How To Make Your Bed Look Like A 5-Star Hotel’s Room

Did you know that we spend about one-third of our life sleeping? The older we get, the more we realise that a good night’s sleep is worth more than money can buy. After a wonderful night’s sleep, the day just goes better! But a quick morning bed-making routine is not enough.

Don’t you feel that you sleep like a baby when you stay at a hotel? Why is that? Why are hotel beds so ridiculously comfortable? If you think it is just the feeling during vacation, you’re wrong. There’s more to it! Comfort plays a huge role in the quality of sleep you receive. Wanna know how to make your bed look and feel like a luxury hotel’s one using your bedding essentials? We are here to help you with a step-by-step guide for DYIng this home improvement project. Keep on reading to find out our top tips for making a perfect bed!

Start with a quality mattress

Your mattress is probably the most important ally to a good night’s sleep. We know it’s an investment, but think of how much time you spend on it! From napping after a long day to catching up on your favourite TV shows, it’s no secret we all spend a lot of time in bed. That’s why it’s so important to buy the highest quality you can afford. Choose a mattress that includes memory foam and goose feathers to guarantee a perfect sleep. 

You can also add a box spring to make your mattress more comfortable and extend its life. Then place a bed skirt between the box spring and mattress to hide the bed frame. If you don’t want to replace your mattress, you can create a plush bed using other ways, like adding a mattress topper to your setup. Keep on reading to find out more! 

Get mattress cover and toppers

You may cover the mattress with a mattress pad to provide an extra layer of comfort and protect it from dust and spills. Many people skip this part, thinking it’s not essential, but it is. Having a quality cover helps your mattress last longer and protects it against dust mites and other things that get trapped in there and cause allergies. 

It not only helps the mattress, but when you invest in a high-quality cover with added plush, it also gives a soft, hug-like effect when you lay in bed. If you want to show off, you can also add a feather one for extra luxury and comfort.

Use the right kinds of bed sheets

There are various types of sheet sets on the market these days and different opinions about which one is the best. We suggest choosing natural fabrics, like 100% cotton sheets. We are sure you’ve heard about thread count before, so suffice it to say that we think you should just buy the highest quality cotton you can afford. Sheets can be an essential part of the bedding, so when looking for a good set of sheets, look for a count of 300 or higher. A good idea is purchasing 340-thread percale bedding. Be careful not to leave it crumpled at the end of the bed, looking sad and abandoned. Always tuck it into the bottom of the mattress.

A good fitted sheet under your flat sheet is a smart choice since it can scratch a little and look evenly and tightly spread across your mattress. Most luxurious top sheets are soft and lightweight, so your skin can breathe while you sleep. Be careful; some of the highest thread count sheets feel stiff and end up not being worthy, so make sure to feel the sheets or read enough reviews before spending money for yours. After you choose the best for you, place it over the top of the mattress and tuck it as well as possible.

Invest in hotel-quality pillows

A simple way to make your bed look like it’s straight out of your favourite hotel is to use hotel-sized pillows. And don’t forget to pile them on! A plethora of cushions will give your head and neck the support they need and will also help the cosy vibes flow from your head to toe. Don’t forget to fluff them up for a cloud nine feeling.

The best arrangement is to go for 3 large square-shaped pillows along the back, with 2 rectangle-shaped ones in front of those. Square-shaped pads are usually 65cm x 65cm, and rectangular ones should be W90cm x L50cm for the back or W75cm x L50cm if used in front.

Sleep on satin pillowcases

Satin ones are a luxury! Research shows that cotton absorbs moisture while silk retains it. As a result, when you lie on a satin or silk pillowcase, it leaves your hair and skin nourished rather than dry. They will both look better the next morning. Buying satin ones is such a small detail that makes a huge difference.

Add decorative pillows

For the hotel-style bed, add additional throw pillows or shams. Accent pillows are the ‘’frosting’’ on your bed and add that luxury hotel feels. Look for pillows with down inserts, which will last for years and never lose their shape. It is also wise to buy pillow shams! You may purchase the down inserts and switch pillow covers as often as you like. To help you choose the correct number of pillows, we give you a tutorial, depending on your bed’s size. Check it out!

King bed

  • 3 Euro pillows on the top of the bed
  • 2 King cushions just below
  • 2 Standard pillows under
  • Layer in accent pillows as desired

Full/Queen bed

  • 2 Euro pillows at the head of the bed
  • 2 Standard pads just below
  • Layer in accent pillows as desired

Twin bed

  • 1 Euro cushions on the top part of the bed
  • 1 Standard pillow under
  • Layer in accent pillows as desired

Add blankets or bedspreads

When choosing your blanket, you can go as heavy or as light as you wish. You could have a lightweight knit cotton throw blanket to use in spring and summer. It’s perfect when you need something more than just a sheet, but having a heavy blanket would be too much. If you live in a cold climate, you can always layer another lightweight blanket to add warmth or switch to a more heavy-duty one. We recommend buying only natural fabrics for breathability and comfort.

Bedspreads can be more decorative and are also larger. For example, you can have a quilt on the bed for the summer months. This will make the bed feel light and airy. During the fall and winter, you can get your duvets out to help keep warm. When you keep sheets and bedspreads neutral in colour, you create a blank pallet for you to mix and match whatever you want on top of the bed

Add a linen duvet cover

Are you a fan of linen bedding? Then, you couldn’t love a linen duvet more! You have many options on the market that have very high quality for the price, and they come in a wide range of colours. Adding one to your bed will make it more relaxed and will also create a European look. 

