How To Create Brilliant Garden Furniture From Pallets

Since summer is ahead, you’ll probably start thinking about your garden and make some changes to make it more comfortable and appealing. Or you might want to change your garden furniture, but you can’t afford to buy new pieces. There are many brilliant ideas to upgrade your patio and your garden on a budget. All you need is creativity!

A wooden bench made from pallets in red colour

Either way, it shouldn’t matter to you at all. There’s the cheapest and easiest way to make a garden of your dreams using just pallets. Don’t be scared! Anyone can do it as long as you have the right tutorials and ideas. Let’s see what you need to make this upgrade!

Are wooden pallets safe to use when building furniture?

Until a few years ago, chemicals were used in pallets to last longer. Fortunately, that has changed. Ιnhaling sawdust with chemicals is not good for our health, especially for our lungs. But beyond the chemicals, when considering using palettes, you should think of another factor as well. What did they transport? Did they transport any dangerous chemicals that might have leaked onto them? And finally, “where were they being kept?”. Was a mice family the first to make a pallet sofa? Cause beyond the chemicals, you have to consider rodent droppings and urine that might contain dangerous viruses.

Thus, you should use new ones that are clean and unused to stay on the safe side. Plus, new ones don’t need too much treatment when it comes to creating your projects. However, if you work with recycled pieces, spray them with a bleach and water solution to eliminate possible contaminants.

Why is DIY pallet furniture so popular?

You have probably noticed an enormous increase in the number of people making sets out of them recently. You can see a total makeover of indoor living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor furniture and so on. There’s a reason why this is happening, and it’s none other than the economic factor. It’s by far the cheapest solution. Store-bought ones are usually more expensive than making your own.

What’s more, the idea of DIY projects attracts people who like creating things on their own. There’s also an increase in the idea of recycling and upcycling. DIY furniture is exactly what these 2 terms represent.

Light wood cargo pallets stacked

Which type of pallet is the best for furniture projects?

You can find old ones in supermarkets, industrial areas or shops. They cost almost nothing. You can also find them on auction websites where you can purchase new or old ones cheaper than in a shop.

While choosing the perfect piece for your DIY pallet furniture, you have to consider the size as you can find different ones. However, the most common types are:

  • EUR-pallet: It’s the most popular type. Its dimensions are  1200x800x144mm. It weighs 25kilograms.
  • ISO-pallet: Its dimensions 1200x1000x144 mm. It’s a single-layer one.
  • 1/2 pallet: its dimensions are 800×600×144 mm. This type is perfect to create small furniture pieces.

Most consumers choose EUR-type to create their DIY furniture ideas due to their convenient dimensions and resistance. You can, though, use any kind.

Important: When you choose used ones, check them out very carefully and be sure they aren’t damaged.

Some amazing ideas

There are so many DIY outdoor furniture ideas you can create, from a coffee table to an outdoor sofa or bar.  They might not be high-quality wood, but pallet furniture is very resistant and steady. After you complete your DIY projects, you can paint your furniture and add furniture covers to them. The results will be stunning! Here are some amazing ideas to completely makeover your garden and patio.

DIY pallet patio day bed

A patio daybed is a great opportunity to repurpose old ones. It’s a multi-purpose piece of furniture that should have its place at all patios. You can take a nap, sit and lie down. It’s as comfortable as the shop-bought ones you can find in IKEA, but much cheaper.

A garden pallet bed with amazing cushions

Pallet wood chair

Would you like a comfortable armchair that fits with the rest of your furniture? A wood armchair is an ideal choice. You can make your own with a few.

A pallet chair

If you don’t like the idea of having an armchair on your patio, you can create a comfortable chair. You will need one or two (or even more depending on the height your chair will have) and one more to create the backrest. Scatter some colourful cushions and enjoy the sunset from your garden!

A pallet sofa

A sofa is a necessary piece of furniture to create a comfortable furniture set. Once you have made a chair, things are pretty easy. You just have to build two chairs, and your sofa is ready. And very convenient as it can fit four people.

A pallet corner sofa

A complete furniture set requires a corner sofa. How can you do it? Just make 3 chairs and join them. You will also need an extra piece to fill in the missing back panel. You’ve just built a sofa big to fit you, your family and friends.

Pallet table set

This one is perfect for accommodating all your family members or your guests. You need ten or more, some nails, a hammer and a couple of commercial brushes. For a visual effect, place a piece of glass on top of the table. You may also hang some garden solar lights on top of it to create a warm atmosphere.

A couple of garden furniture made from pallets

Wood deck cooler

Do you remember those plastic deck coolers our parents used to have to keep drinks cool?  A wood deck cooler resembles those, but in a more impressive way. You can keep your drinks cool and close to you at all times.

