How To Make A Room Look Bigger With Easy Tips And Methods

Decorating a small room is a challenge for most homeowners. Decorating your living room or your bedroom walls is what makes your place uniquely yours. While they want the room to look elegant and stylish, they do not want to create a stuffy feeling in the room with all their possessions. Thus, maintaining the right balance between visual space and decor is very important.

A small room where everything is organised and it looks bigger than it is

But the good news is that there are several ways to make a small room appear bigger. You might have already checked our guide on how to make your bathroom look bigger. The key point is to create an illusion of more space through the perfect blending of light, colour and materials

Why make your room look bigger in the first place?

There are various reasons to do so:

  • A small room creates a stuffy feeling when things are not arranged properly. By making the room appear bigger, you boost the visual appeal and interior design of the room.                                                                                                                                                                
  • Making the room appear bigger provides a spacious and airy feeling. It creates a tranquil environment for you to destress and relax after a tiring day.                     
  • If you are planning to sell the house, small rooms can be a big drawback. By making the room appear bigger you are increasing the chances of getting the house sold
  • You need to offer a spacious and beautiful room for both your kids but you only have one spare room, so you invest in exploiting the existing as much as possible.

13 easy tips and methods to make a room look bigger

Making a room appear bigger is not a challenging task. A little bit of creativity and aesthetic sense is all that is required to make your room more airy and spacious. Here are some simple design tips you can follow. 

1. Make the room clutter-free

One thing that can spoil the look of your space and make the room feel cramped is clutter. Don’t you think so? We do. As a first step towards making the room spacious, you should declutter it. Keep all things that are not required in the room out of sight. You can either keep it stacked inside the cupboards or place it behind the door. Going for built-in storage space on the wall like bookcases is a great way to clear the clutter without affecting the overall look. Keeping things out of view makes it look big even if it sounds really simple. 

A clutter-free small bedroom where everything is properly arranged

2. Keep the way open

Blocking the walkway with furniture and home decor items can make the room way too small. You should arrange the furniture and try placing it close to the wall. This frees up a lot of space. You can also use short furniture like an ottoman and an armless open chair that creates a spacious look. All tall decor items should be kept close to the wall. 

3. Choose furniture wisely

Instead of going for several small pieces of furniture that can make the room cramped, how about opting for one or two larger pieces? This again frees up space a lot of space. But remember to stay away from bulky pieces that can make the room appear small. For example, in a small living room, you can go for two sleek three-seater sofas instead of six small chairs. This creates a spacious look. It would be a good idea to go for multifunctional furniture like a sofa bed or a coffee table with storage space. 

Similarly, it is best to choose plain coloured upholstery for the furniture. Bold prints and patterns can create a cramped up feeling which, in turn, make the place look small. Also, while selecting furniture, make sure that the legs are visible so that it creates a sense of openness below it. Furniture with skirts and frills can create a bulky environment, so it’s better to avoid it. 

4. Choose colour wisely

Whether it is the colours of the walls, furniture or curtains you should be very careful while selecting them. While dark colours create a warm and cosy feeling in the room, light ones create an airy and open space sense. Thus, the best way to make the space look big is to go for light or pastel shades. Another option is to follow a monochromatic colour scheme where you choose adjacent shades from the colour palette. For example, if you are opting for pink, go for a light pink and blush pink. This creates a spacious look without compromising on visual appeal.

2 people choosing colours

5. Coordinate colours

Though contrasting colours are beautiful, it breaks up space and creates a feeling of smallness. Instead, coordinate the colours of the wall, furniture and curtains so that it blends in seamlessly. You can either go for the same wall and curtain colours or follow a monochromatic scheme. The same applies to wall and furniture colour. 

6. Maintain consistency in flooring

Having different flooring options for different rooms or demarcating the rooms can make them look small. Don’t you think so? Instead, go for the same flooring throughout your house. This creates a flow of space and makes the place look big. 

7. Bring in light

Light plays a very important role in making a small space feel large. It is best not to hang any curtains on the windows so that you can have more natural light. But if you want curtains, go for floor to ceiling ones that create an illusion of tallness to the room. You can pull it back when not needed and let in natural rays as much as possible. You should get rid of heavy drapes and use sheer curtains that are light and airy. 

