How To Paint The Garden Furniture Like An Expert

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor space, you could always buy one of the best gazebos or the best garden swing chairs. Or you might need something less expensive! Like painting your old fence to make your garden look bigger. Now, if you want to highlight your furniture then we have something for you as well! Do you have some old furniture lying around in the garden? Want to spruce up their looks?

Some garden wooden furniture ready to be painted

Why not paint your garden furniture like you would do with your indoor pine ones or IKEA furniture and breath in new life into your home? With the summer quickly approaching, there will be plenty of days ahead where you will sit in the garden and enjoy the nice, warm weather.  It is time to give yours a little lift after sitting out in the cold for the last couple of months. Want to learn how to paint them like an expert? Read on to learn all there is to know about this project!

Why paint your garden furniture?

Who doesn’t love to spend a few hours out in nature? With the fast lives that we are living these days, it is hard to take some time out for ourselves. Painting your furniture is an affordable, easy way to brighten up and upgrade your living space. Moreover, it will protect your outdoor furniture from the natural elements while giving it a quick refresh.

With the help of easy DIY, you can quickly bring yours to life and make some amazing memories out in your backyard with your family & friends. Whether you are going to sunbathe out in the garden, or want to have a nice outdoor BBQ, the nicely painted pieces will add to the overall ambience of your garden. Moreover, it will make your outdoor space beautiful and welcoming. With the perfect furniture, you can create your own little slice of heaven right in your backyard!

Things you need to consider before starting your paint project

Ready and excited to get started? Hold your horses, folks! Before you start your DIY painting project, you need to consider a couple of things.

1. Evaluate your garden furniture

Before you begin to paint, you need to evaluate the condition of your furniture. You can easily repair a few dents and scratches but if your chair is rotten, or if the leg of your garden table is cracked, you will have to get new furniture. If your furniture is in great condition, then you can skip this step!

2. Get the right tools

When you are painting furniture, you will need small rollers and brushes instead of big ones. Therefore, make sure that you have the right tools before heading into the painting job. If there are old brushes lying around, clean them and get them ready for work!

paint brushes on wood

3. Choosing your finish

If you are going to paint metallic or wooden furniture, it won’t matter which finish you choose. You can choose masonry paint on wood, satin, eggshell, gloss, etc. and you only have to ensure that the paint you will be using is meant for outdoor usageHowever, if you are going to paint plastic furniture, then you have to get paint that is specifically designed for use on plastic surfaces. Otherwise, the paint will not bond with the surface. 

4. Considering the climate

Before painting the furniture, you have to consider the climate you live in. You may need protection from outdoor elements and this will factor into the type of paint that you use. A few paints have UV protection, which ensures that your paint job withstands harsh natural conditions. If you are painting metal, you can get paint that stops the patio furniture from rusting. Moreover, you also have to consider the weather in which you are painting. If you are painting in winter, it will take a longer time for the paint to dry as compared to summer. Also, the level of moisture and humidity in the air will also affect the time it takes for the paint and primer to dry. 

5. Choosing paint colour

When it comes to choosing the paint colour, you have endless options. You should get what you want to get, irrespective of what anyone else says. However, it is a better idea to choose a colour that compliments your garden and the exterior paint of your homeYou can create an eclectic look by mixing and matching multiple colours as well. Draw inspiration from your garden, home exterior, doors, etc. 

close-up of two women choosing samples of wall paint

6. Avoid creating a mess

Nobody likes to create a mess while working. To ensure that you paint without getting into trouble, keep all your painting supplies ready and nearby. Move any planters or additional furniture away from the painting area to avoid staining them. Cover the entire area with drop cloths so that you do not get paint on the garage floor, deck, or patio. 

How to paint your garden furniture step-by-step

Materials that you will need

From sage greens and calming blues, you can paint your outdoor furniture any colour that you desire. If you don’t want to paint your wood furniture, the least you can do is apply a wood stain to protect it from harmful natural elementsHere’s how to do it!

1. Remove hardware

The first thing to do while painting garden furniture is to remove the hardware if it is possible. If there are any screws or nuts, etc. you need to remove them so that you will be able to paint easily later. If there are any cracks in the wood, you can apply caulk to ensure that there are no defects in the furniture once you start to paint. Move the piece of furniture to a well-ventilated area. Place it on top of some old newspapers or a large plastic sheet. Cover the surrounding area with sheets or newspapers to protect them from getting damaged in the process. 

2. Remove the rust

If yours is made of metal, you will have to remove the rust before you try to paint it. You don’t have to use any chemicals for this. Simply scour, grind, and sand off the rust with the help of a tool like a sanding block, or an oscillating drill and give the furniture set a new lease of life!

rust on red paint

3. Get rid of loose, old paint

Before starting with the new paint job, you will need to remove any peeling or loose paint before you apply the new coat. This is not a difficult task but is definitely a necessary one. All you need is sandpaper and a little bit of elbow grease for this. Sand off any existing paint or varnish when you paint outdoor furniture. The better your prep is, the better will be the finish, trust us. Rough the surface up a bit with the help of fine-grit sandpaper. You can use a sanding sponge as well. Once you have sanded the furniture, wipe off the surface with a cloth to remove anything that is left behind. 

4. Apply primer

Before you apply the colour to the furniture, you have to apply a coat of primer. You have to use a high-quality roller or paintbrush to ensure a smooth finish. If you are using spray paint on your furniture, you can skip the priming step though. Apply a single coat of exterior primer to the wooden garden furniture with the help of a brush or a roller. Make sure that you apply strokes in a direction similar to the grain of the wood. Allow the primer to dry completely otherwise, it will scratch off. 

5. Apply paint

Once your primer is completely dry and you have let it sit for at least 24 hours, you can apply the first coat of paint on the furniture. Let the first coat dry and then apply a second coat to achieve the perfect finish. Apply the paint smoothly and in a single direction to avoid a bad, uneven finish. Remember, several thin coats will give you a better finish than a single, thick one. Moreover, thin coats will take less time to dry and will produce a better finish as well. 

close up paintbrush in hand while painting

6. Apply protective elements

Once you have successfully painted the pieces, you need to give it a little bit of extra protection. This will ensure that your paint lasts a long time and any need for future maintenance is minimized. 

7. Maintain your garden furniture

After putting all the effort into painting your furniture, you definitely don’t want it weathering quickly in the future, do you? With the help of a few maintenance tips, you can easily protect your furniture and make sure that it looks great for several summers to come!

  1. Clean your furniture regularly with paint-friendly cleaning products. 
  2. Sand the surface in order to prevent mould.
  3. If you deem it necessary, you can reapply lacquer before you store everything in the winter. 
  4. Plus, you can always cover them with furniture covers during winter to protect them a bit more.

happy woman feel comfortable and relaxing on wooden sun bed furniture outdoor on green artificial grass and looking the blue sky background

Want to bring your outdoors to life? With the help of a little paint, you can do exactly that! Whether it is a family picnic or a garden party, nicely painted garden furniture will add to the ambience of your garden and enliven the space. Painting the yours is an easy job that you can undertake yourself. Give your furniture a little makeover by following our detailed DIY project guide above easily!

Here’s to your bright, cheery backyard!

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