Don’t Know How to Decorate a Fireplace? Come Check This!

Do you have a non-working fireplace in your living room? Just because you don’t find it in your heart to use it, you shouldn’t think that it is completely useless. Even if you can’t light a roaring fire, you can certainly get creative and style that empty fireplace. 

Fireplace decoration with picture frame , vase and candles

When it comes to decorating a room, there are plenty of ideas. You can mount shelves and decorate them in several ways or different patterns to arrange photos on staircase walls. But what can you do if you have a fireplace? Is there a way to do so? Whether you want to create a functional space or simply decorate your fireplace beautifully, we are here for you. In this article, we have put together a list of brilliant ideas on how to decorate a fireplace. Trust us, when you have these designs on display, you will not miss firewood again!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Brilliant ideas to decorate your fireplace

1. Shelve Books

If you have a non-working fireplace, you can fill it with stacks and stacks of books. If the mantel has an aged, vintage look, you should use vintage books to complement it. In case your fireplace works, then you can put the hearth to decor-work in the warm months of summer and stack paperbacks, interesting magazines, and vintage hardcovers to create an alluring focal point.

2. Mount Pretty Plates

Why not use the wall space above the fireplace to show off your favourite pieces from your plate collection? Even if you don’t own a full set, you can pick mismatched, antique pieces and let them shine over your fireplace as they will add visual interest to the place.

This is one of the easiest mantel decorating ideas that will help you with your fireplace makeover and will make your plate collection a part of the room decor as well.

3. Group Neutral Accessories

Accessories brighten up any space. You should get some in shades of beige, white, and black. Choose some beautiful brass pieces that will complement various fireplace design styles. 

Add a couple of books, a plant, a few birch logs, some minimalist frames and your space will have an entirely different look.

Living room with mirror on fireplace

4. Lean Mirrors

Mirrors liven up any space. If you have a small living room, or if the room doesn’t get enough natural sunlight, making a mirror the centrepiece of your mantel is a great idea. If you need more ideas on boosting your small’s room decor and making it look bigger, you better check our article How to make a room look bigger with easy tips and methods.

What matters when it comes to hanging a mirror on a wall is safety and not the place. There are many ways you can mount it. You can hang it from the wall above the fireplace as well. Shake things up a bit by choosing a mirror that has a decorative frame or an intriguing shape. Check for reflections before you choose the location of your mirror.

Hanging a wreath over the mirror will add a cheerful splash of green to the space that will look great all year round. You can also decorate with florals – either faux or real. Keep a single stem in a nice minimalist vase, display a bouquet, or go the garland route – the choices are endless!

5. Hang a Portrait

You can display a mirror, a tall frame, or an art piece on your mantel and emphasize the height of your room. If you select an object that contrasts with the fireplace, it will look even better and will have a powerful impact.

People often hang a TV above the fireplace, which might not be the perfect place to put the TV in a living room.  However, you can hang oversized pieces of abstract art and make them the main focus of your space. 

6. Showcase Vases

What’s the one thing that will brighten up any space instantly? Fresh flowers! Why not keep a couple of vases on the mantel and keep fresh flowers from your garden in them regularly? You can go with faux fireplace bouquets as well that will last for a long time.

7. Make a Cosy Nook

We live in a chaotic, hectic world where it is hard to find a moment’s peace at times. Having a cosy nook in your home that reflects your personality and makes you feel calm and peaceful, will boost up your mental and physical health

Place a comfy seat near the fireplace, a black and white coffee table,  get some fresh blooms, a couple of houseplants and set the mood with some fairy lights and scented candles.

8. Ditch Red Brick

Do you have a red, brick fireplace? It is time to ditch the red and change the look a bit with a DIY project. Refresh the outdated look with a fresh coat of paint and transform the look of your dining room or family room instantly.

Black painted fireplace

9. Paint it Black

A brick fireplace doesn’t always go well with sleek, stylish, monochromatic home decor, and modern art. You can paint the fireplace a dark colour, or better yet, go with black. This will create depth and add character to the old-timey fireplace. 

A black modern fireplace will look edgy. Black paint will also highlight the architectural features. Anf if you are wondering how to paint your marble fireplace, we have the answers for you here.

10. Distress it

Want to add a rustic charm to your place? Go with a weathered look for your fireplace. Apply a coat of chalky, matte paint and then rough it using fine-grit sandpaper. The slightly distressed styling look will add character to the fireplace and will give it a lived-in look.

11. Display Collectibles

If your fireplace doesn’t work, you can deck it out as well. Use a mix of vintage items as well as new ones. Go with metallic candle holders, artsy stone busts, and hardcover vintage books to create a new look.

If you have a collection, for instance, vases, pottery, sculptures, etc. you can arrange your favourite pieces above the mantel and display them lovingly! However, make sure that you don’t overwhelm the fireplace – keep only a few selected pieces. 

12. Pile in the Greenery

What makes an empty hearth come to life? An indoor garden! Get mismatched pots in different shapes and sizes, and fill them with hearty succulents or any other indoor plants to add a pop of greenery to your home. 

Succulents are affordable, look fantastic when they are grouped together, and add a bit of colour and life to a spot. You can hang them from the ceiling or arrange them in many different ways in your living room. If you get colourful pots for topiaries, they will go a long way in sprucing up space. 

A little jungle will give a calm, natural feel to the fireplace that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of chaotic city life.

Fireplace with fairy lights and candles

13. Add a Little Lighting

Just because your fireplace doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that you can’t huddle up in front of a warm, cosy glow. Deck out your fireplace with fairy lights, or string light-filled lanterns that will work all year long, giving a calming, warm glow to the living room.

You can also get candlesticks in varying sizes, shapes, and containers. If you are worried about pillar candles being a fire hazard, you can get LED strip lights or candles as well.

14. Create a Rustic Room

Charming old wood and exposed brick make a gem of a stone fireplace. Instead of giving your built-in brick fireplace a makeover, keep the decorative touches to a minimum and let the architecture speak for itself. 

For instance, you can add an old rustic window frame over the farmhouse fireplace to complete the look. You can install shiplap boards over it as well.

Living room with fireplace and pictures on it

Fireplaces are like a beacon for the people to come close and get warm. If you have one, you should learn how to decorate it and make it the focal point of the room. From keeping family photos to adding pictures and plants, the options and fireplace decor ideas are endless. 

When you are decorating your fireplace mantel, you have to pull out all the stops. Make a proper plan, and learn how to go about decorating the space. Establish a theme that unites the various objects. You don’t have to be an interior designer to decorate your fireplace. No matter what you like, or what your interior design and style preference is, the mantel decor ideas that we have discussed will definitely inspire you on how to decorate your fireplace in an alluring and enchanting way.

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