If it is not possible to get light the natural way, you should brighten up the room using artificial lights. You can use a track light, recessed light or a beautiful light fixture to brighten up the room. It is always best to go for multiple lights in different parts of the room instead of a single overhead light. Table lamps can be strategically placed to diffuse light in shadowy corners. Learn more about turning a dark room brighter here!

A small room with natural light and some table lamps as well

8. Do away with rugs

It is best not to have a rug in a small room as it can make it look even smaller. But if the weather conditions are such that rugs are unavoidable, you can opt for ones in neutral shades like beige

9. Create a focal point

Create an eye-catching spot in the room with certain products, features or an accent wall and draw the onlookers attention to it. This can be a dining table in the dining room or a bed in a small bedroom. Arrange the furniture in such a way that the attention is concentrated on that one spot. Keep the decor minimal when it comes to the rest of your space. You can even leave some places blank as it will help the place look bigger. 

10. Utilize glass or lucite for decorating

Since glass and lucite are transparent, it lets light pass through and make the other side clearly visible. For example, in the bathroom, use a clear glass shower enclosure without a frame to separate the wet and dry area. This provides a clear picture of the wall beyond and makes the place look large. This is a very interesting way to open up space. Don’t you think so? Similarly, while decorating the dining area, go for a clear glass tabletop instead of wood or steel. 

11. Use mirrors

Reflective surfaces like mirrors can make a small room appear big. You can hang a large mirror on the wall or place a freestanding mirror and make it the room’s focal point. While hanging a mirror, make sure that it reflects light so that the space looks more spacious. It is best to hang a mirror on the wall, that doesn’t get any light. Besides mirrors, how about going for mirrored furniture like a coffee table or side table? 

A small room with a mirror to help make it more spacious

12. Arrange decor pieces wisely

Avoid having too many knick-knacks as decor pieces. Even if you have, try to group them together. The same applies to artwork. You can even make the grouped items the centre of the room. Don’t you think it would look good? If you are hanging single artwork, make sure that it is around 1.5-2m from the floor. This will reach the eye level of a normal person. 

13. Do not block the window

Normally while decorating a room, you tend to ignore the windows. Table lamps, decor pieces, or furniture will be placed in front of it, blocking the light. Always make sure that the area in front of the window is clear

What colours help make a room look bigger?

Here are some interesting paint colours that can make the room look spacious. 

  • White: Going all white is the best way to make a small place look bigger. You can paint the walls and ceiling in white and thus blur the boundary between the two spaces. It also creates a calm and airy feel in the room which you will surely enjoy. 
  • Off-white: Off-white colour creates a warm and relaxing vibe in your room and at the same time it makes it look more spacious. You can go for an off-white colour in a room where you like to relax and have fun like a living room. Go for a touch of greenery to provide a vibrant look as well. 
  • Light taupe: If you do not want to go all white yet make the room look spacious, light taupe can be a great option. Taupe is a shade of beige with red and green undertones and would look good in rooms with no architectural detailing. While using taupe for the wall, make sure that you go for white furniture to create a relaxing feeling. 
  • Blush pink: Do you feel like providing a feminine touch to your room? Blush pink is a great choice. This colour would look best in rooms with natural light. You can complement this colour with warm and neutral tones like ivory and beige. 
  • Cool grey: If you do not like the starkness of white, then the next best alternative is cool grey. This colour provides a fresh and bright look to the room while making it look bigger at the same time. You can use this colour in a room with moderate light to create a cosy yet expansive look. 
  • Pale blue: Pale blue is best suited for baby rooms and bedrooms. With its calm and soothing feel, it creates a spacious look to the room. You can team it up with a sheer curtain to complete your decor. 

A small living room with a sofa and a brown carpet

Simplicity is the key to styling a room and make it look bigger. Just keep in mind the above tips while experimenting with different design ideas. If you really want to have a statement piece, just go for one instead of decorating the whole room with unique pieces. This way improves the visual appeal of your room and creates a calm and soothing feeling.

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