Easy DIY: Learn How To Make Christmas Ornament Gnomes

Christmas is just a breath away, and we all start thinking about the holiday decor, the Christmas tree ornaments, how to decorate the Christmas table for dinner and the Christmas gifts for the beloved ones. Over a couple of years, a new Christmas home decor has popped up. Gnomes! Holiday gnomes are traditional Scandinavian and Nordic folklore, also called Nisse, Tomte or Tonttu. That’s why they’re also known as Scandinavian Christmas gnome ornaments.

A Christmas gnome in a Christmas tree and Christmas lights as a background

They are a great addition to your Christmas home decor and a very easy holiday craft, no matter where they come from. You can use them to decorate on top of the wrapping papers you will use for the gifts, as napkin rings, to decorate your Christmas table, and the list could go on forever. Hence, let’s learn how to make Christmas ornament gnomes.

DIY Christmas gnome ornaments

There are many craft ideas for DIY Christmas ornaments to make during the holiday season. However, one of the greatest and funniest Christmas crafts you can do with your kids is DIY gnome ornaments. Below we have four easy gnome tutorials and the craft supplies you need for each one. So are you ready to find out some gnome patterns? Let’s start!

Wood slice gnome ornaments

Wood slice disc on a Christmas tree

Needed materials:

  • Wood slices
  • Faux fur fabric
  • Plastic or wooden beads/ clay pieces/ buttons
  • Twine or ribbon about 25cm
  • Scissors
  • Razorblade
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks

Steps to follow:

  1. Tie the ends of the ribbon in a knot and place them aside.
  2. Cut the fur with the razor around the wood slice. You have to make a small overlap. Also, cut a rectangle small moustache piece and separate it into two sections.
  3. Next, glue the gnome beard to the wood slice, the beard on top and finally, the nose on top of the beard.
  4. Now, it’s time to make the gnome hat. Wrap a piece of felt around the wood slice and allow a small bit of overlap.
  5. Fold it in half and cut the excess felt.
  6. Then, trim to a rounded triangle and open it.
  7. Glue the bottom of the felt to secure it. You should now have a cone.
  8. After that, glue the ribbon holder at the top of the hat and glue the whole cone.
  9. Slide the hat over the wood slice and place it close to the nose. Hot glue it to the nose and secure the rest of the gnome hat to the wood slice.
  10. Finally, you can add anything you like to your DIY Christmas craft; And voila! Your adorable gnome is ready.

Pinecone Christmas gnome ornaments

Colourful Christmas gnomes from pine cones and felted wool

Needed materials:

  • Cream-colour felt
  • Wooden balls: three 2.5cm diameter and three 0.95cm diameter
  • Three 3.80cm to 5cm long pinecones
  • Chenille stem: white
  • Wool roving: light grey/curly white wool
  • Hot-glue gun and sticks
  • Sewing needle and cream thread

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut three felt triangles pieces in 9.5cm on each side. Fold them in half and blanket-stitch together the long edges.
  2. Next, cut three 1.2x15cm felt strips and fringe the ends. These will be the scarves for your little guys.
  3. Glue a 2.5cm diameter wooden ball to the flattest end of each cone. This will act as the gnome head.
  4. Then, glue a 0.95cm diameter wooden ball to the gnome head you’ve just made for a nose.
  5. After that, cut the chenille stem into 3 of 10cm lengths and fold the end of each one over slightly.
  6. Bend the stem 2.5cm from the other end at a right angle and glue it to the head.
  7. Fold a cuff on the bottom edge of each hat and then glue them to the heads over the stems.
  8. Wrap and glue the scarf around the gnome’s neck and glue a piece of wool roving/curly wool to the gnome’s cheeks and under the nose.
  9. One step before the end. Bend the hat as you like.
  10. Finally, sew a short length of the cream thread to the back of the hat to make a hanging loop and be able to hang it on your Christmas tree, the door hanger or wherever you fancy.

Tada! Your DIY Christmas gnome is ready!

A non-sew gnome ornament

Needed materials:

  • Gnome hat pattern
  • wool-ease thick and quick yarn, wheat
  • Felt sheets(maroon, forest green and grey)
  • Fabric scissors
  • 3mm twine
  • Woodball, solid unfinished, about 2cm diameter
  • 2 small wood circle slices, 0.5cm diameter, or 2 buttons
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clear glue sticks
  • Fine tip paintbrush

Steps to follow:

  1. Start by wrapping the yarn around your palm about 50 times.
  2. Then, cut the end of the yarn.
  3. Cut a 12cm long strand and pass it through the wrapped yarn. Remove it from your hand and tie the strand into a knot. This way, you will make a pom-pom.
  4. Next, paint the wood circles in gold paint and allow them to dry.
  5. Get the hat pattern. It’s very easy to find online. There are many free printable patterns. Place the pattern on top of a felt sheet and cut it.
  6. Wrap the sheet in a way to create a cone. You can use a wooden dowel or a pencil to wrap it easier. Leave a small opening at the cone tip.
  7. The glue then the overlapping edges to secure it.
  8. After that, cut a 50cm long piece of string and fold it in half.
  9. Pass one end of the string under the pom-pom knot and tie the ends of the string around it.
  10. Next, pull the twine’s end through the hole at the top of the hat and pull the string again to pull the gnome beard into the hat.
  11. You are almost there. Glue a wood ball at the end of the hat where it meets the beard and the two painted wood circles onto the front of the hat.
  12. Finally, trim the beard a bit to make it even.

Your little gnome is ready! You can now hang it on the Christmas tree.

Cardboard tube Chritsmas gnome ornaments

A Christmas gnome in the snow with Christmas lights as background

Needed materials:

  • Cardboard tubes
  • Construction paper
  • Pom poms
  • White yarn
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

Steps to follow:

  1. Cut the tubes into different lengths to produce gnomes of varying heights.
  2. Next, cover them with construction paper. Choose different colours to pair with your Christmas decorations.
  3. After that, roll white paper to form a cone and secure it with glue or tape and trim the open end straight.
  4. Now, grab the yarn. Wrap it around your four fingers 10-12 times and cut a piece of yarn around 15cm long.
  5. Thread it through the centre of the wrapped yarn, tie a knot and cut the loops. You have just created the beard of your gnome.
  6. Trim the beard. You need to make even strands.
  7. Afterwards, glue it to the top of the tube with the yarn knot being placed at the top of the tube.
  8. Next, glue the hat (the cone you’ve made out of the white construction paper) over the beard and glue a small pom-pom to the spot where the beard meets the hat. This will be the gnome’s nose.
  9. Finally, let everything dry.

After the gnomes have dried, you bend the hats a bit or leave them as they are. It’s up to your taste.

A Christmas ornament gnome in a Christmas tree

As you can see, a DIY Christmas gnome is a very easy holiday craft for the whole family. Follow our tutorial and boost your Christmas decor with these adorable holiday gnomes. Make as many DIY gnome ornaments as you like and make unique holiday decor. If you want more Christmas tree ornament ideas, we’ve got your back. Check our article on how to make gingerbread Christmas tree ornaments.

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