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As Of July 2022

Are you looking for a yoga mat that will help you balance during your yoga session without slipping? Are you searching for one made of sustainable sources & materials mat to elevate your workout routine? Well, look no further! We bring you the best yoga mats out there to help you enjoy a healthier life. And they are not just for yogis! They are grippy and comfortable enough, making them perfect for several floor exercises like pilates, gymnastics & stretching!
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1 proworks yoga mat in various colors on white background

Proworks Yoga Mat

4.8 /5

Best Yoga Mat Overall

  • More than just a yoga mat as you can use it for pilates, gymnastics & general exercises
  • Perfect for your yoga class as it doesn't slip
  • Work out anywhere as you can use it both indoors & outdoors
  • Convenient transport with its carry strap
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4.7 /5

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

  • Healthy yoga mat made of no latex, no PVC, non-toxic material
  • Ultimate grippy-ness with its double-sided textured surface
  • Excellent thicker mat choice for all levels of yogis to perform various yoga movements
  • Lightweight, so you can carry it to the yoga studio
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XN8 Padded Exercise Yoga Mat

4.7 /5

Ideal for Comfortable Yoga Mat

  • Multi-use & comfy exercise mat due to its 15mm thickness
  • Cleaning is a breeze with its antimicrobial properties
  • Space-saving as you can store it in a cupboard thanks to its compact shape
  • Stability even during your hot yoga with its anti-slipping surface
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4 yoga mat in various colors on white background

Jestilo Yoga Mat

4.6 /5

Ideal Choice for Travel Mat

  • Perfect for a travel mat with its carrying strap & lightweight design
  • Premium quality made by eco-friendly materials
  • Durable as it is made to last without tearing apart
  • Your balance is everything & its non-slip texture helps you maintain it
5 TJC Yoga Mat on white background

TJC Yoga Mat

4.5 /5

Best for Eco-Friendly Materials

  • No body irritation thanks to the skin-friendly NBR foam
  • Exercise worry-free on grass, gravel & anywhere you want with the non-slip surface
  • Protect your knees thanks to the double-layered cushioning
  • Carry it without hassle via the included strap
6 JLL® Yoga Mat Extra Thick on white background

JLL® Yoga Mat Extra Thick

4.5 /5

Top Choice for Effortless Cleaning

  • Keep it hygienic effortlessly with a wipe after each workout
  • Take it with you at yoga practice with the included strap
  • Easy on your knees with its thick foam surface
  • Comfortable thick mat that is suitable for your home workouts
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7 yoga mat on white background


4.4 /5

Ideal for Non-Slip Surface

  • An upgraded yoga mat made by eco-friendly materials both PVC-free & latex-free
  • Balance any yoga position with this double-sided non-slippery mat
  • Worry-free usage as it comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Multiple colours to choose your favourite
8 yoga mat on white background

Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat

4.4 /5

Ideal for Tall People

  • A long-lasting mat that will never peel or flake
  • It doesn’t absorb sweat, dirt or bacteria thanks to its closed-cell surface
  • Ultimate stability on any type of flooring with its extra-cushioning
  • If you are tall, this extra-long mat is for you
9 yoga mat in various colors on white background

Core Balance Yoga Mat

4.3 /5

Top Pick for Easy Storage

  • Super non-slip textured surface so you can use it on laminate flooring
  • Compact to store it easily at home when not in use
  • Lasts for years thanks to its PVC foam construction
  • Great mat to bring with you on yoga sessions or retreats
10 black yoga mat on white background

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

4.2 /5

Top Yogis Choice

  • An environment-friendly mat that is biodegradable and recyclable
  • Revolutionary with intelligent markers to show you where to stand during your yoga asana practice
  • Trusted by yoga teachers & yogis around the world
  • Grippiest yoga mat even when it is sweat wet
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Proworks Yoga Mat: Best Overall Option

It is not your average yoga mat. It is so much more than that! If you are looking for a way to improve your health, fitness and overall well-being, this is the mat for you! Because it is not just great for yoga sessions, but it is also perfect for gymnastics, stretching and general workouts both indoors and outdoors. And no more annoying curling edges, just enjoy your workouts as it stays flat on the floor.

Whether you love working out in a yoga studio or nature, you can use the carry strap to comfortably transport the mat with you. It is eco-friendly made of premium NBR foam and toxic-free materials to last without tearing during exercises. This will be your mat mate to help you achieve your fitness goals and turn a new leaf towards better well-being. Get ready to sweat!

TOPLUS Yoga Mat: Best Overall Option

You might want to hurry if you wish to land this best selling yoga mat! Why you ask? This friendly to the environment yoga mat is perfect for active yoga practices that require fluid movements like vinyasa as it has a double-sided non-slip for better grip and stability on all types of floors, from tile to wooden.

Yoga teachers and yogis prefer it for its perfect 6mm thickness with cushioning for comfortable exercise sessions without injuries. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this mat can be perfect for you! On the plus side, it is also waterproof, super hygienic, and it is a piece of cake to maintain it clean! Carry it with you anywhere as it is lightweight so you can use it during home workouts or studio sessions.

XN8 Padded Exercise Yoga Mat: Best Overall Option

This thick mat is suitable for so much more than yoga classes! If you are looking for a versatile and comfortable yoga mat, this is it! It boasts 15mm of cushioning that allows you to exercise on any surface without injuries, whether you perform your yoga asanas, stretching exercises or burpees. Its antibacterial and water-resistant properties make it perfect for sweating without worrying about how you are going to clean your yoga mat,: It is a breeze. Plus, you don’t have to worry about mildew.

If your storage space is limited, then you might want to consider this mat twice, since it is so compact that you can store it away in a cupboard or under the bed when you don’t need it. In case you want to take it with during travelling or on your outdoor activities, you can use its strap to carry it around. Durable, comfortable and portable for indoors and outdoors use! Up your health game with one of the best!

Final Verdict

Hands down our favourite mat is the Proworks Yoga Mat for its versatility and eco-friendly, high-quality design. The Proworks outdid themselves with this perfect mat for beginners and professional yogis, for any type of exercise, from yoga to gymnastics, or simply stretching. Stylish with 8 colour options to choose from and begin your health journey.

On the other hand, the TOPLUS Yoga Mat is very grippy with the perfect cushioning, making it the ideal choice for yoga enthusiasts as well as professional yogis. Finally, the XN8 Padded Exercise Yoga Mat should be your pick if you want a thick, comfortable mat for all your exercises aside from yoga.

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