DIY patio bar

What better than a bar in your garden! It’s a warm summer night and you’re hanging around with friends! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bar for your drinks in the garden instead of going inside the house to get them? What do you need? 5 wood pallets, paint, a protective layer/sealant for the end and nails. A pallet bar is more resistant to UV rays, moisture, wind and snow. And the protective sealant will expand its life for more years. If you are really into the idea of garden parties, you can even build your own garden bar!

Pallet bench

A bench made of pallets is very easy. You only need three pieces of any size you like. Cut one in two following the direction of the boards. The first piece will be used as the back part and the boards of the second one for securing it in place. Then, place one whole pallet on the other and attach all three to the backseat part. Cut the boards to be all evenly in length and attach the back to the seat. Making a garden bench can be an easy and fun DIY project.

Pallet gardening table

Whether you are a wannabe gardener or an experienced one, you’ll find this project rather useful. It’s convenient for gardening and potting. 2 of them, some screws, hinges and chains and here’s your handy gardening table.

A vertical planter

If you own a small garden, but you like plants and flowers, here’s the ideal solution to plant as many as you wish. A vertical planter made of pallets. Hang one from a fence or wall facing the downside. Or you can hang some hooks onto it, hang it on a wall or fence and then place your planters. And voila! You’ve just created a vertical plant holder.

A brilliant vertical planter made from a pallet

A barbeque organiser

A barbeque organiser is very handy for your BBQ parties that you will throw this summer in your garden. The process to make it is the same as the vertical planter. Just hang some hooks and then place your BBQ utensils and tools.

Pallet playhouse

A great idea for all the parents out there. It’s a more complicated project, but your kids will enjoy it!

Pallet bed swing

A swing something that all children love. But from now on, it can be for you as well with some variations. You can make your own bed swing using a couple of pallets and a rope. Whether you want a single or a twin size mattress, it’s an effortless and quick task. Measure your mattress and decide how many pallets you want. Screw the pallets to the sides and middle, thread the rope through the holes and tie it to nearby trees. Place your mattress on top of the swing, and here’s your bed swing! You may add a hammock near it, so you will relax there while the kids are having fun.

Wooden deck

It may seem like a task that only a specialist could undertake, yet it’s not like that at all. You can make your wooden deck using recycled wood pallets. It’s more difficult than other projects but in the end the result will reward you!

There are so many project ideas you can create and make your life in the garden more comfortable.

  • Pallet wine bar
  • Outdoor pallet bar set
  • Pallet dining table
  • Pallet swing chair
  • Pallet fold-down outdoor bar
  • Pallets rolling table
  • Pallet gardening tool organizer
  • Pallet popcorn stand
  • Pallet wood bench & Gabion table
  • Pallet outdoor picnic table
  • Pallet chicken coops
  • Pallet rolling table
  • Pallet fence

A beautiful furniture set made from pallets

How to make your own pallet garden furniture?

To build and complete your furniture takes no time. Plus, you don’t need any woodworking skills and experience to do so. You just need to have the right pallets in number and size, the idea and the right tools gathered. Then, things are pretty easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make your patio furniture.

The needed materials and tools are:

  • Wooden pallets
  • Garden furniture chalk paint
  • Small roller and tray
  • Paintbrush
  • Scatter cushions
  • Electric drill with screws

The steps to build furniture for your outdoor space are:

Step 1: Give them a colour

You don’t have to do a lot with your pallets as they’re already treated. You just have to find the right colour and paint them.

  1. Apply the paint on them with a mini roller and a brush to reach any tough spots. One to two coats will be enough.
  2. Leave the paint to dry for an hour and then flip the pallet over to take care of the underside.

A man painting some pallets to build wooden furniture for his garden

Step 2: Secure the base

Safety should be your primary goal while making your own furniture. You have to make sure that all pieces are steady and safe to use.

  1. Stack the pallets until you have the desired height.
  2. Secure them using an electric drill and screws.

Step 3: Create the backrest

For a comfortable sofa, you need to take care of the back part as well. Besides, you can’t relax on the couch without one. What you have to do? Things are simple. Just place another pallet in a vertical position to form the back of your sofa. Don’t forget to secure it with an electric drill and screws.

Step 4: Make it comfortable

How to make this DIY sofa comfortable? Scatter some colourful cushions which you can get from a store or even make them yourself.

A set of garden furniture made from wooden pallets

You might think that building outdoor furniture for your garden or patio is an idea that can’t become reality. However, you’ll find out that it’s much easier than you thought. You just have to know what you want. Find the right pallets, the colour you like. get a free space to create your projects and get into action.

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