How To Clean Patio Slabs Step-By-Step For A Tidy Space

The patio is like a second home. It’s the place where you spend many hours of your day, especially during warm months. Or if you have been occupied with a patio heater, then it’s the place you spend a lot of time all year. It needs to be cleaned whether you have natural stone paving, concrete paving, or block paving. Don’t you clean your wooden garden furniture when it’s time to use them? The same you have to do with your patio.

a clean patio area with open space kitchen and sliding doors

There are many ways to clean your paved area. You can use either a patio cleaner or a DIY cleanser made from washing up liquid, products containing chemicals, or, if you prefer, a more natural way, from vinegar. If you choose to clean your decking with a patio cleaner, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions labelled on the package. Otherwise, keep reading to find out how to clean patio slabs step-by-step.

Why is it important to keep your patio clean

Like you clean your house regularly, you have to do the same with your patio as well. It’s essential to keep it sparkling because:

  1. It’ll improve your house’s overall appearance.
  2. It’ll prevent damages and help your patio last as long as possible.
  3. It’ll protect your kids and pets from dangerous things like mould and mildew.

How to clean patio slabs with soapy water

It isn’t necessary to have a pressure washer or use bleach to clean your paved area. A hard-bristle brush can get the job done. It’ll be more time-consuming and tiring than cleaning patio slabs with a pressure washer, but in the end, you’ll have a clean patio area.

Here’s how to clean the patio area:

Needed materials:

  • A bucket
  • A hard-bristled brush
  • Warm water
  • Soap

Steps to follow:  

Step 1# Removing weeds

Weeds are so persistent that they manage to find their way out into your area no matter what you do. If you have found any weeds, you’ll have to remove them. How you will remove the weeds depends on how big the problem is. You can try either weeding by hand or even using a weed killer to uproot weeds among the jointing. In case you want to use a weed killer, be sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions, especially if you have kids or pets

Step 2# Making the cleaning solution

The usual way to clean your paved area requires a brush, a mild soap, like washing up liquid and warm water. Just be careful with the detergent you’re about to use. Not all products are suitable for all paving slab types. For instance, if you have concrete paving, avoid using products containing acid. Or cleaning products containing limestone or marble, you should avoid them despite the slab material. Mix a few drops of the detergent with warm water and stir the cleaning solution to dilute the soap.

Step 3# Start cleaning

After mixing soap and water, pour the soapy water onto your dirty slabs. It would be best to divide it into small areas for better cleaning. Just remember! Before cleaning, check your solution on a small inconspicuous spot to ensure that the cleaning mixture won’t damage your pavers.

Man wire brushing garden patio concrete slabs to remove moss

Now, it’s time to start brushing. Grab your stiff brush and remove all the dirt from your patio paving. Once you start cleaning paving slabs, you’ll see the dirt will get quickly out of the paving slabs. Continue brushing! Don’t worry! Block paving won’t be damaged. 

Step 4# Rinsing

Once everything is clean, rinse your area with clean water. In case you notice any stubborn dirty spots, wait for a few hours, and then you can repeat the process. 

Step 5# Cleaning the grout joints

The grout joints are the part of the surface that needs to be cleaned as dirt and grime tend to build up. Sweep and remove the weeds of the joints regularly and fill any gaps wherever necessary. 

How to clean slabs with bleach

If you have a really dirty patio, you can use bleach as a more powerful cleanser. It is also an effective algae, lichen and other weeds remover. Just remember, while using bleach, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and skin. 

Needed materials:

  • A bristled brush
  • Bleach
  • A watering can
  • Lukewarm and cold water
  • A broom

Steps to follow:

  1. Mix 5 parts water to one part bleach in a watering can. You better use a watering pot instead of a bucket, as it can help you pour the bleach solution evenly to the entire surface without bleach running off any surrounding area and plants.
  2. Using a bristle brush, scrub the paved area to get rid of dust and stains.
  3. Then, sweep the slabs with the broom to remove any debris. 
  4. After sweeping, pour lukewarm water onto the surface to loosen algae and other weeds. 
  5. Next, pour the bleaching solution over the slabs with the watering pot and start brushing with the stiff brush
  6. Once you’ve finished brushing the whole area, let the bleach stay for 15 minutes. 
  7. Finally, rinse the pavers with clean water

How to clean patio slabs with vinegar

White vinegar is the ultimate natural cleanser and disinfectant. It can remove oil and grease stains from almost any surface. It’s also the perfect ingredient to clean your patio without using chemicals.

vinegar glass bottle on wooden table

Needed materials:

  • A Garden broom
  • Watering can
  • A bucket
  • Water
  • Scrubbing brush
  • White vinegar

Steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to remove all the weeds and sweep the block paving. Also, you should remove all plant pots and garden furniture to protect them from the vinegar. 
  2. When you finish sweeping and removing all items, mix equal parts water and vinegar in a watering pot. 
  3. Pour the vinegar solution onto the affected area, ensuring that you cover the whole surface. 
  4. Then, let the vinegar stay and do its magic for 20 minutes.
  5. After 20 minutes have passed, grab the brush and start scrubbing. It will be really easy to remove all dirt and grime due to vinegar. Don’t forget to scrub between the joints. White vinegar isn’t only an excellent cleaner but great at killing weeds as well.
  6. Then, mop the area with clean water. The vinegar smell will disappear after mopping.

How to clean patio slabs with a pressure washer

Pressure washing is probably the easiest way to clean your patio. However, you need to be rather careful. Power washing can damage even natural stones, concrete and stone paving. It would be better if you used a fan setting than a jet. 

Needed materials:

Steps to follow:

  1. After sweeping your area, connect your power washer hose to the water and turn the tap on. If your device allows it, add some detergent as well.
  2. If you use detergent, spray your surface and allow 5-10 minutes to get into all cracks and joints. 
  3. Then, begin the machine at a low setting first, and then gradually, you can increase the pressure. Choose to work at an angle no more than 30°-45° and move in diagonally. This way, you prevent damaging the joints. 
  4. When you are done, disconnect your power washer and empty it of water.

a clean open patio with curtains, a garden sofa and armchairs

Patio cleaning is essential for maintaining them in good condition and improving your house’s overall appearance. Thankfully, you can clean them pretty quickly with some ingredients and materials you already have in the house. Try one of the above 4 methods according to your needs and the tools you have, and have your patio sparkling!

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