Holidays Gift Guide 2021: The Best 15+ Christmas Gifts For Kids

Are you panicking about your Christmas shopping list? Do you have kids and want to find the best presents for them that are guaranteed to leave them delighted? Gift-giving can leave you overwhelmed with the endless options available, especially when it comes to kids. From action figures to playsets, the dilemma is never-ending. Thankfully, our holidays gift guide is here to lend you a helping hand! Have a look at the best Christmas gifts for kids below!

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet on white background

Do you want to give your little ones a tablet but are looking for one that is child-friendly? The Fire HD 8 comes packed with exciting features, including a kid-proof case to ensure that even if you drop it, it won’t bust. Also, it can hold multiple apps and games for hours of engaging and educational content. And, you can take advantage of the included 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, filled with ebooks and audiobooks, videos and more. Do you want to limit screen time? It even has a Parental Control dashboard!

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron

Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron on white background

Is your daughter interested in magic tricks? Do you want to help her practise to be the next female David Copperfield? Magic Mixies are super cute and give your children creative and fun ways to cast spells, make things appear and disappear, all for hours of engaging play!  It has over 50 sound effects and reactions to your enchanting magic tricks, and it also comes with a magic wand to give you a more realistic and complete magician’s look.

Ravensburger GraviTrax Starter Set

Ravensburger GraviTrax Starter Set on white background

Give your little engineer the creative push to engage in educational and inspiring play! The Gravitrax Starter Set is a fantastic toy that promotes STEM and skill development for children ages 8 years old and up. It has 122 accessory pieces, 9 preset track instructions to get you started faster, and the versatility to design your own tracks. By building unique designs, you develop your motor and hand-eye coordination skills and stay immersed in the game for hours on end. Boys and girls alike can play with it. Are you ready to race to the finish line?

Theo Klein Miele Kitchen

Theo Klein Miele Kitchen on white background

Does your little girl or guy like to play pretend cooking? The Theo Klein Miele Kitchen can get help your little one turn into the chef they’ve always dreamt to be! It is a high-quality white wooden kitchen that comes with a hob, sound and light effects. The stainless steel materials give it a modern and stylish look that any adult would even be jealous of! Filled with multiple items to create any pretend dish they wish, this set includes an oven, removable sink, microwave and cookware items. Let’s get cooking!

PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City Tall Transforming Tower

PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City Tall Transforming Tower on white background

Is your toddler into Paw Patrol? We don’t blame them; it’s one of the most popular children’s animations out there. Plus, it’s adorable! Reenact the movie’s scenes at home with its transforming rescue ramp via the pull-down handle. The set comes with 6 mini figurines, a cruiser patrol car and accessories, including a clip-on backpack. Also, you can enjoy the special sound effects and lights that are built in the tower. Want to bring a smile to your little one’s face? Decorate their rosy cheeks with a sticker from 1 of the 3 included sticker sheets!

Itechjoy Pop Fidget Toys Bag

Itechjoy Pop Fidget Toys Bag on white background

Want to give your little fashionista an eye-catching accessory? Any little girl loves dressing up, so why not buy them their own mini bag instead of playing with mum’s purses? So, next time you bring your daughter over to a friend’s house for a play date, she can keep her things, including snacks, neatly stored in her small purse for convenience. Your daughters can share it between them worry-free as it comes with an adjustable strap length, and it’s perfect as a stress-relieving activity, too, due to its fidget popper game.

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Classic Game on white background

Are you looking for a present that the whole family can enjoy together on their next game night? A board game like Monopoly is an all-time classic that will keep you hooked for hours on end! Take over the entire board’s properties, build houses and hotels and collect rent from your opponents. The last one standing with their pockets full of cash, everyone’s properties traded and bought out, wins! Two to six players can play at once with multiple tokens so that parents and kids alike can share in the fun. But, always make sure to remind your children that it’s play pretend; otherwise, things can get pretty heated from one round to the next. Trust us!

Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle

Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle on white background

Do you want to give your daughters and sons a fun real-life Disney experience? Look no further as you can make their prince and princess dreams come true with the stunning Disney Princess Ultimate Celebration Castle! The set comes with 29 accessories, including kitchen utensils, furniture, a hand mirror and comb, plus so much more. Also, tons of exciting music and light effects replicate the classic Disney fireworks show we’ve all grown to love. There are 6 rooms and 3 levels for your kids to create unique and imaginative scenarios. All hail the queen (or king)!

GILOBABY Kid Intelligent Robot Toys

GILOBABY Kid Intelligent Robot Toys on white background

Do you want to help your kids gain experience and playfully develop their STEM skills? The Gilobaby robot toy is your little one’s partner in play with its fun dancing and singing guaranteed to thrill your child and their friends. It comes with touch and voice control for hassle-free operation, and it even includes a recording button that gets your little guy to repeat what you told them to say. Talk about high-tech gadgets and advancements in technology! Also, it’s compact and lightweight, which means that you can even bring it with you on holiday so that your kids can have an engaging activity.

