How To Clean A Deep Fat Fryer After Enjoying A Great Meal

Who doesn’t love frying food? Especially if it’s cooked in a deep fat fryer. However, the problem is how to clean a deep fat fryer after enjoying a great meal. And why, someone might wonder, that can be a problem? Because cleaning all that grease and baked-on oil is a very hard task.

Raw French fries in a deep fat fryer ready for cooking

Luckily, many commercial cleaning products can remove all the grime from your beloved machine. But, two natural ingredients can do the job as well. White vinegar and baking soda are two of the most used in home remedies. And they manage perfectly in very challenging chores, like cleaning your oven and the glass door or the inside of the microwave. Now, they are your best allies on the hard task of cleaning your deep fryer. Let’s find out all the details! Ready?

Why it is so important to keep a deep fat fryer clean

It’s generally known that fried foods aren’t healthy. Even if you own an air fryer, cooking in a  dirty device can make food unhealthy. Therefore, it’s crucial to clean your machine, whether it’s a commercial or a household one. However, cleaning yours doesn’t concern only your health. There are more to think about when you neglect cleaning it.

A dirty fryer basket with frying oil full of bits of food particles

Here are some of the reasons why deep fryer cleaning should be involved in your cleaning schedule.

  1. Cleaning your fryer regularly reduces the risk of starting a fire. Food particles and overused oil can be a real danger.
  2. Bacteria is lurking inside a dirty fryer. But, because you’re cooking in hot temperatures doesn’t mean that bacteria can’t survive. Instead, bacteria will be transferred to your fried food.
  3.  A dirty fryer will affect the taste of your fried food and become less crispy and rather greasy.
  4. Cleaning your fryer regularly will keep your energy bill low. That’s because baked-on food particles, grease and built up grime on fryer wall and coils make it harder for the fryer to heat up, leading it to consume more energy.

How often should you clean a deep fat fryer?

The frequency of cleaning your deep fat fryer comes with the most used and annoying answer; It depends on the use! But, first, you should know that even if you don’t use it, you need to clean the outer parts daily to prevent dust from building up.

Cooking French fries in a deep fat fryer

But, beyond the outer parts, the inside of the fryer should be cleaned as well. And the frequency of boil out clean depends on the use, the level of filtration, and the frequency of using it. For example, if you filter the oil correctly and clean the fryer after every use, you should boil it every 3 to 6 months. Contrarily, if you use low-quality frying oil and don’t filter it properly, then there will be greater build-up leading to a more regularly boil out.

Best way to clean a deep fat fryer

You may find several fryer cleaners and degreasers able to clean your deep fryer. However, the best way to clean it is by using materials you already have at home and use in your daily cleaning routine.

Here are the tools and materials you’re going to need:

  • A spider strainer
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • Paper towels
  • Pan scraper
  • White vinegar
  • Dry cloth
  • A soft-bristled brush

white vinegar on the wooden table top

Now you can start the cleaning process. Keep in mind that some elbow grease might be needed:

  1. The first and most vital step is to unplug your machine and be sure that it has cool down in case you are going to clean it after use. You need to let hot oil cool for at least 2 hours.
  2. Get a spider strainer and remove any bits of food from the inside of the machine.
  3. Pour the cooled oil into a container to reuse it after cleaning the device. Strain the used oil to get rid of any food particles and crumbs and throw them away.
  4. Now, remove the fryer basket and add water and a few drops of dish soap. Let it stay in the warm soapy water to loosen the oil residue and any burnt bits of food.
  5. Then, use the pan scraper to scrape the inside of the fryer pot. Scrape as much as possible until you remove most of the grease and grime build-up.  Don’t neglect to scrape the corners and the bottom of the fryer.
  6. Next, wet some paper towels and use them to soak oil residues.
  7. After that, fill the fryer pot with water up to the maximum oil level.
  8. Add a few drops of dishwashing detergent and turn the machine to high temperature to boil the water.
  9. When the water has boiled, unplug the machine and let it cool down for about 30 minutes.
  10. Drain the water and wipe the fryer pot until it is cleaned. You may need to rinse it a few times with warm water.
  11. Afterwards, it’s time for the white vinegar to get into action. Mix half part vinegar, half part water and rinse your deep fryer. Vinegar will remove any soap residues left in the pot.
  12. When you finish cleaning the inside of the machine, you need to clean the outside parts. First, wipe the outer walls with soapy water to clean oil stains, grease and grime. Then wipe it with dry clean cloths.
  13. Grab the frying basket. Wash it in warm running water until it is clean. If necessary, scrub it with a sponge and soapy water. Make sure, though, that you rinse it very well afterwards.
  14. Clean the lid and the heating elements. Also, you need to clean the oil filter, if there’s any, as well. Use a soft-bristled brush and warm water to do so.

