How To Make A Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar With Kids

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Not only for the little ones. Everyone is looking forward to this holiday season. From almost mid-autumn, we have been all looking for ways to decorate our homes, for new tree ornaments and Christmas lights and Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Handmade Christmas advent calendar

But beyond the warmth and joy we all feel during this holiday season, some of us might also feel a bit crafty. If you are one of these people, we can assure you that you can do hundreds of Christmas crafts even with your kids. You can make Christmas ornament gnomes, gingerbread tree ornaments or a Christmas garland with dried oranges. Yet, you can make a felt Christmas tree advent calendar. It’s pretty easy to make one and a fun way for kids to count down till Christmas or New year’s Eve. Ready to learn how to make one? Let’s start!

How to make a felt Christmas tree advent calendar

We all have the usual Christmas home decor every year. But maybe it’s time to make something different this year. A felt Christmas advent calendar. We have prepared two tutorials to choose from. You can either make a tree-shaped calendar, or a felt calendar that looks like a wall hanging yet matches the festive atmosphere. Both fabric advent calendar tutorials we have listed below are reusable

DIY felt Christmas tree

Christmas advent calendar made from stockings

Needed materials:

Steps to follow:

Step 1: 

Start your DIY felt advent calendar by making a list of the pockets it would have. You should make 25 different ones. Search online and find free printable advent calendars templates to get ideas about the design. An interesting way to make yours is to use old file folders.
Make one template for the pockets of 10×8.90cm, and then draw your pocket designs. Divide your file folders and let your creativity be free. It’s very important to draw your designs, as any mistake you may make or if there’s a design you don’t like, it is now you can fix it. It would also be very helpful if you note the colours of felt you will use while drawing.

Make snowflakes, Santa Claus, snowmen, candy canes, gingerbread men, Christmas ornaments, reindeers or any other Christmas decorations you want. Just make sure you make 25 of them, as the days up to Christmas day.

Step 2

Once you finish sketching, cut all your designs and trace them onto felt using a felt tip pen or marker. Cut them out and assemble them without glue until you are happy with the way they look.

If everything seems as you have imagined, use the fabric glue to put all the pieces together. Lastly, put the designs onto the squares-pockets. Keep in mind that the pieces you intend to stitch later, will not require to glue.

Step 3

Now, it’s stitching time. Hand stitch the pieces together. What’s more, if you want to decorate your designs with any embellishments, now it’s the right time to do it—glue any pompoms, bells, buttons and so forth.

Step 4

Next, iron fusible interfacing on the back of the pockets. Ironing will help to hold the stitching together and maintain the pockets neat and strong. Note, though, that you have to cut the fusible interfacing smaller than your squares.

Step 5

Lay the green felt on a level surface, and on top lay the squares forming a Christmas tree. Pin the pockets in place and start stitching. You can hand stitch, or you can use a handheld sewing machine. Use white thread, or match the colour of the thread to the colour of each pocket.

Felt Christmas advent calendar

Step 6

After that, choose a font that you like and print numbers 1-25 from the computer. Trace the printable numbers with an iron-on transfer pencil. Remember that the numbers should be backwards, so when you iron them on the tree to face correctly. 

Iron the numbers onto the calendar and under each pocket. After ironing the numbers, you may not see them very well. If that’s the case, go over them with the felt tip marker. Then, stitch a bit more. Get white thread and backstitch them. 

Step 7

You are almost done. Trace the shape of your tree and cut along the line. Unfold the fabric and cut it in half. You should have two trees now. Cut, then, two pieces of brown felt to make the stump and layer it with batting. Pin them all together and sew.

It’s your tree’s turn now. Layer it the same way as you did with the stump and sew everything together. When you are about to sew the bottom of the tree, sew in the stump as well. You can either use a sewing machine, handheld one, or hand stitch them for both cases.

Step 8

From a Christmas tree couldn’t be missing a star. Cut one using a yellow felt and sew it on the top of the tree. Add more Christmas decorations if you wish, like snowflakes. If you want to make it more personal, hand stitch your name at the bottom of the tree or the name of the person you may want to offer your DIY advent calendar as a Christmas gift.

Your fabric advent calendar is ready. Don’t forget, though, to stitch a short piece of ribbon on the back to hang it from. It’s a wall hanging DIY advent calendar, after all.

DIY felt Christmas countdown calendar

Christmas advent calendar made from stockings and pouches

Needed materials:

  • Colourful felt (around 50cm for the background piece, plus the tree shape colour, the colour of the pockets and more sheets of felt for the ornaments
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary blade
  • Velcro tape
  • Velcro sticky back for fabrics
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric glue
  • 1.25cm dowel rod cut to 53cm long
  • 2 dowel caps
  • Iron-on vinyl
  • Iron 
  • Small embellishments
  • Advent calendar pattern and cut files

Steps to follow:

Step 1

Search online to find advent calendar patterns. There are many available for free. Once you find the one you like the most, print it and lay it on the felt, the one you have chosen to be your background. Cut it into a large piece 86x43cm wide. You can make your calendar thicker if you like by sewing or glueing the pieces of felt together. 

Then, cut tabs at one end of the piece to attach the banner to the dowel rod. Cut four tabs about 7.50cm wide, 10cm long and about 3.5cm apart.

Step 2

Next, sew the fasteners to close the tabs. Cut pieces of sew-on hook and loop taps for each tab. Wrap the tabs around the rod to place the hook-loop tape. Pin, then the fasteners, and sew the back of the banner and the tabs.

Step 3

It’s time to make your felt tree now. Get your chosen for the tree-shaped piece of felt and cut it 45x35cm. Fold it lengthwise and cut out a 3.5x16cm rectangle on one open corner to create the tree trunk. Then, cut a diagonal line from the outer bottom corner to the opposite corner of the folded edge. Unfold. Here’s your tree shape. Glue or sew the tree in the background, ensuring you leave space at the bottom for the pockets.

Step 4

Get the piece of felt you have chosen for the pockets and cut 40x7cm strips. Pin them in position on the background and sew the sides and bottom edge of each one 0.50cm from the edge to attach the felt to the background. Next, mark and pin every 6cm across each strip and sew the markings. Your pockets are ready. You should have six pockets on each strip.

Sewing pockets on a felt Christmas advent calendar

Step 5

Now, it’s time to add the numbers to the pockets. Cut the designs from heat transfer vinyl and iron each number onto each pocket. Once you finish ironing the numbers, cut the felt ornaments. You can find many printable templates online. Choose whatever you like the most and cut them using fabric scissors. You need to cut 24 ornaments and two pieces of felt for each one. Glue the two pieces together and decorate them. You can either use heat transfer vinyl or add perles, buttons, rhinestones or paint to make them more personal.

Step 6

You’re almost there. Cut 24 sets of the sticky back for fabrics and place half of them on the tree and the rest at the back of each ornament. 

Step 7

Use glue to attach the caps to the end of the rod and wrap the tabs around the dowel. Finally, fill the pockets with your Christmas ornaments and hang your DIY felt Christmas advent calendar.

A girl in front of her felt Christmas advent calendar in her room

A felt Christmas tree advent calendar is a great holiday decor and a fun way to count the days of Christmas. If you have run out of Xmas gift ideas, it’s the perfect time to release your crafty self and start making some advent calendars. 

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas and Happy making!

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