It’s better to use a white linen duvet as a ‘’base’’. If you do so, you can change pillows or any other throw you have at the bottom of the bed when you want to change the room’s look. If you would prefer it not to be white, go for any other neutral, solid colour. And remember, it’s all about layering! Take the top sheet’s edge from the head of the bed and neatly fold it back over the duvet’s top edge. Next, grab your pillows, fluff them nicely and place them on the bed.

When it comes to the perfect duvet for you, we recommend factoring in your sleep preferences. The weather at home might not be the same as that of the resort. You’ll find out that some styles feature a lighter fill and are ideal for warm sleepers. But there are also heavier comforters that offer extra warmth and are suitable for those who run cold overnight. Keep in mind that you have to be careful when you wash your duvet so you won’t damage it. For an additional stylish statement, layer a thin coverlet over a duvet, or fold it at the foot of the bed for an extra layer of warmth or decoration.

Use a statement headboard

Oh yes, the headboard debate! Some people claim that having one can end up being a disaster. But choosing the right piece, one that fits your taste and overall bedroom look, can add a luxury taste and be extremely useful. Just imagine going to bed after a long day and lean comfortably while reading or watching TV. You can always make your own headboard with this simple guide! The best part is you can find beautiful and comfortable ones so affordably these days. Also, make sure to find the perfect spot for your TV, so you won’t have to worry about compromising your bed arrangement.

Accessorise with a nightstand

Mattress? Check. Pillows? Also, check. Duvet? Pretty and warm. But do you have an equally beautiful nightstand? Well, a nice-looking and well-organized bedside table won’t guarantee a good night’s sleep, but it can help give your bedroom a hotel-like quality.

Having one or two nightstands on both sides of the bed not only looks like an accent for the room but is also an essential part of your bed experience. You can leave all your essentials for the nighttime ritual, such as a book or glass of water and keep everything organised and clean from clutter.

Keep it all-white

Whether you’re relaxing at an all-inclusive resort in Hawaii, living la vie en rose in Paris, or exploring greek beauty on an island in Greece, there’s a good chance most of the hotels you’ve stayed in have crisp, white sheets. Not to exclude coloured or patterned sheets, but there’s something luxurious about a set of all-white bedding

Make your bed feel like a five-star hotel’s room by sticking to an all-white design! If you can’t give up your bold ways, accessorise with some printed throw pillows. The only thing left to do is figure out how to keep your sheets from turning yellow or how to remove all kinds of stains on your mattress. May we recommend keeping snacks out of bed?

Add extra features besides your bed

To transform your bedroom into a soothing retreat, you can add extra decorative features besides your bed. That way you’ll increase the sense of beauty and comfort of the bed, but also freshen up the room and make your space feel like a 5-star hotel room!

Scented candles

Never underestimate the power of scented candles in bedroom styling. They will not only make your room smell divine but also add a soft glow and warmth that will make it feel luxurious. We recommend popping 1 on each bedside table and using complimenting scents such as vanilla and cinnamon, rose, citrus and herb.

Did you know you can have the amazing scent of candles without the candles? You can have that and also humidify the air around you with an oil diffuser. All you have to do is sit back and let the diffuser improve your overall wellness and decor. Easy, right?

Vase of fresh flowers

A vase of fresh flowers will make your bedroom feel more special and lovely. Most hotel rooms have a bunch of blooms on display for their guests to enjoy, as it provides an instant scent and lifts the mood of the room. We recommend using a big, fluted clear vase and filling it with strikingly coloured flowers to create impact.


Lighting is the key to any home decor. That’s why you should invest in a lighting scheme. Most luxury hotel rooms have soft, flattering lighting as it is one of the essential elements in a successful bedroom design. It also helps to compliment any wall decoration, if you decide to decorate your bedroom walls.

We recommend using three levels of lighting to create an inviting interior of a five-star atmosphere. Create low-level lighting with a pair of lamps to the bedside tables and one to the dressing table if there is one. Then consider high-level lighting. If there is a reasonable ceiling height, then a chandelier or pendant will look fabulous. Support this with wall lights that work well in panelling or against a lightly textured finish like silk wallpaper or polished plaster. Finally, we have general lighting. This comes in the form of overhead downlights or coffer lighting. 

Electronic devices

Maybe you have found smart ways about how to soundproof your bedroom or how to soundproof your windows. But is it enough? If you are struggling to have a peaceful night’s sleep because of the annoying noises outside, get a white noise machine. It comes with various sound choices to create a soothing environment for you every night. 

Do you know what else is amazing for any room? Have you heard of the amazing benefits of an air purifier? If the answer is yes, you should get one for your bedroom as soon as possible. In addition to the air purifier, a humidifier can make your bedroom the most pleasant space. They are both easy to use and will help you to get rid of dry throat, skin, and nose as well as allergies once and for all!

Plants, plants and more plants

Keep in mind that plants can make a massive difference in the interior design of any room. They add a special touch to the atmosphere and make you feel wrapped up in a warm world that could be your own little boutique hotel. Unusual plants of all shapes and sizes are excellent for a unique and modern look. Add some gorgeous pots to add another unique element to the bedroom. Just keep in mind to make a proper plant selection, choosing those that don’t release carbon dioxide at night.

Although no one denies that room service is impressive, perhaps the best part of any hotel stay is the bed. With crisp sheets and a duvet so comfy it feels otherworldly, most hotel beds make it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Do you struggle with recreating that cloud-like feel in your own home, no matter how much time you spend fluffing your sleeping pillows or mastering the art of hospital corners? After we’ve revealed the hotels’ secret recipe for the dream bed, all you have to do is follow our DIY hacks and make your bed look lux and cosy!

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