Garden Decorations: This Is How To Make A Flower Wall

Do you love flowers, planting them and keeping them fresh inside your house? Are you planning a personal or professional event? Do you want the party decor to be vibrant and unforgettable? You should make a flower wall and enhance the wow factor of your event. Like any other floral arrangement, you have endless choices for customization when it comes to walls, in terms of colour scheme, flower types, design, etc.

Beautiful flower wall with roses

They draw the eye naturally and they don’t even take a lot of space. Want to learn how to make a ravishing floral wall? You are in luck because in this article we will teach you how to do that with the help of amazing floral wall decor ideas! Excited? Let’s go!

Why create your own flower wall in the first place?

Whether you are making one at home or for an event, it will liven up space. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits that this project has.

Benefits of a flower wall at home

1. Suitable for small spaces

Do you live in an apartment with a small garden space? You can create an illusion of a large, natural space without having to constantly maintain fresh plants. This really helps if you have a busy lifestyle but still want your place to have a dash of greenery.

2. Durable & long-lasting

Searching for durable home decor items? Flower walls can survive wind, rain, and other natural elements if you construct them properly. Once you make it, it will last for quite some time – especially the frame.

3. Perfect for homes with pets & children

If you have pets and children, and can’t have plants around since they will ruin them, a paper flower backdrop can be an excellent, cost-effective replacement. You can use printable paper roses if you don’t want to use real rose flowers. Plus, you can also use silk flowers or make flowers yourself out of tissue paper!

4. Aesthetic picture backdrop

Do you run an Instagram account? Want to have an aesthetic backdrop for your pictures and videos? A flower wall is ideal for that! They act as a great conversation piece as well, when you have guests over at your place.

Bride and groom on flower wall background

Benefits of a flower wall for an Event or your business

1. Brand campaigns

Did you just set up your business and are running a brand campaign? Create a floral photo backdrop that matches your campaign and grabs the attention of potential customers! Why not create a photo booth with a paper flower wall and promote your services and products?

2. Vamp up the building entrance

Want to make the people who come to your office feel welcomed? Why not create a wall with flowers and place it at the entrance? It will definitely help in making the customer’s experience memorable!

3. Memorable events

They can centre the attention of the guests to a particular area in your event. From baby showers, bridal showers to wedding decor, DIY flower walls are perfect. If it is a wedding reception, a DIY wedding flower wall can act as a stunning backdrop for the vows, the wedding venue entrance, or as the centrepiece wedding backdrop at the reception. It’s true that it’s the perfect wedding decoration idea!

How to make your own flower wall for outdoors

You will be surprised to learn that building a reusable one is pretty easy and super straightforward. Even if you have never built one before and aren’t very good at DIY projects, this one will be a breeze for you. To make an aesthetic floral backdrop, all you need is the right set of tools, free space, and a tiny bit of guidance, which we are here to provide with this tutorial!

Things that You will Need

To build a floral backdrop, you need very basic and simple supplies that are easily available at your local hardware store. The things you will need are:

  • Two plywood sheets (2m x 1m)
  • Three door hinges
  • Screws
  • Four faux boxwood panels (1m x 1m)
  • Drill
  • Staple gun
  • Scissors
  • Flowers


1. Screw the plywood boards together

Lay the plywood boards on the floor, side by side. Take one of the door hinges and align it in the middle of the two boards. Screw it in with the help of the screws and drill.

Woman screws plywood sheets using power drill

Take another hinge and place it in the middle of the boards, but at the top (leave some space – about 0.15m) and screw it in as well. Similarly, screw the third door hinge at the bottom. This will join the two boards together and you will be able to fold them.

2. Trim the screws

Once the wooden backdrop folds properly, flip the board over so that you can see the backside. If the screws are slightly poking out of the board, you can let them be since the spongy boxwood panels will cover them. However, if they are sticking out a lot more, then you should trim them with the help of wire snips to prevent any unfortunate incident.

3. Attach the boxwood squares

Get your boxwood squares out and place them on the back of the structure you just created. Each board will accommodate two boxwood squares easily. The boxwood panels will disguise the crack in the middle and hide the hinges.

With the help of a staple gun, fix all the boxwood squares. Stand the structure straight and trim away the overhanging boxwood sheet. Voila! You have assembled your wall and it is time to add flowers to the backdrop.

4. Attach the flowers

The final step in creating the perfect floral drop is attaching the florals. There are so many ways you can do that. One of the ways is to keep your flower stems long and then punch the flower into the boxwood backing

Another way is to make garlands of flowers using chicken wire, and then stapling them to the backdrop. Just ensure that the floral garlands are attached securely all the way to the wood so that the heavy garlands don’t pull the boxwood netting away. 

5. Setup the floral background

Lean the wall against a wall or if you want the backdrop to stand on its own, you can easily construct triangle trusses and attach them to the plywood. There you go!

How to make your own flower wall for indoors

Now that you know how to make a backdrop for outdoors, let’s take a look at how you can quickly create one for the indoors.

Flowers,scissor and twine on wooden table

Things that You will Need

  • 1 to 1.5m branch (you can get a smaller branch if there isn’t enough space)
  • Twine
  • Flowers
  • Scissors


1. Tie the twines

The first thing that you need to do is to tie the tendrils of twine to the branch. You can keep the twines as long as you want, depending on your preferences as well as the amount of space that you have. Space the tendrils a couple of centimetres apart.

2. Group the florals

The next thing you have to do is to group the faux flowers together. You can arrange them any way you like, use any colour that tickles your fancy, and use any type of flowers you want to! You can even use paper flowers as well as artificial flowers, if you want to. If you want to use real flowers, you have a multitude of choices from roses to peonies & hydrangeas that are perfect for a stunning flower wall backdrop.

3. Attach the flower bundles

The final thing you have to do is to tie the flower bundles onto the twines directly. Hang the branch high up on a wall with the help of a couple of screws. Viola! Your indoor floral wall is ready!

Flower wall with plants in the office

This is a very simple DIY project and you will absolutely love how it brightens up your home. Let your creativity run loose and wild. What makes floral backdrops so amazing is that you can customise them to your personal taste very easily. It is a great way to spruce up the space, whether it is your living room wall or whether it is the venue entrance of a grand event. Want to capture fun images that will make your wedding ceremony memorable and fun for the guests? Build your own floral wall! You can create any atmosphere you want with a flower wall – just use the right flowers and set the mood!

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