Peppa Pig Peppa’s House & Garden Playset

Peppa Pig Peppa's House & Garden Playset on white background

Do your kids love watching Peppa Pig? Are you looking for a toy that is sure to delight them? The Peppa Pig House & Garden Playset is a small foldable house featuring the likes of Peppa and George taking on their daily home activities. Pan out your favourite scenarios, from taking a break on the see-saw to cleaning up the house and doing all the chores. The set includes five rooms in three levels plus a garden. The design is cleverly packed and portable by simply folding the garden to fit it neatly in the house. Oh, Goody!

LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl Figure Collectible Display Model with Moving Wings

LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl Figure Collectible Display Model with Moving Wings on white background

Is your son or daughter a Potterhead? Do you want to give them a memorable present that they can proudly display? Building a figurine is a cool activity that can keep your kids entertained for many evenings and weekends as it has hundreds of pieces that you have to put together. Show off your Gryffindor pride with the cheeky Hedwig collectible LEGO set that shows our favourite owl carrying Harry’s acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Also, you can turn the lever and see Hedwig come to life as it flaps its wings. And, you’ll love the mini Harry Potter figure that comes with this set, showing him wearing his classic Gryffindor colours, holding a wand, and Hedwig on his arm. Did we mention that the base comes with a nameplate sporting the famous Harry Potter font?

Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid

Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl Light and Sound Sleep Aid on white background

Do you have a baby or toddler at home? Are you in search of a soothing night light that serves as a sleep aid? The Tommee Tippee Ollie the Owl is a charming little light with 4 built-in sounds, including heartbeat, lullaby, rainfall and white noise static. Thanks to the adjustable volume and light levels, give your baby a relaxing way to unwind when it’s bedtime. Select from low, medium and high to match your baby’s needs and help them drift off peacefully. The sounds play in a loop for up to 20 minutes, and the light can shine for up to 30 minutes, tried and tested to put even the lightest sleepers down for the night. No more tossing and turning!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Ice Cream Counter

Melissa & Doug Wooden Ice Cream Counter on white background

It’s time to set up shop and be your children’s first (and favourite) customer! The Melissa & Doug Wooden Ice Cream Counter is a mini playset that you can include in any gameplay. Its small size makes it easy to set it up on your tabletop or any other counter space. The set includes everything you need to make your dream ice cream shop. The accessories that come with it are a wooden counter, ice cream scoops, toppings, cones, a cup, tongs, a scooper, a wooden spoon and some banknotes to pretend that you’re paying for your ice cream. The materials are safe for kids ages 3 and up to play with them, thus allowing even your younger children to join in the fun.

Play-Doh Dino Crew Crunchin’ T-Rex Toy

Play-Doh Dino Crew Crunchin' T-Rex Toy on white background

Do your children enjoy arts and crafts? Have you thought about getting them a Play-Doh toy? Combine fun with learning in the Dino Crew Crunchin’ T-Rex that will show your little ones one of the most majestic prehistoric creatures. This toy is sure to have your kids rolling on the floor laughing as it makes sounds when you place dough in the dinosaur’s mouth to bite it. Also, when you feed it, you can giggle as it makes toot sounds when the food travels from the belly to the bottom. Plus, you can share the activity with boys and girls thanks to the second mini figurine that helps you mould dino eggs.

Bammax Balance Bike

Bammax Balance Bike on white background

Is it time you teach your toddler how to ride a bike? Start with a small and lightweight balance bike before you make your way to the bigger ones. This is the ultimate first bike for your little one that will keep them safe, with enhanced stability thanks to the four wheels. Also, it has a 130-degree steering limit so that there’s less of a chance for your toddler to fall off when trying to learn how to ride the bike. And, the upturned saddle means a sturdy posture while cycling that helps prevent tilting backwards.

Thinkfun Gravity Maze

Thinkfun Gravity Maze on white background

Does your son enjoy logic games? Are you searching for a present that will sharpen his thinking skills? The Gravity Maze Falling Marble Game comes with 60 beginner to expert challenges that will keep your mind occupied for hours, trying to go through each level and its harder-to-beat difficulty. The game is suitable for children ages 8 and up as it leads them to think about planning, executing and reasoning. If you enjoy brain-teasing games and puzzles, this one’s for you!

Kaloo Tendresse My First Soft Doll

Kaloo Tendresse My First Soft Doll on white background

Everyone remembers their first play doll. And if your daughter loves ballet dancing, the stylish Valentine K. doll by Kaloo will keep them busy in imaginative play all day! The design is sleek and fashionable, with a blouse, skirt, scarf, ballet shoes and headband. Also, the material is soft and snuggly, perfect for toddlers craving affection in their games. And, if you want to ensure that your child doesn’t misplace the doll when they take it with them to kindergarten, you can write their name on the ribbon in the back.

Fisher-Price Linkimals Cool Beats Penguin

​Fisher-Price Linkimals Cool Beats Penguin on white background

Do you have young children under the age of 5 at home? Are you looking for an educational toy to help them learn the alphabet, numbers, colours and shapes? Fisher-Price is famous for its knowledge-based learning games, and its musical penguin toy follows suit with the rest of its products. It is a high-quality and durable toy that will bring an interactive play to your childrens’ pastime. It teaches children fun dances and songs, phrases and various games with the tap of just a few buttons. Perfect for infants and toddlers!

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