Explained: How To Hang Your Long Dresses In The Closet

I bet you’ve all surfed the net looking for ways on how to make your closet have a nice smell and how to add extra storage space, especially if you own a small one. And you’ll probably have managed to find useful tips to do so. 

There are so many ways, life hacks, storage hacks and DIY things you can try to turn a bedroom closet into a tidy and big enough place to keep all the needed items to complete your appearance. Just think of the different types of hangers you can find; plastic tube, padded, wire, coat hangers and clip ones. Let alone other small but useful tricks that help you fit everything, even in the smallest closet!

Some brilliant dresses hanging from a rack

For all women, the dream would be a custom closet! Why? For many reasons! But the main problem lies in long and maxi dresses, which deserve a decent space in the closet and most of the time, they can’t be found. We usually put them on a hanger and let them touch the floor space of the closet. Or fold them and store them on shelving and drawers. But what can we do? Which is the best option? Folding or hanging our long dresses? What is the perfect way to hang them? Here are the best closet organization tips to help you hang your dresses the best way!

Is it better to fold or hang your dresses? 

Whether you have jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, skirts, or dresses, you may still wonder: Should I fold or hang my garments? However, there isn’t just one answer. It depends on the closet space, the type of your clothes and the kind of fabric they’re made of

When it comes to dresses, the general rule of thumb is that it’s better to hang them. It would be best if you didn’t hang sweaters and heavy dresses as they may stretch. You should fold these instead. 

How to hang long dresses in the closet?

There are so many organization hacks that can help totally makeover both dressing rooms and small bedroom closets. You can, for example, use curtain rods to hang your garments. It’s an excellent and useful solution to add some extra space to your small closet. Or you can use drawer dividers. They’re convenient in decluttering your space.

There are also many shoe storage tips. You can get shoe racks to store your shoes and create extra storage space. Or you can store them in storage boxes under your bed, freeing this way your closet floor. Whether you’re searching online or in stores, you can find plenty of storage ideas, from how to hang your t-shirts to storing your season clothes. Think of it as part of your home decor! We know that it’s not like decorating your living room, but still, it’s a very important aspect of your daily routine.

Some garments are a bit difficult when it comes to hanging and storing them, like dresses that are long. It’s quite easy to hang your short dresses. You place them on the holder, and that’s all. But what about long ones? Is there a right way to prevent wrinkles and creases or ruin the clothing’s shape? The truth is that there are a couple of ways. Here are some mini tutorials for you!

Some wonderful dresses hanged in a rack

Method 1

The first step is to separate the dresses you’re going to hang from those you’re going to fold. Then, you need to have the right hanger type depending on the fabric your dresses are made of.  If, for example, you have a dress made of silk and delicate material, you need to buy a padded (silk or linen) one. 

Once you’ve chosen the one you need, you can start hanging your dresses:

  1. Take the dress and place its shoulders on the holder.
  2. Then, take the dress’ straps and loop them over the top in the middle.
  3. Next, get the bottom of the dress, fold it in half and drape it through the hanger
  4. Finally, tuck the fabric into the neckline

Method 2

For this way, you are going to need:

    • 2 hangers for each dress. A padded, wooden plastic and a skirt one or whatever you like
    • cloth holder hooks or soda can tops

Now, here’s how to do it:

  1. Place the dress’ shoulders on the holder. 
  2. Take the skirt hanger and peg the bottom of the dress.
  3. Place a hook on the one holding the shoulders, and hang the skirt holder on it. 

And you are done!

Method 3

Let’s see how to hang your strapless maxi dresses. It’s almost the same way as the above. Their main difference lies in the type of holder. To hang your strapless maxi dress, leave the coat hanger. You need a pant one as it has clips to hold your dress.

You might feel that keeping your maxi dresses out of scratches, wrinkles and creases is a bit tricky, especially if your closet is rather small. However, there are some organization tips that will help you add some extra hanging space and keep your dresses unwrinkled. You need to buy a few suitable hangers and follow the above storage solutions. Your dresses will stop lying on the bottom of your closet. Stop mistreating them and give them space in the closet they deserve!

A woman having trouble with her closet

Do you see? After all, hanging your long dresses isn’t that hard. All you need to do is be smart about it! Hopefully, one day you’ll have a big closet where everything has its own place. Until then, follow our step-by-step methods and your dresses will thank you! The next time you’re going to wear them, everyone will be jealous of your looks!

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