How To Decorate A Christmas Table For Dinner This Year

Are you throwing a dinner party on Christmas Eve, and you are looking for a unique table setting? Candles, Christmas lights, and red and white decorations are usual as Christmas table decorations for the whole house. But you can do more to make your Christmas table setting stand out and impress your guests.

Close up of a woman setting up the Christmas dining table, decorating with fir branches, green napkins and candles

Family and friends gatherings aren’t missing from any house this festive season. After all, the Christmas spirit calls on being close with our beloved ones. Therefore, if you want to create something special for your guests, we can help you. We have listed below 20 ways to decorate your Christmas table for dinner this year.

How to decorate a Christmas table for dinner

If you feel that just a potted poinsettia on your Christmas dinner table isn’t enough, we couldn’t agree more with you. There are so many ideas to decorate your holiday table without spending a fortune. Most of them you can DIY. Let’s see a few of the best Christmas decorations.

1. Candy cane place cardholders

Candy canes have a special place in Xmas decorations. They are used as Christmas tree ornaments, placed on Christmas garlands and in stockings. This year, you can use them more interestingly. Use them on your Christmas table as holders for your guests’ name cards.

2. Gingerbread place cardholders

Or, when making your Gingerbread Christmas tree ornaments, set aside a few to use them as holders for the card names on the Christmas dining table. Get cloth napkins and place on top the gingerbread cookies. Wrap them in a ribbon and tie the name tags.

3. Table garland

Christmas garlands are among the most popular decorations during Christmas. This holiday season, though, instead of hanging it on the mantel, you can add it in the middle of your holiday table. Think of it as an alternative to a table runner. The good news is that you don’t have to buy a garland. You can make one with dried oranges or make it with greenery, eucalyptus, and pinecones.

A Christmas table setting with sacking, candles and bumps

4. Mini DIY wreaths

Do you know how to make an autumn or door wreath? The same you need to do here and make mini wreaths and use them for the place cards. Use materials that match the rest of your decor. You can use cranberries and tree trimmings or bells and other ornaments. Just be sure they’re small enough. Write the place cards and put them with the mini wreaths on the towel on the dinner plates

5. Wreath chandelier

Now that you know how to make a mini wreath, why not make a bigger one and hang it off the ceiling above the Christmas table? If you don’t have a permanent light fixture, use a hook and ribbon to hang it, drape the greenery around the frame and secure it with ribbon.

6. Xmas tree napkin

Instead of placing towels next to the dinnerware in the usual way, make Xmas tree napkins. You are just going to need large linen napkins. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Fold the towel in half. Line up the corners and smooth out any wrinkles.
  2. Fold again in half and then start folding the corners up one at a time.
  3. Flip the towel over and fold the outer corners to their opposite sides.
  4. Flip it again and fold each flap up. 

Your Xmas tree towel is ready. Once your table setting is ready, place them on the empty dinnerware.

7. Plaid patterns

Tartan patterns are somehow inevitable on Christmas. There are many decorating ideas to introduce in your dining room, and more specifically, on your tablescape. You can lay plaid blankets as tablecloths or use checked placemats and table linen.

A girl in the kitchen with tabletop decorated for Christmas dinner

8. Bring Santa into your tablescape

Do you want to make a difference this year? Then, instead of the classic red towels, place your cutlery in Santa hats. You will save your white lace table cloths from grease and wine stains, and you’ll have a nice Christmas decoration

9. Reindeer tea light holders

For a cosy atmosphere and stylish lighting, get reindeer tea light holders and arrange them on the tabletop. Begin with a table runner as the base, and then add the holders and some ornaments. 

10. Winter wonderland

Red and green aren’t the only colours that match the Xmas spirit. White is an alternative. Just think of the snowflakes. Hence, no matter the weather conditions, set a snow-dusted scene on your dining table. Get everything white, your tablecloth, plates, candles, flowers. Use gingerbread houses with snowy roofs and small marshmallows. For the napkin rings, tie a gold ribbon around the napkins and set your cutlery and wine glasses. And that’s all! You don’t need anything else. 

11. Modern Christmas

If you want to bust out of the ordinary, go for black, white and neon yellow to decorate your holiday table this year. They aren’t the expected colours for Xmas, yet they look great on ornaments, baubles and paper Xmas trees. 

A nice table setting for Christmas dinner

12. Reuse wine bottles as candle holders

Check your cabinets and look for these empty wine bottles you insisted on keeping. It’s time to use them and turn them into candlesticks. Wash them and remove any labels; choose silvery wrapping paper and green ribbons, and your candle holders are ready.  

13. Xmas tree centrepiece

Instead of vases and pots with poinsettia being displayed on your dining table on Christmas day, create a centrepiece of Xmas trees in the middle of the table. How? Pretty simple. Use a lace tablecloth and baubles and add your small trees. The colours are up to you. Combine red, white and gold, or stick to the traditional ones and go for red and green combinations.

14. Bring nature inside

It’s well known that plants in the house are all-time classic decor and go with every time of year. That’s why to put small potted plants and placed sprigs on place settings. Or string bundles of scented herbs and foliage above the table using garden twine. You will add both decoration and smell.

15. Adopt Scandinavian Christmas decor

You’ve heard about Scandinavian Xmas decorations, right? Like Christmas ornaments, gnomes, or a Christmas garland with dried oranges. But that’s not all. You can go for a Nordic Christmas table decoration. Use cool wintery colours and icy glassware—white and smoky grey tableware and on top glass bell jars filled with treats.

16. White and silver touches

Create centrepieces with glass lanterns filled with fake snow and miniature fir trees. Fill different sizes to create a more interesting scene, spread between them silver winterberries and finish your decor with frosted glass and grey candlesticks arranged around. 

A grey and white table setting

17. Ornament trees

A simple way to decorate your dinner table is to make a couple of ornament trees and place them in the middle. Get small foam cones and cover them with tree ornaments. Use a hot glue gun to secure them. Place the larger ornaments at the bottom and as you move upwards, attach smaller ones. Fill any gaps with mini ornament balls, and finally, wrap your tree with beaded garlands. 

18. Red and white vase

Your kids could certainly help you with this. Get a large vase and place a smaller one inside. Then let your kids fill the gap between the vases with red and white marbles. Then, fill the smaller vase with a bouquet and your table decor is ready. Simple and in the spirit of Xmas.

19. Light up your dinner table

Set your candlesticks aside and bring up your empty glass jars. Fill them with a layer of Epson salt, cranberries, juniper, pinecones, evergreen and candles and put them in a row in the middle of your table.  

20. Chair Xmas wreaths  

You shouldn’t omit to decorate the chairs of your Christmas dinner table. An easy way to introduce them to the festive theme is to hang Xmas wreaths. Thus, when you get the materials for your mini wreaths, supply yourself with the appropriate materials to make your chair wreaths. We promise chair Christmas wreaths will boost your home decor.

Friends and family sitting at a Christmas table

Quite easy to create a unique Christmas tabletop, don’t you think? This year you will decorate your Christmas table like never before. You will stand out and amaze everyone with these easy table decor ideas. Whatever you choose, the sure thing is that you will make an unforgettable scene. Opt for those that suits you and enjoy yourself during your dinner party. Merry Christmas to all!

Coming next: This season learn how to make a Christmas tree look fuller.

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