Design Troubles: What Colours Go With A Black Sofa?

Home decor is said to be a job for interior designers. But, not all of us can afford an expert to decorate our houses and make them the home of our dreams. Luckily, you can find several DIY ideas online to help you decorate shelves, or even find the perfect size for your living rug and how to decorate a living room.

A man lying on his black sofa with his laptop on his stretched feet on the dark wood coffee table.

When it comes to your space, you may come across many design troubles. Like what colour accessories, curtains, walls and fabrics go with your black sofa. It’s very important to match your black couch, whether it’s a black leather sofa or upholstered, with the rest of the pieces. That’s why we can help you overcome all the problems and help you find out what colours go with a black coloured sofa.

What colours do not work best with black furniture?

Black is an adaptable colour and can go with almost all the colours. However, some shades don’t work well with black furniture, like earth tones (muddy, muted) or dark shades. You need to be a prof decorator to match a dark wood floor with a black leather couch in a grey living room.

However, it isn’t something you can’t do! Having a black couch, you can add elements that have a little black in them. Starting with the rug, for example. Don’t choose a totally black one. Instead, choose a rug that has some black stripes.

Wall colours and black sofas

When it comes to deciding what wall colour works well with your black coloured sofa, we can tell you for sure that you have many options. As we’ve already mentioned, black is the colour that matches everything. However, some colours work best.

The rule of thumb is that lighter wall colours go better with black. So opt for a light blue or a green hue to paint your walls. You better avoid, though, cream as you’ll end up having a dull result. Below we have some modern living room ideas to paint your walls.

A living room with black and wooden walls, a black sofa on a wooden flooring

1. Beige

Beige, ivory and almost all neutral colours work great with a black coloured sofa. Choose a beige tone to paint the walls of your space, and add some patterns and textures to make it more interesting. For example, you can add pillows on the yellow shade and turn your black couch into the focal point of the entire living room decor.

2. White

White is the most versatile colour. It goes with all colours and can be combined easily. Since white is also a neutral colour, it works well with black too. Black & white is the safest combination to interior design. Beyond the awesome result, you’ll also be benefited from that combination, especially for small living rooms or dining rooms. Check our article If you want more details on how to make a small room look bigger. There are also some great ideas to make a small bathroom look bigger as well.

3. Grey

You may feel grey as a dark colour; however, many interior designers consider it a neutral one as it’s a very easy option. Grey is the ideal colour to use if you want to make a room bigger. Again you can combine grey living room walls with black leather furniture, and you’ll get a modern space.  However, if you consider painting the walls grey, make sure you place your dark furniture towards sunlight for extra room warmth.

A modern living room with an L-shaped black sofa and some black and white pillows on it, dull artwork on the grey walls, combined with furnishings in silver finishes.

4. Red

We may say neutral colours work well with a black coloured sofa. However, by painting your walls red and combining them with a black sofa, you’ll turn your living space into a more lively, interesting and exciting area. Don’t overdo it, though. Red is a very intense colour. Thus, you need to add some neutral colours to soften the intense black-red combo.

5. Blue

Another great wall paint colour is blue. The combination of black and blue is classic, just like black and white. This dark shade colour scheme will create a nautical feeling. Blue walls will show up on your black couch, making the room feel more relaxing. Add and arrange some indoor plants, and add pillows along with a geometric rug of the right size to conclude the soothing atmosphere.

6. Brown

For extra monochrome in space, combine dark walls with black furniture. The brown-black combo will create an unblemished and balanced touch in the room, even in small living spaces. Also, add some bright coloured elements to the room to avoid making it look monotonous. For example, you can add some greenery or gold decorative items.

7. Black

This combination is something that you might be afraid of trying, yet it works really well. Black walls and black furniture. Scaring, right? It shouldn’t be, though. For a more sophisticated home decor, black walls and a sofa are the ideal options. You can soften the darkness by adding some white-neutral coloured elements.

A Scandinavian style living room with black wall and sofa, a small round coffee table, a black potted plant and dark wood flooring

Curtain colours and black sofas

Curtains are also part of the interior design and need a lot of thinking. From hanging them and putting up a curtain pole to their colour and how they match the rest of the elements. Depending on the wall colour, you can pair the colour palette of your curtains with your black couch and, of course, with the style of the whole room.

