Decoration Tips: What Colour Curtains Go With Green Walls?

Green walls are bold, refreshing, and incredibly attractive. We know that white walls seem like the easiest solution but green is a colour that we all love while painting our interior walls. They are also a great feature when you want to decorate your living room! However, one of the biggest challenges when decorating a room with green painted walls is finding the right curtains that go with the ambience!

Luxury interior with stylish velvet sofa,

The truth is, there are so many unique shades of green colour that you need to have a keen eye to choose the right kind of window treatment. And you may already know what colour curtains go with magnolia walls, but what about this one?This is what we are here for – to help you figure out what colour curtains go with green walls! Excited? Let’s dive right in!

Best ideas for curtains that go with green walls

1. Go monochrome

Patterns fall out of fashion quickly, but colours stand the test of time. For a classic look that will never go out of fashion, you should select solid coloured curtains in a noticeably darker or lighter shade as compared to the colour of your walls. 

For instance, forest green walls go well with mint green drapes. If you want to create a look that is interesting and eye-catching, you can mix and match colours. You can pick a contrasting colour instead of a complementary one and see how it brings life into your living space

2. Embrace neutrals

We all love the versatility of neutrals. They not only work with other neutrals, but with almost every colour. Whether you go with a pattern or not, you can choose a neutral colour to tone down other strong colours in your room. 

3. Choose contrasting colours

Figure out what shade of green you have before buying contrasting curtains. Magenta works really well with green, and so do shades of orange and yellow, particularly if you have cool green painted walls. For olive green walls, variations of red would work.

4. Go green 

Yes, you can get green drapes for green painted walls, especially if you pair them with the walls wisely. If you are going with green, you have two options – select panels that are one shade lighter or darker than the walls. 

The second option is to go with precisely the same colour but go with an expressive texture. It will blend the walls and curtains together, which will make the room feel a lot bigger. 

Moreover, you can select a pattern in the curtain that features the wall colour. If you go with this option, you will have a variety of choices to go with. You can go two shades lighter or two shades darker – whatever makes you feel good! 

Home interior with green sofa, table and decor in living room


5 Curtain colours that go great with green walls 

1. White curtains

Pairing green walls with white curtains is a win-win choice. Since this colour is found in nature as well, it is harmonious and brings the entire room together seamlessly. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to ordinary white curtains – add a twist by getting ones with interesting details. 

Get curtains with ornaments or a slightly dark white tone as it will look incredibly organic and luxurious. If you prefer brevity and don’t want to overload your room with accents, you can get translucent white, sheer curtains to go with your walls. Unbleached cotton has a texture and naturalness that creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere. 

2. Green curtains

Green drapes and light green painted walls are not excessive at all and look alluring together, only if you pair them well. If you can’t decide which different shades to go with, we are here to help. You can’t go wrong with emerald green curtains

If you prefer a classic interior look, then go with velvet or satin emerald curtains. For modern interior designs, go with linen and cotton. You can create colour combinations of dark green drapes with a hint of slight grey with almost any tone of light sage green bedrooms. 

You can choose two-layer curtains with a second grey curtain panel. A fresh and charming yellowish-green colour is gaining popularity these days. For minimalistic home decor, you can get monochrome curtains of the same shade to add elegance to the interior design. Grey curtains work well if you want to create a modern, minimalistic room design

Bedroom in pastel green color with garden view

3. Mustard yellow curtains

The rich and noble tone of mustard yellow combines perfectly with both cool and warm shades of green room. However, it goes extremely well with emeralds. To avoid colour overload in your room, use light and neutral colour combinations for other furnishings in your room if you go with mustard yellow-greens.

4. Blue curtains

Blue works really well with cool tones of green. From dusty blue and turquoise to sea blue, aqua, and grey-blue, the options are endless. There is only one thing that you have to keep in mind before going with blue – the brighter the walls are, the more muted and calmer the curtains should be.

5. Red curtains

For an eye-catching and alluring pop of bold colour in your room with bright green painted walls, you should go with ruby red curtains. This shade of red is perfect for Oriental-themed rooms. If you get accessories and furniture in cream or beige tones, it will balance out the room.

Things to keep in mind while selecting curtains for green walls

When it comes to selecting window treatments to match your green room look, you have to keep some rules in mind that will make your selection process a lot easier. Let’s see what these things are:

1. Colour temperature

When you match the shade of the curtains to the green wall, keep the colour temperature in mind. Match warm shades with warm, and pair cold tints with cold colours. Warm green walls – lime, olive, pistachio, wasabi, sage green, teal, chartreuse, etc. usually have yellow undertones in them. They pair well with the following,

  • Warm Grey (Ash, Coal, Thundercloud, etc.)
  • Brown (Woody, Bronze, etc.)
  • Yellow
  • Off-White 
  • Warm Pink (Peach, Salmon, Pale Orange, etc.)

Coloured fabric samples

Cool green tones – such as mint, jade, sea green, emerald, sage, turquoise, etc. – are influenced by grey and blue undertones. These walls go well with the following curtain shades.

  • Pure, cool tones of white
  • Cold Grey (Nickel, Marengo, Steel)
  • Greens – a tone darker or lighter than the wall
  • Brown Shades (Taupe, Chestnut, Walnut, Cocoa with Milk)
  • Warm Reds 
  • Pastel Blues 

2. Keep an eye on the fabric

When you are selecting curtains for coloured walls, you have to keep an eye on the fabric. The lighter the shade of the walls is, the more airy and softer the fabric of the curtains should be. On the other hand, get solid curtains for walls with a rich, deep colour scheme.

If you are going with patterned curtains, select a print with no more than three shades. Make sure that two of the colours in the print match the colour of the furniture and the walls. Sheer curtains or cotton curtains are great for olive green painted walls. Long, cascading curtains create a nice look as well. For a refined look, however, you can go with folded or short curtains.

modern room with green walls and white bed

A well-decorated living room makes a world of difference. Even though it may seem intimidating to pair green painted walls with the perfect curtains, with the help of our decor ideas, you can easily select the perfect ones for your space. No need to be an interior designer after all! Whether you go with warm or cold colours, modern or traditional style, there is a little bit of something for all of you in this article. You are now ready to hang your new curtains and upgrade your decoration. We hope that these ideas will help your green living rooms and other rooms feel complete, beautiful, and holistic.

Happy Decorating!

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