How To Divide A Long Narrow Garden In Smart Ways

Landscape design can improve the overall garden look and add character to any size and shape garden you may have. You can lay garden sleepers, make a garden mirror and many other garden design ideas to upgrade your outdoor space, whether you have a small front garden or a patio. But what can be done if you have a long and narrow garden

A long wooden deck in a narrow garden

Upgrading a long narrow space can be a bit tricky when it comes to dividing and landscaping. Well, luckily, there are many design tips and simple ways to eliminate the narrowness and enhance your area. Ready to find out how to divide your long narrow garden?

Ten ideas to divide a long narrow garden

With a few simple design tips, you can turn your narrow plot into the most beautiful living space on your property. Here are ten small garden ideas for a DIY transformation

1. Install a water feature

If you have a narrow garden, you can install a water feature, like a pond. Make a small garden pond and enjoy a few moments of relaxation close to nature. To enhance even more these moments, install a waterfall. The sound of the water falling from the waterfall can take your stress away. What’s more, a pond in your backyard will help you connect with nature. To boost this connection, add some goldfish in the pond.

A water feature in a garden with a small waterfall, plants and pond

2. Create garden paths

A thin garden doesn’t limit you in the number of paths. You can have more than one. As a matter of fact, laying just one path is a huge mistake, as it will dominate the view and enhance the narrowness. Combine stepping stones, lawn, paving slabs and decking, to create paths and define each area.

3. Add zones by using hard landscaping

A simple way to divide your narrow yard is by using hard landscaping to add zones. This landscaping is another way to create paths. Use raised flower beds and a garden sofa set to create a living room in the yard. It will make it feel wider than it really is. 

4. Avoid painting your fence with dark colours

The fence colour is also a key part when it comes to dividing your garden. Dark shades will turn it into a small space. To make it look wider, you need to paint it with the right colours. Opt for light taupe or neutral colours like beige or the safest white. However, if you don’t want the common white, the best alternative option is cool grey. These fence paints will make the space look brighter and bigger. You can then create your shaded area by using the fence topped with trellis to grow climbers.

A beautiful white fence in a garden

5. Use ornamental grasses

An easy way to create different areas in your garden is to plant ornamental grasses which are low maintenance to grow, such as Calamagrostis, Molinia, Stipa, or Miscanthus. You can either plant them in the ground or pots and containers and arrange them in such a way to create barriers and, as a result, different spots in your garden. 

6. Make a garden room at the end of the garden 

For extra space on your property, a garden room is the best thing to do. Choose to make it at the end of your yard and use it as you wish. You can use it as a storage space to keep your garden tools, as a playroom if you have kids, or as a place to relax. 

A garden room at the end of a long narrow garden

7. Install mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best ways to make a small room look bigger. But they are also great to have in your garden. Mirrors can reflect the sunlight back to the garden. You can make a mirror and install it against a wall or fence in a shaded area and turn it into a bright side.  

8. Use white furniture

It’s well known that dark shades make even the largest indoor spaces look smaller. The same applies to outdoor spaces as well. If you have dark garden furniture in your narrow yard, it will make your space feel even smaller. To create balance and symmetry in your space, use white garden furniture at the far end of your yard. You don’t need to worry if you already have a dark set and don’t want to change it. You can paint it, even if it’s metal

9. Create a seating area

Relaxing in the garden is what you’re looking for after a long and tiring day. Create an area where you can sit and enjoy your evenings. Install garden arches and a pergola to create your “garden living room” and cover them with climbers

Pergola in the garden with plants

10. Create a secret garden

A secret garden into your garden. Sounds interesting, right? You need to divide your garden first into areas by using bamboo screens, trellisbrick walls, or even walls of foliage and decorate them, each section with different plants and furniture. It’s a perfect way to create hidden small seating and dining areas.

A raised bed filled with herbs and vegetables is nestled in the center of two other narrow gardens.

A long narrow space shouldn’t put you off. You can really do everything you like, and there are so many garden ideas to divide your long narrow yard. You can divide it using plants, paths, rooms and furniture. Choose the ones that best fit your needs and create the best garden

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