There are many combinations you can follow. Providing you have light-coloured or pastel walls, you can go for a dove-grey curtain. If you want more contrast in space, opt for a darker shade. You can also choose a patterned curtain and match it with some pillows on your couch.

Furnishings, fabrics and black sofas

Together with the wall and curtain colour, you need to choose the right fabrics and furnishings that go with your black coloured sofa. To bring balance to the room, pair fabrics that work well with the living room decor.

For extra contrast, bring some awning striped, animal print, classic toile, black-and-white prints as upholstery and accent fabrics. If you have already covered your black sofa with a patterned textile, go for less scaled fabric patterns on ottomans and armchairs. To light up the room’s atmosphere, integrate wood furniture with light-to-medium stained finishes, or small pieces with painted or lacquered surfaces, a glass-topped metal coffee table or side tables, and woven wicker or rattan chairs.

Accessories and black sofas

Many accessories can be added to and around a black sofa. Depending on the living design style you want, you can add the appropriate accessories to conclude and boost your space. For example, add patterned or shaggy area rugs, curtains that match your black coloured sofa, a table of the same or different colour of your couch, some pieces of wall art and so on.

Some colourful patterned throw pillows on a black sofa with a bricked wall and some artwork hanging on it

A black coloured sofa is an excellent blank canvas. You can start building the entire living room design from there. For instance, you can add some black-framed photos on the walls to match your sofa or place them on the mantel if you have a fireplace or an accent coffee table. If that’s your choice, mount some black & white prints for your living room walls. Another option is to add grey fabrics or even groups of wall mirrors and create a peaceful and interesting room.

On the other hand, for more elegant decorating ideas, go for gold.  Add some gold-accented furniture and chairs, gold-framed mirrors, gold chandelier or hanging lamps, or you can create a gallery wall on an accent wall with gold framed wall art. Gold accessories will soften black, and adding some silky fabrics will take the living room into a whole new level.

Styling ideas to decorate a living room with a black sofa

A black coloured sofa can be a challenging piece of furniture to match. Therefore here are some styling ideas on incorporating it into the rest of a room’s interior design.

1. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style makes a room feel modern. It combines a rustic and contemporary look by attributing breathtaking patterns, metal accents, matte finishes and handmade decorative items. For a more minimalist approach, add some beige pillows on the couch to bring a more natural look to the room. An extra tip to create a focal point and brighten up the whole style is to add a canvas or a piece of art over the couch.

2. Modern and old combo

Make the difference by combining old and new. For example, to counterweight the black couch, add some light hues and contrast. For example, put on a white accent or light cream throw pillow and a light coffee table. To bring old in the room, add a vintage piece, like an old-style wall clock.

3. Mid-century style

For a mid-century style, hang some modern artwork on walls and add greenery. You’ll create a peaceful look of a mid-century modern style living room. By adding a contemporary floor lamp, you can create amazing contrast with the black colour of the sofa.

4. The industrial style

This design idea integrates chrome details, rich colours, various plants, and black & white leather upholstery furnishings. Place a big cloth-covered pillow in the centre of the sofa centre and a monochromic grey coffee table with metallic accents, earthly tones, sculptural decor, and some artwork.

5. The neutral style

If you aren’t a colour lover, this design idea is the best for you. Add items in neutral tones, like a cream-toned area rug, upholstered armchairs with light linen coverings, light brown pillows and perhaps a lamp of the same hue as the pillows on a white side table with silver finishes.

6. Casual style

If you want to make a more comfortable and cosy room, add some comfortable throw pillows to your black couch. For an even more casual look, place some small side tables with lamps and plants, armchairs and maybe some light artwork.

A living room with black sofa and wooden coffee table, white walls and grey curtains

As a homeowner, when deciding what colour goes with a black coloured sofa, you can choose among a great range. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stick to the colour palette that pairs with the style you want for the room. You can combine dark with light colours or even dark with dark. Choose those that best fit your needs and taste and create an outstanding result!

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