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You might know how to decorate shelves or how to dress a bay window, but how do you feel about DIY photo arrangement? A few images scattered through a living room or a wall are simply that: a few images. Group them together, and you have a design statement. Gallery walls can be an excellent way to display your art collection or family photos. However, you probably have not given it much thought as to how to properly arrange them on a staircase wall. 

White wall with photos in photo frames

But, don’t be disheartened; decorating a staircase is much easier than you think. You can still make a lovely staircase picture wall that is unique to you and your family. In this guide, we will show you how to arrange pictures on the staircase and how to pick up the best frames that you can utilise in your entryway and even for the most awkward spaces.

Things to consider before starting

There are a few things you should keep in mind when hanging pictures on your staircase that will help you get the results you always wanted and give that extra touch to your home interior design:

1. Alignment

When hanging photographs on the wall, try to keep them at least one metre away from each stair. Measure from the bottom of the frame to the top of the step. You’ll have a better chance of getting an even look when you hang the images if you use each stair as a measuring point. 

When hanging photos, stick to the staircase and don’t hang pictures all in a row on one stair only. A horizontal pattern that ascends with the steps will be far more aesthetically pleasing than a vertical design.

2. Matching sizes

Having the photographs organised by a frameset is one of the more efficient-looking ways of hanging pictures along a staircase wall. If you could have all of your photos in the same size frame, your display would have a really symmetrical look to it, which would look great.

Many small frames on a white wall

If you have a variety of frame sizes, attempt to create a circular display pattern on the photo wall by surrounding larger picture frames with smaller ones. The enormous picture will stand out thanks to the blossoming effect. Attempt to hang the larger images higher up on the wall.

3. Stability

A single hook per picture is usually sufficient for most walls. A stair wall, on the other hand, is an area in the house where people walking up and down the steps cause a lot of vibration, which can cause pics that aren’t correctly secured in the wall to fall off.

Use a photo frame wire strung across the back of the frame and two photo hooks to keep each picture in place instead of one hook linked to a point on the frame. The picture is more likely to stay in position when the steps tremor since the two hooks are holding onto the frame wire.

Tips on how to arrange your photos

Use a pattern to position your pictures and enjoy strolling through time with each trip down or up the stairs.

1. Sort pictures into groups

Collect the photographs you want to display and put them in frames as needed. Sort them into groups based on your preferences. Use matching picture frames, such as all black and white photos

2. Make templates

Place a photo on a brown paper bag, coloured construction paper, newspaper, cardboard, or other suitable, lightweight material with the surrounding frame. Make a template by tracing around it and cutting it off. 

Repeat with each photo, leaving the corresponding photo in the template before going on to the next. Arrange the photographs on the floor to obtain a general sense of what you want and where it should go. Arrange the photographs diagonally to approximate the wall’s slope.

Couple measuring wall to hang picture at home

3. Mark and tape each template 

Experiment with the groups, such as pairing a large, heavy image with two smaller ones below. Concentrate on the order and grouping, instead of focusing on the space. Reposition until you’re happy with the results. To identify the sequence of the photos when posted on the wall, assign a number to each prototype, starting with 1.

Start at the top or bottom of the wall and tape each prototype to the stair wall in succession. To do so, you can use painter’s tape, sticky putty or even thumbtacks. When you’re standing on the step directly underneath it, hang each one at about eye level.

4. Do proper measurements

The photographs will be taken in a stair-like pattern, with the top of one photograph being about a third lower than the top of the next. Clusters of photographs should be 5 to 7 centimetres apart, and individual photographs should be 10 to 15 centimetres apart which is just enough room for your hand to fit between them.

The spacing in a photo gallery is a little different. Regardless of how little or huge the photo is, hang the middle of each at around 1.5 m in height. Each one should be two or three steps apart.

5. Hang the photographs

Once the layout is finished and you’re happy with the results, replace the models with the relevant photographs one by one. For small pictures or anchors, use finishing nails. For larger, heavier pictures, use heavier nails. Keep an eye on your progress and take a step back to assess the outcome. Once the finished picture has been mounted, dispose of all the models.

How to arrange photos on large walls

Fill in that large empty space on the staircase wall and create unique pieces of art. You’ll end up with a unique picture wall art. Here’s how: 

Family photos on the staircase wall

1. Measure the wall layout

Measure the length and width of the wall where the photos will be placed. The overall shape of a picture arrangement is usually similar to the geometry of the space it occupies. For instance, a square or round layout is best suited to a square or round space. Determine the picture size.

Choose between a formal and a more informal arrangement shape. A square is less formal than a circle, and a rectangle shape is less formal than an oval. Cut the main sheet to the same size and shape as the wall space you’ve picked for your photographs by joining bits of paper. 

Place the piece of paper on the floor. Draw a horizontal line through the paper’s horizontal centre and a vertical line through the paper’s vertical centre. The middle of the arrangement is where the two lines connect, and It is where the focal point of the arrangement is located.

2. Make a priority

Determine which photograph is the most important. Place this image in the centre of your piece of paper. Arrange the remaining photos and wall hangings around this central image, making sure that the space between them is as equal as possible. Keep either the top or bottom margins of the grouping level to create one horizontal line in a rectangle or square arrangement. This helps to strengthen the visual contour of the arrangement on large walls.

3. Hang the photographs

Draw a circle around each image. Remove the picture and assign the same number to both the drawn outline and the photograph. Tape the paper to the designated spot on the wall. Centre the paper horizontally in the chosen location, with the centre of the arrangement at about 1.5 m from the floor. Each photo should be hung in the appropriate spot on the paper design. After all of the photographs have been hung, remove the paper.

How to brighten up your staircase

Your staircase makeover should be treated as if it were a room. Below are some DIY decorating gallery wall ideas to brighten it up and add a pop of colour:

1. Bright lighting 

One of the simplest ways to brighten up your staircase is to use lighting, and there are many options available. For small spaces, wall sconces are a winner, while ceiling lamps smartly maintain the area looking tidy. Avoid hefty, low-hanging lights. Also, if you have enough space, add small lights to lighten gloomy corners and produce a nice glow along with the wall decor. Don’t forget to try smart bulbs as well!

Woman hangs a colortravel photography

2. Consider painting your gallery wall

White, cream or soft pastels are simple ways to brighten up your staircase blank wall. Giving your wall a fresh coat of paint, if you are able to redesign it, will instantly enhance the outlook.

Opt for a burst of colour if you want to make a strong statement. Colour is a great way to add personality to your staircase and make it more pleasant and will brighten and add dimension to it.

A bold shade of sage green or ochre, which has recently been one of the fashionable decor ideas, will liven up your space. Plus, you can never go wrong painting in a really plain bright white. If you’re feeling very daring, go for the flower-strewn panel’s trend. These vibrant colours may look out of place on a staircase, but rest assured, they will add a bold artistic touch.

3. Add standout features

While a staircase may appear to be one of the tiniest areas in the house, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some of your favourite gallery wall ideas. Mirrors are fantastic accessories that are well worth the money to create wall art

You can get a variety of old and new mirrors in all shapes and different sizes, then paint the frames the same colour as the gallery wall and combine them together. If they’re made of plastic then you can learn how to do this right here.

What do you think of these decor ideas? By following the tips above, you will be able to create a staircase gallery wall that will add value to your home wall decor and will certainly brighten up your house’s entryway. No need to be an expert! You can do it like a pro in simple steps!

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