Check These Window Box Ideas And Give A Colourful Note

Want to spruce up your windows? Nothing can do it better that flowers and a window box! From simple and elegant to chic and attractive designs and colourful, cascading florals, window boxes instantly lift up your bare windows and add much-needed life to your space.

White window flower box

Window boxes give you an opportunity to put your creative hat on and come up with a display that complements your home and individual style beautifully. Plus, if you don’t have a garden of your own, a window box is the best way to satisfy your green-fingered urges! Who doesn’t love an enchanting vista framed with alluring flowers and variegated leaves? In this article, we have put together a list of some amazing window box ideas for you to choose from. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Brilliant DIY flower box ideas that you’ll love

1. Play with Plant Height

To create a stunning and enchanting view full of visual interest, select plants of varying heights. If you use tall plants, they will offer a subtle screen that will be perfect for privacy and will enhance a lacklustre view.

White gaura, also known as bee blossom, has delicate, upright stems that are topped with beautiful pinkish-white flowers. It makes a great centre point. Verbena bonariensis is bright purple and is another good choice for tall plants. 

Salivas are present in a multitude of colours and add height as well. You can go with ‘Lady in Red’ or ‘Hot Lips’ for bright, red-toned options as well as ‘Caradonna’ for deep indigo hues. Surround these plants with a lot of trailing plants such as cascading petunias for maximum impact.

2. Match the Flower Box with the Window Frame

White window with window box with white flowers

Sometimes the smallest and simplest of choices can have a big impact. Why not choose a plant in the same colour as the frame of your window? You can get a planter and adorn it with daisies for a gorgeous yet pared-back display. 

Not only will they look perfectly balanced with white, wooden surroundings, but they are bound to bring a smile on everyone’s face as well. If you want an all-white scheme, you can go with Ox-eye daisies, geraniums, begonias, Cosmos ‘Purity, or Osteospermum. 

Do you have grey walls and grey window frames? Why not pair this sophisticated and cool hue with vivid pink Pelargoniums? Moreover, you can also go with jewel-toned Lobelias and create a beautiful, eye-catching and contemporary look.

3. Pair Black Shutters with Bright Blooms

Want your windows to stand out? You should pair bright and vibrant flowers with black shutters. The sharp contrast will create an amazing, show-stopping view and will give a trendy look to your windows.

Against a dark backdrop, get a mass of trailing ivy, sunny daffodils, and purple pansies. If you want to add texture, add pussy willow. The greenery will create height to draw the eye as well. 

Beautiful blooming petunia flowers in window boxes in front of black window

4. Steal the Show with Tulips

Tulips have been stealing shows for centuries and these beauties are well-loved today as well. With a perfectly balanced backdrop of green and cool grey, you can let the scarlet tulips take centre stage. 

When the flowers fade, Rosemary gives a reliable evergreen display for your window box. You can keep some succulents in beautiful window box planters as well. 

5. Make a Bold Statement with a Tree

Want to transform your small windowsill? Turn heads by making a bold statement with a niwaki style tree. It will add a forest feel to your urban home. Plant the tree in a stylish DIY pot and place it outside on the windowsill for a fuss-free approach that looks spectacular. 

Regularly prune the tree to keep it in shape. You can get ornamental trees as well. A small olive tree will add a nice touch of Mediterranean flair and you can add fairy lights for added ambience. 

6. Go for Trailing Beauties

You have to make most of the space underneath your window. Use leafy trailers and enjoy the amazing natural feel as they fall and add beauty to your window. Ornamental sweet potato vine, English ivy, trailing varieties of Heuchera, etc. are great options.

Top the trailers with bright, sunny flowers and complete the breathtaking scenery. Get some enchanting hyacinths in boxwoods and add to the curb appeal of your home.

Window decorated with geranium flowers

7. Keep it Simple

If you don’t want to go with showy, bright floral displays, you can go for a simple, evergreen one with container gardening. You can get zinc-planted planters that are slightly subdued but stylish enough to achieve a modern, contemporary place.

Three small plants will be enough to add a refreshing dose of green to your windows all year round and will be low-maintenance as well. You can go with Arborvitae ‘Emerald Green’ or European cypress for simple and low-maintenance window boxes.

8. Go with a Spring Theme

Why not give your window a spring theme that will bring joy to everyone? Simply choose a few flower pots in pastel tones and then fill them up with your favourite violas. You can build wooden support into the frame to ensure they don’t topple off if it gets windy.

If you like cottage gardens, you can extend this style to your windows as well. Choose flowers that are full of colour and fragrance to create a relaxing vibe. Petunias smell lovely, attract pollinators, and come in varying colours and thus, are a great choice. 

Green, yellow, purple, and white sends a bright, colourful message that spring is here. Yellow calla lilies, sweet alyssums, and white hydrangeas are great options. Add tiny white bacopa flowers that spill over the sides and front when you are landscaping.

If you have wide windows, go with long – rather, extra-long – planters to create a view you love while making most of the space.

Green flower box with blue hydrangeas

9. Grow Edible Greens

Want to grow fresh herbs but don’t have garden space? Why not put your white window boxes to good use by growing edible greens there? You can easily grow fresh herbs on your window sill and enjoy the nice view along with the fresh produce!

You can go for trailing tomatoes to conserve space. Companion planting is a great option and you can grow basil along with tomatoes to ward off pests. You can grow kale, coriander, spinach, etc. in your herb garden.

10. Go Big on Color

If you want to make a bold statement, simply go big on colour. A bright fuchsia setting will be a great backdrop for a sea of bright, pretty petunias and impatiens. If you have some space to play with, line up the pots in threes as it is easy on the eye.

Deadhead the petunias to encourage further blooming. Get creative with the flowers as well as the design and placement of the pots. If you are searching for reliable and hardy winter bloomers, Cyclamen are a great choice. 

You can go with purples or bright pinks. You can choose Virginia creeper and add another layer of interest. It will turn blazing red when autumn comes and will make your windows look alluring. Simply let your creativity run wild when you are creating a beautiful window box

Put tons of colourful foliage to create a jungle-like vibe! Make sure that the plants have optimum growing conditions, such as moist soil, adequate sunlight, etc. Some plants, such as daffodils dislike soggy soil while others wither away in direct sunlight.

Green house with white window and windows boxes with red floawers

Window boxes are enjoyed by everyone. If you place the gorgeous window boxes outside your front door, they will not offer you a warm welcome, but any passersby will admire them as well. Plus, if you choose bright, fragrant blooms, you will also attract beautiful butterflies. They are a simple and effective way of adding visual interest to your place. You can enjoy window boxes both from inside your home and outdoors. Choose flowers that are suitable for the growing conditions of your area and you’ll be good to go. Take inspiration from one of the window box decorating ideas above and give a colourful note to your window!

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