kettles, or you may even find some sandwich toasters to elevate your ordinary toastie experience. The modest toaster is taken for granted by many of us. You probably use it on a daily basis, but when was the last time you cleaned it from burnt crumbs? 6 months ago? A year ago? 

Father and daughter having breakfast near a toaster

We have some good news for you: cleaning this kitchen workhorse is nearly as simple as crisping up a tasty slice of bread. So, how can you effectively clean out your toaster? Follow these simple steps below to do it the right way and you’ll notice a significant difference the next time you want to make breakfast.

How often should you do it?

When you’re cleaning your typical kitchen appliances, like the inside of your microwave or your oven’s glass door, it’s easy to overlook your toaster. Take a moment to empty the crumb tray or shake your toaster over the rubbish bin after every few usages. This will assist in preventing crumb build-ups between deep-cleaning cycles. 

If you don’t empty the crumb tray on a regular basis, the chunks of bread can become caked on, causing you extra nightmares in the long run. If you use a pop-up toaster every day, you should strive to make it a habit to deep clean this little gadget at least once a month if you find it has a filthy interior or a food-splattered exterior.

How to clean a toaster step-by-step

It all starts with the tray which is at the bottom of the toaster and then, both the inside and outside and your toaster will have their turn. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Remove the toaster off the counter and set it aside

Make sure you unplug the toaster to avoid a potential fire hazard or an electric shock. Bring your toaster to a big flat surface, such as a table or countertop, after unplugging it. To make it easier to catch loose crumbs, lay down a layer of newspaper to work over and remove the crumb tray

The crumb tray is a removable piece found at the bottom of most toasters and you should be able to easily slide it out. Then, shake out the crumb tray and invert it on its side. Give it a good shake right on the newspaper you laid down to remove any remaining crumbs, dirt, dust, or debris. However, you can also shake it over the trash can.

Woman taking slice of bread from toaster

2. Clean the removable crumb tray

Clean it over the sink using warm water and dish soap. Wash it the same way you would do any other dish. Clean it thoroughly, removing any stuck-on crumbs or stains, and then allow it to dry. 

Sometimes these trays are not removable and so to clean them, you just need to turn your toaster upside down. Shake it gently over the newspaper a few times and this should get rid of the majority of the crumbs.

3. Remove crumbs from the interior

Clean the wires on the inside of your toaster with a pastry brush or a clean toothbrush and wipe any crumbs stuck inside the wires. Flick the crumbs away in the same direction that the wires are running. After removing the internal crumbs, it’s a good idea to turn your toaster upside down and shake it again.

4. Wipe the interior slots clean 

Slightly dampen your brush with vinegar and put it in the toaster. Use it to clean the wire bars by rubbing them down to remove any stuck-on crumbs, dirt, or debris. Only use vinegar to dampen your toothbrush and avoid any type of chemical cleaning product. You probably already know that vinegar is great for cleaning your home appliances, like your washing machine.

5. Clean the toaster‘s exterior

Apply vinegar to the area using a moist towel and wipe down the edges of the toaster. Scrub out difficult stuck-on stains with a dab of bicarbonate of soda/baking soda. To avoid scratches on the toaster, use a non-scratching sponge or microfiber cloth.

How to clean a toaster oven step-by-step

To clean this oven, open it up first and then remove the crumbs and rack trays. Your next move is to wash them in the sink. Then it’s time to take care of its interior. Follow the steps below for an effective DIY oven cleaner:

Two peaces of toast in the toaster oven

1. Remove the crumbs from the oven

Open the oven‘s door after unplugging it. Tilt the open side of your oven toward the rubbish bin while securely holding it over it. Shake it once or twice on the back to loosen any crumbs that may have become lodged inside. 

Next, remove the racks from the oven and take them to the sink. Squirt an all-purpose cleaner on them. Similarly, remove the pan that accumulates crumbs in the oven’s bottom and put its contents into the rubbish bin, before placing it in the sink.

2. Wipe off the pieces using a sponge

Remove any stains or dirt that may have formed on the racks or the pan with a sponge. After you’ve finished washing them, hang them to dry on your drying rack. Apply a nontoxic all-purpose cleaner to a scrubbing sponge to clean the inside. Wipe the inside of the oven in all directions. Do not use your sponge to clean the heating elements which are usually found at the rear of the oven.

3. Allow the oven to dry before using it

After you’ve cleaned the inside of your oven and all of the racks and pans have dried, keep the door open for air drying. Then, wipe the glass door with a soft cloth. Combine equal parts of white vinegar and water in a mixing bowl. Dampen a dishcloth with this solvent and wipe down the glass door of your oven. You should avoid spraying any cleaning solution directly to the interior of the oven.

4. Clean the outside

Next, simply spray a glass cleaner or an all-purpose cleaner on the outside of your oven‘s glass door and wipe it down with a dry dishcloth. If your oven has a painted steel or plastic exterior, clean it with a towel moistened with water and dishwashing liquid. Use a microfibre towel to dry the outside of the oven if it has a chrome or stainless steel exterior.

How to clean stubborn stains in your toaster oven

If you’re having trouble eliminating a serious grime or grease stain, make a paste with three tablespoons of baking soda and one tablespoon of ammonia. Apply the paste to the scrubber side of your sponge, then rub it in a circular motion on and around the area you’re trying to clean.

Next, wet a dishcloth with water and wring it out until it’s moist but not dripping and sprinkle some of the soda on it. Then, wipe down the greasy surfaces inside the oven with this solution.

Use a nylon scrubber dipped in soapy water to remove food that has burned into a black or brown mass on the sides or bottom of the oven. Don’t allow the water to trickle into the oven when doing this. 

To clean the heating element, make a paste with one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of water. Apply the paste to it with a toothbrush or a damp cloth and clean it gently.

A froxen pizza heats in a toaster oven

How to maintain your toaster oven

As soon as you discover a minor grease leak or dirt in the oven, wipe it down. Light cleaning should be done on a regular basis. To clean up these little stains and spills, simply use a damp dish towel or a sponge. This will reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do all at once.

When it comes to determining how often you should clean your oven, there is no set plan to follow. However, the more you use your oven, the more frequently you’ll need to clean it. Give it a thorough regular cleaning if you see or smell smoke coming from it, or if you notice food caked on it. Also, keep in mind:

1. Never store things in the oven

To save space, it can be difficult to resist placing bread, bagels, or other kitchen stuff on top of the oven. When it heats up, however, the colour and chemicals from the bags may transfer to it. It’s possible that the entire bag will melt depending on how hot the outside of your oven gets. 

2. Place an oven liner in the bottom of the oven

Cut a reusable heavy-duty non-stick oven liner to fit the drip pan of your toaster oven and place it in the pan. By doing so, you won’t have to scrub the drip tray as hard the next time you clean the oven.

All done! It’s time to show some love for this bread-crisping workhorse, and it’s not difficult to do. Follow the steps above and the whole thing will take you less than 10 minutes. Happy toasting!

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