Extra tip

For ultra stubborn oil stains, you can try the baking soda cleaning solution. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Just mix water and baking soda to create a thick paste.
  2. Put the paste on a sponge and scrub all the oil-stained areas with a circular motion.
  3. Let baking soda do its magic for a while.
  4. Then, scrub again with a sponge or a clean cloth.
  5. Rinse with clean water.

Voila! Now, you have a clean deep fat fryer ready to use! First, make sure your device is completely dry before use. Clean water. Then, when it’s ready for use, add the oil you’ve kept in a container or fresh oil.

Deep fryer extra cleaning tips

  1. Before starting the cleaning process, you should always read the manufacturer’s instructions. You may find cleaning instructions specifically for your machine.
  2. Always unplug the deep fryer before cleaning it.
  3. If your machine is extremely dirty, you can use your oven cleaner. However, it needs extra care while using such a strong chemical product, and you should rinse it very well to prevent any chemical residues from transferring to the cooking oil when you refill your device.
  4. In case of any oil stains stuck that are hard to remove, you can use WD-40. Again with caution and thoroughly rinsing after application.
  5. White vinegar is the miracle ingredient that can save you in case you have run out of other cleaning products. Combine hot water and white vinegar, and using a scrubber apply the solution to all the surfaces. Rinse very well and let the machine dry.
  6. While cleaning your deep fryer, there’s a great chance of getting the electrical components wet. Try to avoid it. In such cases, let the device dry completely before using it again. And, of course, never submerge the deep fryer in water.
  7. If your deep fryer is made of stainless steel, check our guide on “How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances”.
  8. Never pour fryer oil and grease into the drain, or else you’ll end up with a clogged drain.

Chicken fried in a deep fat fryer

On-going maintenance for your fryer

The best way to maintain your fryer clean is to clean it regularly. This should be done every 3-6 months depending on the use or every time you see your fryer and the remaining oil is full of grime, grease and food particles left in the oil. You don’t need to follow the above cleaning process after each use.

Clean your machine as soon as it gets dirty to avoid the difficult and time-consuming deep cleaning task. This will prevent fat from hardening and burning the next time you use the fryer. What’s more, replace the oil in the fryer regularly. 

There are though some tricks and useful tips for the proper ongoing maintenance of your fryer.

  1. Maintain a safe oil temperature during deep frying.
  2. Don’t overcrowd the basket. It can lower the oil temperature and make your fried chicken or chips more greasy.
  3. The best type of oil to use is the one with a high smoke point like peanut, canola, or safflower oil.
  4. Note how many times you reuse the oil and change when it’s required.
  5. Always dry your food before placing it into the fryer. Excess moisture on food will lead to oil splattering, causing stains to the machine, your clothes and the countertop you have placed the device on.

Golden French fries cooked in a deep fat fryer

Once you know the best way of cleaning your dirty deep fryer, you have no excuse! Try the above easy tips and enjoy your fried meals! Maintain a regular cleaning schedule and keep one of the most favourite devices in the kitchen clean to keep cooking your favourite fried food with the crispy texture you like more.

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