Donnerberg Neck Massager Review

Feeling sore on your neck and shoulders? Do you want to relieve some of your daily stress and unwind after a long day’s work? There’s nothing more relaxing than a neck massager that can hit all those tight spots and have you feeling better in no time! 

Whether you’re hooked to your desk for hours on end or enjoy an active lifestyle, treating yourself to a massage here and there can be a really rejuvenating experience. But, the costs of visiting a professional massage centre can add up. Cue the Donnerberg Neck Massager to save the day! This portable electric deep tissue massaging machine is here to help you relax stiff muscles and alleviate the stress that’s been building up on your body.

Want to find out more about this awesome product? We tried and tested it so that you can get a better idea of its neat features. Our review is here to help you!

Our Rating

woman using the Donnerberg Neck Massager on white background
The Donnerberg neck massager follows the highest quality German safety standards.

Our Review

We all spend a fair amount of time sitting throughout the day, either at work or when we’re just hanging out. Being idle in one position over prolonged periods can make us feel fatigued and strained. Our neck, shoulders and even back may experience pain or discomfort, giving us a clicky sound and cracking.

You might not realise it, but your daily motions can cause a lot of tension in your body. Anything from reading a book to sending a text message or even sleeping in the wrong position can create a stinging and painful sensation on your neck, shoulders or other body parts. With the Donnerberg Neck Massager, you can tackle that discomfort while simultaneously enjoying the multiple benefits that come with it. Improve your blood circulation, lower your heart rate and stand up feeling more energised and alert than ever before!

✔️ Pros❌ Cons
◼️Highly versatile to use on many body areas, including the upper & lower back, feet and legs.◼️The price may seem a bit steep if you’re tight on a budget.
◼️You can customise the infrared heat output to your liking as it has 2 settings. ◼️ If you plan on taking it with you on a trip it will take up space on your suitcase, but it comes with its own storage bag.
◼️Exceptional customer service with a 7-year warranty to cover any replacements and repairs.

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We’ve been on the lookout for products that make our lives easier, and when it comes to the Donnerberg Neck Massager, we couldn’t ask for a better option. When we gave it a spin we enjoyed the vibrating motion that hit just the right tense muscles for instant relief. This superb massager is safe and reliable, following all German quality standards. It is a tried and tested device that the German Olympic Association even recommends

It is a Shiatsu-based massager that follows the Japanese principles of a relaxing massage experience. It works because it uses acupressure to help release pain and tension, help you relax, and alleviate stress. While its primary purpose is to use it on your neck and shoulders, it is versatile for other body areas. You can target pain in areas such as your upper and lower back, stomach, legs or feet. That way, your circulation will improve, and you’ll feel less stiff quicker.

What you need to know

The device comes with a vibration function and infrared heat technology that benefit your blood circulation. The pulsating motions and heating element reach the affected area, deeply penetrating the muscles to soothe any soreness you may feel. The 2-in-1 infrared heat and vibration also help you relax, loosen up your muscles and expedite the healing process so that you can return to your daily life feeling less discomfort.

Within the packaging, you will find the massaging device, a 2.8m power adapter that you can connect to the outlet, as well as a car adapter. Also, there are two extra interchangeable covers so that you can swap them to maintain the device clean and dust-free in between washes. That way, you can also lend it to others without sharing the same cover from skin to skin. Do you have sensitive skin that reacts poorly to some fabrics? Luckily, the Donnerberg Neck Massager also includes a soft cloth cover specially designed for those who may experience irritation more easily.

We found the car adapter very neat as it gives you the ability to take the massager with you even when on holiday. Feeling sore after hours of driving on a road trip? Simply take a break from driving and connect the massager to the car’s cigarette lighter socket for a few minutes of pain relief and relaxation. And don’t worry about it being a bulky device that will take up precious space in your car boot. On the contrary, it’s very portable, and the package comes with an eco-friendly protective bag for storage.

Donnerberg Neck Massager unboxing
The package comes with the massager, power adapter, car adapter, 2 extra exchangeable covers and a protective bag & cloth for sensitive skin. Don’t worry about the German manual, there’s an English translation, too!

Massage Heads

Have you ever used a massaging device that, instead of easing the pain away, actually multiplied it? Well, the Donnerberg Neck Massager is nothing like that! The device has 8 bidirectional massage heads built into the faux leather body that simulate the feeling of real hands for a comfortable and relaxing experience. The heads glide effortlessly in deep-kneading circular motions over your sore areas to stimulate better blood flow and instant pain relief. The device has a timer built-in that automatically shut offs the massager after 15 minutes to ensure you don’t experience pain by repeatedly targetting one muscle area.

