Decor 101: What Colour Curtains Go With Magnolia Walls?

Curtains, when hung properly, can breathe life into a living space. However, that’s not enough. You need to pair them with the rest of the home decor, including the sofa, carpets and wall colour. Luckily, you can find many DIY tutorials online to help you improve your interior design, like what’s the perfect size for your living room rug, how to decorate your living room, and how to arrange pictures or hang a canvas

a bedroom with magnolia walls, cream colorured curtains, and a king size bed in grey, white, cream colours

You know the shades that match perfectly with a grey and black sofa or grey and green walls. But what about magnolia coloured walls? What colour drapes can you pair them with? If you’re looking for the perfect colour curtains that go with your cream walls, we are about to walk you through some great decor ideas to be inspired by. Let’s dive in!

What colour curtains go with magnolia walls

Magnolia colour is, in fact, a cream colour. It’s a very versatile shade. It’s like having white walls in the room. You can make a lot of colour combinations. Generally speaking, having walls in neutral shades, like cream, you have a wide range of colour schemes to pair them with the decor of the rest of the room. You can combine your cream walls with darker shades in furniture or carpets and more neutral colours for your curtains. 

1. White curtains

White coloured curtains with cream walls? Sounds boring, right? It might sound a bit dull; however, it’s a combination that will make the living room or dining room look cleaner than it really is. It’s probably the most classic colour combination. If you want a fresh look for your room, combine these two neutral shades.

A living room with magnolia walls, white curtains, a white fabric sofa, carpet and table.

Yet, if you feel like something is missing, play with the decorative items in the rest of the room. White pairs with almost any material, from stones like marble to glass or metals. As a plus, white is always in fashion, and it’s never going to go out of style. Thus, invest in good quality white curtains and create a crisp fresh look.

2. Cream curtains

Yeap! That’s right! We suggest cream on cream. If you wonder that the room will look monotonous, we can assure you that it won’t, as long as you follow our tip; Get curtains a lighter or a darker shade than your walls, plus go for a satin or cotton fabric.

3. Green curtains

Green drapes look bright against that backdrop. It’s a soothing combination, bringing nature into your space. To enhance the neutral colour scheme, add some potted indoor plants and arrange them in the room.

4. Grey curtains

Grey has gained popularity in interior design in the last few years. Whatever shade of grey you use, it will produce a calming effect against the walls. It’s a delicate, soft, versatile colour, and you can use it everywhere in the house, not only as of the colour of your curtains but also on a feature wall, your couches, or any other upholstered furniture. 

If you still hesitate to use grey, there’s an easy and safe way to incorporate it with cream. Use some taupe touches to bring balance into the room. Curtains in grey shades with cream walls are a perfect combo and make your living space more sophisticated.

5. Duck egg blue curtains

A living room with magnolia walls and duck egg blue curtains

If you want to boost your walls’ soft, clean look, add a light blue, like the duck egg hue. This shade will remain in the neutral theme, and at the same time, you will have a hint of contrast. 

6. Orange curtains

If you want a hint of intense contrast, then orange is the colour for you! Hanging flowing orange curtains will contrast with the cream walls creating an eye-catching look.

7. Yellow curtains

It’s well known that natural colours make a great combination with bright colours. Thus, don’t hesitate to add yellow coloured curtains in a room combined with cream walls. They will make it more vivid, bright and will mimic the natural outdoor light.

8. Mustard yellow curtains

If you’re subtle and yellow is too bright for your taste, then go for mustard yellow. The effect that you’ll get by this combination will still be pleasant enough as with yellow

9. Golden curtains

In case you don’t like striking contrast and want to maintain symmetry and balance in the room, then go for gold. It belongs to the same colour palette as cream. Combining these two colours will create a layering effect and, of course, will add a touch of luxury

10. Red curtains

For those who love dark hues, the perfect one to combine with your cream coloured walls is red. The cream-red combo adds an old look to the living space. It looks very beautiful and creates a sophisticated theme. 

11. Brown curtains

If you’re fond of Indian style, then brown is your colour. Opt for a coffee brown or a cinnamon hue. Both shades will incorporate with your cream coloured walls perfectly. You’ll get a sense of spaciousness and warmth into your room.

12. Two shades curtains

If you don’t like the idea of just one colour drape, you can try two shades. You need to be sure, though, about the colour combos. The different colours of your curtain should match each other and, at the same time, match your walls. You can choose two pastel colours like soft grey and teal blue or something a bit darker, such as cream and brown. 

Aliving room with magnolia walls, a white and cream curtains and aa sofa in crema and tale colours

13. Patterned curtains

One colour drapes might be a modern living rule, but patterned drapes never go out of style. Don’t be afraid to hang patterned curtains. Just be sure you stick to the colours we mentioned above. If you do so, we can promise that your curtains will incorporate perfectly with your walls. 

Extra splashes of colour for the perfect decor

Whether you have the easiest colour on your walls or the hardest one, you need to match it with the curtains and all the items, from the furnishing to the tiniest decorative object. What’s even harder is to combine a room with an accent wall painted in a different colour from the rest of the walling. Luckily, there are many decor ideas to be inspired by.

However, when it comes to cream, things might be easier. It’s a very flexible and versatile colour, and you can match it with almost anything. Plus the shade of the curtains that you can pair it with are versatile ones too. Therefore, you won’t have much trouble finding the best colour theme for your room. 

A modern living room with magnolia walls, white curtains, some colorouful trhow pillows and a few plants in a pot

1. Carpets:

Whether they’re wall to wall or not, carpets are usually one of the first things someone notices when they enter a room. Thus, you need to be really careful while choosing the right colour to match your cream backdrops. Some of the best colours you can choose for the carpets are:

  1. Grey
  2. Beige
  3. Blue
  4. PInk
  5. Purple
  6. Green

2. Upholstered furniture

Again, upholstery furniture covers a large surface in a room. You can’t have a shade that doesn’t match your walls. You need to choose one that will maintain balance or create a streak contrast. Some of the best colours to choose from for your sofa, armchair etc. are:

  1. Grey
  2. Brown
  3. Pink
  4. Red
  5. Orange
  6. Green
  7. Blue
  8. Patterned
  9. Floral

3. Pillows and drop cloths

Finally, you can just play with the colour of the throw pillows and the drop cloths. Just having the right colour, these two elements will create the desired result. 

  1. Mint green
  2. Pink 
  3. Tan 
  4. Blue
  5. Golden
  6. Purple
  7. Red
  8. Patterned
  9. Floral

A living room with magnolia coloured walls and white and yellow curtains.

The cream is one of the best colours you can paint the walls in your house. You can pair it with many other colours and create unique looks. Combine it with white, cream, or golden drapes to maintain the balance in the room. If you want contrast, then opt for darker and brighter colours like red or blue. The choice is yours!

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