Can You Paint Composite Doors? No Need to Wonder Anymore!

Want to spruce up the exterior of your home? Thinking about painting your composite doors and don’t know how to go about it? We are here to help. It’s a fact that one of the easiest and quickest ways of bringing a whole new, elegant look to your home is by painting your composite doors.

You may already know how to paint a ceiling, a garage door or even your garden furniture, but what about this one? Not all of us are professional painters, and that’s all right! To paint your composite doors, you don’t need expertise. All you need is a little bit of guidance, the right tools and paint, and you are good to go with this fun DIY project! Want to learn how to transform your plain-looking composite door? Keep reading!

Three different colored doors

What is a composite door?

A composite door is created using various materials, including PVC, wood, insulating foam, and glass-reinforced plastic. With durability in mind, these doors are crafted expertly from a combination of laminated door skin, uPVC, and timber. 

Composite doors also have an acrylic layer on top that improves their durability as well as their weatherproofing capabilities. They are extremely popular amongst homeowners since they not only look stylish but are strong as well.

It is very unlikely that your doors will suffer from wear and tear or get dented easily. Of course, everyone is tempted to make updates or changes to their homes every now and then. Whether you are looking to add a splash of colour to your place or want to tidy up a dirty or aged composite front door, painting it is a great home improvement idea.

Modern composite doors are not only lightweight as compared to uPVC doors and timber doors, but they are also available in a myriad of colours and styles. If you want to change the look of your place and don’t want to replace the door, you can do the next best thing – paint it!

Can you paint it?

A few of you might be wondering – can you paint a composite door? One word answer: Yes! If you google this up, you will find many blogs and articles suggesting that you don’t paint your composite door and stick with the original door colour.

However, what if you just moved into your new home and don’t like the way the composite door looks? Would you break your bank by buying a new, expensive one? Certainly not, when you can just paint the door to make it look the way you want!

Things you need to know before starting your project

Excited and want to grab the paintbrush and start painting? Hold your horses, folks! There are a few things that you need to know and do before starting your project. Let’s see what they are.

Hand opening a white door

1. Select a suitable paint

Before you start painting a composite door, you need to understand its composition. Like we discussed above, it is made of multiple materials and therefore, you can’t use regular paint that you would if you were painting wooden doors.

Regular paints will face adhesion issues. Plus, the underlying materials of the door tend to ‘bleed’ through and will cause a shadowing effect. Instead of going for latex paints, we suggest that you go for oil-based paints as they provide better coverage.

Oil-based paints cover the door more evenly and usually don’t require more than two coats of paint. We recommend that you spot test the one you choose before painting the entire door. Take a piece of lining paper and paint it. Hold the painted piece of paper against the walls to visualize how your door will look. If it doesn’t look good, you can change the paint colour.

2. Prepare the door

  • Clean it thoroughly

The next thing you should do is prepare your door for painting. Doors get used a lot and are usually dirty and grimy. Therefore, you have to clean it thoroughly with sugar soap before you start painting it. Get one and scrub your door all over.

If you don’t have sugar soap, don’t worry. You can also mix some dishwashing soap with lukewarm water. Dip a soft cloth in the soapy solution and scrub the door gently with it. Use a clean cloth to dry it.

Man sanding a door

  • Sand the composite door

After cleaning the door, you need to sand it. Many people skip this step, but we recommend against it. If you want your paint job to last for a long time, you should use a sander or sandpaper and sand the door first. It doesn’t take a long time but definitely pays off in the end.

Sand the surface of the door using medium-grit sandpaper first and then sand it down lightly using a fine-grit one. Give the door a good dusting so that the door is free of lint, grime, and dust before painting. 

  • Remove the door hardware

You can’t paint the door handle, the locks, etc., and you have two options. You can either cover the hardware using painter’s tape or masking tape, or you can remove the door hardware. We suggest that you go with the latter to make it easier for you to repaint the door. Remove the locks, use your screwdriver to unscrew the handle, letterbox, door knocker, etc. and keep them in a box for safekeeping.

This is how to paint it step-by-step

Painting accessories on rustic wooden floor

Things you will need

  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Varnish/Sealant
  • Paint rollers
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint tray

Then, you need to follow these steps:

1. Prime the door

Get a high-quality primer and apply a thorough coat using a paint roller or brush. We suggest that you use rollers for flat surfaces and brushes to reach the nooks and corners easily.

Let the primer dry completely before you start painting your door. We suggest that you wait for almost 24 hours. Don’t be impatient – if you want the best results, you will have to wait. Trust us. The result will be worth the wait!

2. Apply the first coat

Pour out some paint in the paint tray. Dip the roller in it and apply the first coat of paint. Paint on the raised door panels first, and then focus on the rest of the door. Make sure that you have applied a smooth, even coat.

Let this coat of paint dry; otherwise, you will face paint chipping issues later. The drying time will be given on the paintbox. If not, we suggest that you leave the door paint to dry overnight.

Man painting a white door

3. Apply the second coat

Apply the second coat smoothly and evenly. You will start to see the door coming to life as you apply the second coat. If there is a need for a third coat of paint, you can apply that as well. With most oil-based paints, two coats are enough.

4. Use sealant

You can skip this step, but if you want your door paint job to last for a long time, you should seal the paint with a top coat of weather-resistant varnish or sealant. You can also apply a finishing coat of beeswax, giving the door a lovely eggshell finish and protecting the paint.

Also, it is low maintenance and easier to clean. Apply a few finishing touches, if needed. Refit the door hardware you removed, and voila! Your new composite door is ready for use! Handle the new front door with care for a while, as paint takes about three weeks to cure fully.

If you change the colour of your doors, it will bring out a new dimension to the entire place. You don’t have to be a professional to paint your composite door. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to paint yours. Simply follow the steps we have given above, and you will have a freshly painted composite door in no time!

Happy painting, folks!

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