You can enjoy a traditional Shiatsu massage without spending a fortune, all while sporting your cosy loungewear at the comfort of your sofa, bed or other home nooks. The 8 flexible massage heads replicate the movements of a real person without poking your muscles in a fidgety and hurtful way. If you don’t have high pain tolerance you may feel more comfortable adjusting the speed, infrared and vibration settings. Alternatively, you can put a cloth piece between your neck and the machine’s massage heads for extra cushioning.

And, there is plenty of room for customisation to increase the massage force to your liking. The hand loops give you the option to pull them upwards or downwards to adjust the massage intensity exactly to your personal preferences. The more you pull the loops downwards, the stronger the massage pressure you will feel on your neck or other areas of your body. If it’s your first time trying the Donnerberg massager, start with gentle pressure and build your way up to an increasingly intense experience as you get more comfortable.

Donnerberg Neck Massager on white background
You can use the Donnerberg neck massager in other body areas including the lower back.

3 Speed Settings

Another neat feature of the Donnerberg Neck Massager is its three-speed setting function. You can customise the device to get it just right for you, thus giving you more room for personalisation. Once you unbox the device and power it on, the speed will be on the low setting by default. But, you can easily adjust that by pressing the speed button. If you press it once, the massager will switch to medium speed. Tap the button twice, and you’ll feel the massage heads start spinning faster on the highest of the 3-speed levels.

Bidirectional Rotation

The massage heads follow a bidirectional motion to relieve stiffness and knead through the toughest knots that are causing you pain. The buttons located on the left side of the massager also include a direction change button. If you’ve been using the massager in one direction for a prolonged period, and need a change, simply press the button, and the device will rotate from left to right or vice versa.

Donnerberg Neck Massager controls
You can adjust the settings including the direction, infrared heat, speed and vibration.

2 Infrared Heat Levels & 2 Vibration Modes

Have you ever tried a heated massage? There are many benefits to an infrared massage. The Donnerberg device has 2 intensity levels reaching heat temperatures up to 55° C. You can adjust the infrared mode via the button to either the first level or second level. Massaging sore areas with infrared heat can offer multiple advantages. It promotes better blood circulation, less muscle pain and stiffness, improved joint flexibility and better sleeping patterns due to reduced stress (to name a few).

The Donnerberg massager also comes with 2 vibration modes so that you can revitalise your body by removing toxins and built-up tissue inflammation or discomfort. The vibrating motions you can select are either continuous or intermittent in changing 5-second intervals. While the device works without vibration, too, we liked the function as it took on persistent tension and left us feeling calm thanks to its stress-relieving properties.

Donnerberg Neck Massager on white background
The Donnerberg neck massager has 2 infrared levels & 2 vibration modes.

Price & Competition

The Donnerberg Neck Massager might seem like a splurge price-wise, but if you calculate the costs of a few visits to a professional massage therapist, you will notice that they add up significantly. For less than £200, you can enjoy a high-quality and durable product for years to come at the comfort of your home, without having to worry about spending another pound on spa-like treatments. 

If you order from the company’s website, you get free shipping on orders over £25 to EU and EEA countries. Plus, the device has a 7-year warranty that can ease the stress off if you need a repair or replacement. The customer service team will assist you with getting your device fixed or even sending you a new one if it’s damaged. No wonder it’s a bestselling device in its own right, going head to head with the best neck massagers!

Interchangeable Covers

Another feature that we found practical was the addition of three extra covers within the packaging. The device includes two spare exchangeable covers made of a breathable and soft mesh material that is removable and machine-washable. You can switch between covers hassle-free as they come with a zipper system, making their application effortless.

Also, there is a hygienic cloth ideal for anyone with sensitive skin prone to irritation. The material is skin-friendly, and you can tie it around the massager so that it doesn’t come into direct contact with your skin. It’s also machine-washable, just like the other two covers.

man having a massage with the Donnerberg Neck Massager
You can adjust the Donnerberg neck massager to the pressure level of your liking by pulling the loops up or down.

Donnerberg Neck Massager: Verdict

We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the Donnerberg Neck Massager as it gave us an at-home alternative to the costly professional massage therapists out there. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, full body massage, this can be your ideal partner to rest and recover after a long day of feeling stiff and tired. Whether you’re experiencing neck and back pain, uncomfortable headaches or soreness on your legs and feet, this device can relieve aching muscles for a total body balance restoration. Don’t think of it as just a neck massager; it did wonders for my lower back!

Keeping your health and wellness in check is always important, especially when you’re dealing with chronic muscle pains. Thankfully, the Donnerberg massager is an investment that will instantly make its money’s worth as it gives you a deep tissue massage for quick pain relief through its targeted vibration and infrared heat function. Are you ready to enjoy an at-home spa massage?

Product Specifications

Weight1.85 kg
MaterialFaux Leather & Soft Mesh
Power SourceCorded Electric
Intensity Levels3
Heat Settings2
Vibration FunctionYes
Warranty7 Years
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