Follow This Guide And Learn How To Make A Peg Bag Easily

Making your own crafts is a brilliant way to pass the time. From making cute scrunchies to cushion covers. And then what? Thinking of making your own laundry clip bag but don’t know where to start from? Lucky for you, we have put together this perfect step-by-step guide so that you can learn how to make a peg bag easily!

Bag of clothes pins on a table

Whether you are making a clothespin bag out of a tea towel or an old pillowcase, this guide will help you make your own fabric bag, whether you are a pro at sewing projects or a beginner. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Preparing for making your peg bag

The thing is that it makes hanging the laundry very easy when you are popping it on the line. You can hang it neatly in your laundry area or in your bathroom while you are not using it. Before you get started, there are a few things that you need to take care of. Let’s see what they are.

1. Choosing the Fabric

The first thing to do when you are making a laundry clip bag is to choose the fabric. Since you are going to hang the bag outside, it will take quite a bit of abuse. Therefore, make sure you select a nice, thick material that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

If there is a specific print that you fancy, but the fabric is fairly thin, you can line the bag and strengthen it. From an old pillowcase to the pair of jeans you don’t wear anymore, you can select any fabric and bag pattern you want. If you like to mix and match patterns, you can use fabric quarters as well. 

Choice of fabrics

2. Selecting the Pattern

The next step is to select a pattern for your laundry clip bag. You have two options – you can select a free sewing pattern online and then cut it accordingly. The second option is to create a pattern yourself according to the size of the clothes hanger, fabric, requirements, etc.

We recommend that you use a child’s coat hanger instead of an adult hanger since it will create a small bag to hold your clothes pegs

Step-by-step guide: How to make a peg bag

Making yours is one of the easy craft projects that you can complete in half an hour. You simply have to snip the fabric according to the pattern and then stitch the pieces together. 

If you want, you can decorate it with crochet lace, ribbons or other embellishments, or you can simply let the fabric you chose stand out on its own.

Here’s what you need to do to make a laundry clip bag for your home. 

Things you will need

DIY steps

1. Making the Template

Take a sheet of paper and cut it about 45 cm long. Place an old wooden coat hanger onto a paper, keeping the base of the hook at the top. Measure the width of the hanger, and mark it on the paper, keeping the width of the template a few centimetres wider than the width of the hanger. 

This will give you a clear image of both the back and the front of the bag. Simply divide the front template into two pieces if you don’t want to create a hole in the front. If you do, though, you can use a bowl or a plate of the right size and trace around it. The opening hole of the laundry clip bag needs to be large enough so that you can easily put your hand inside and take a fistful of pegs out.

2. Cutting the Fabric

The next step is to take the “map” you created and pin it to the fabric using sewing pins. Carefully cut the fabric according to the measurements, cutting around 2 cm more fabric than the size you marked. Repeat for the front and the back pieces accordingly. 

Sewing machine with many sewing utensils on wooden table

3. Stitching the Peg Bag

Place the bottom edge of the top front piece on the upper edge of the lower front piece and pin them together. Stitch the fabric from the right side, leaving a 1cm seam allowance. Zig-zag, the raw edges, press the seams open and then topstitch along the pressed edges.

Once the right sides of the front pieces are together, use sewing pins and pin the back piece with the front piece. Stitch the top and the sides together, and leave the lower edge of the fabric open. 

Make sure to leave a 1cm gap at the top edge of the hook. Turn the right side of the fabric out and iron it. Place the hanger into the clothespin bag at an angle – it is easier this way – and push the hook into the hole you created in the top piece. Once the hanger is inside, pin the lower edge and top-stitch the lower edge

Voila! Your bag is ready. Decorate the clothespin bag in any way you want. Fill the bag with pegs and adorn your washing line with your adorable creation! Use them yourself, or give them as lovely gifts to your friends and family, who will absolutely love them trust us!

Alternative ways to use a peg bag

What we really like about these small bags is that you can use them for various purposes other than as laundry clip bags only. From keeping your sewing items in the bag to using it as a storage place for grocery bags, you can make the most of these handy little DIY creations!

Lavender bag on o rustic table

1. Fill them with Fresh Flowers

Once you have created a clothespin bag, you can use it for a multitude of reasons other than as a laundry clip bag only. For instance, you can fill it with fresh flowers and add a hint of country charm to your home décor. You can hang it on a hook, a drawer knob, your door or simply display it on the wall.

2. Use as an Easter Basket

You can use it as an Easter basket. Attach a small Easter bunny tag to the bag and keep the goodies for the kids in it. They will absolutely love it! 

3. Storage Place for Small Items

If you have a baby, you can hang the bag over the changing table and keep small items, such as diapers, baby napkins, sanitiser, nappy rash cream, etc., in it. Also, you can hang one in your pantry and keep disposable grocery bags in it. You can use them as closet organisers for your socks, leggings, underwear, etc. You can even use it as a tote bag if you make a few alterations to it.

Towels ,peg bag and detergent in laundry room

Pegging your clothes out is better than piling your laundry in a tumble dryer or simply heaping them on the radiator to dry. If it is a fresh and bright morning with a light breeze blowing, the simple act of hanging your clothes on a line can lift your spirits, brighten up your mood, and blow away the gloominess. 

Brighten up your clothesline with the help of a fabric laundry clip bag that you can easily make using the steps and instructions we have given above in this peg bag tutorial. With this bag, you will keep your pegs on hand as you hang out your washing, simply sliding the bag along the clotheslines as you go!

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